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1911 Shesley Walsh - 10

1911 Shesley Walsh - 10 th of June Map Key 5 The future of the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb looked very unsure as the 1911 event got under way due to the imminent auction of the 546-acre Court House, Sporting and Agricultural Estate which included the hill climb, the auction was scheduled for the 30 th September. “Most of the speedy cars put in an appearance at the Midland AC annual hill Climb at Shelsley Walsh, near Worcester. Though the entries were not numerous, the quality was good, and the Manchester built “Crossley” cars made a good showing. In the open class, Mr H.C. Holder, driving a 58hp “Daimler,” made a new record for this event, beating the “Napier” figures of 65.4 seconds for the kilometre climb (made 1908) by two seconds, and further improved on this in the members event by ascending the hill in 62.2 seconds. Its speed was therefore 35.28 miles per hour for the “open” and 35.96 Miles per hour for the “closed” race. For the handicap, the special “Vauxhall,” with its unique 80 x 200 engine, won the Presidents cup for the third year, with Mr G. Hubert Woods second on his 12-14 “Crossley.” The speed of the Vauxhall was 31.06 miles per hour, and the Crossley at 23.74 miles per hour. The speedy Daimler could not get nearer than sixteenth in the formula handicap. With fine weather, the road surface was excellent for a private road and a large crowd of spectators gathered on the banks at each side of the well wooded hill road.” Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 14 th June It seems Shelsley Walsh unlike other hill climb events allowed none standard cars like the Vauxhall special, this car was fitted with a racing engine and extended stroke that was made specifically for Brooklands racing. This would not sit well with Hubert and Crossley who campaigned tuned standard production cars, and this is most probably the reason why he elected not to compete against racing cars with the 20hp at Shelsley Walsh again. Although works driver Cecil Bianchi was to make good at Shelsley in future years so much so that the “Crossley Shelsley” was named after the course in honour of his success.

1911 Brooklands Standard Car Race - 13 th of June Map Key 6 Bianchi driving the 15.6hp Crossley with Front Wheel Brakes in the Standard Car Race The Standard Car Race was held at Brooklands, a long-distance track race. The contest was for standard cars with chassis of the touring type and a limit on the horsepower of 15.9 by RAC rating, but any kind of body could be fitted, originally there was an entry of twenty-three, but a Metallurgique and an Austrian-Daimler were withdrawn before the day, and Mr E Lisle’s Briton was a none starter. The competitors were dispatched in rather dull weather. The distance is 100 laps, that is, about 240 miles, the longest race that has been run over this track. “The chassis and particularly the engine had to be of a design which it is or is intended to be made during 1911 a standard for touring cars by the manufactuer, and the hourse power was limited to 15.9, R.A.C. rating, but any type of body could be fitted. Twenty cars started but the Scheider, driven by Mr Bovierdid not come round on the first circuit with the others. Mr. C.M.Smith, on a Thames and Cathie showed in front at the beginning, with Mr.C.E.James on a Peugeot close behind. At the sixth lap however, Smith drew in with valve and carbourettor troubles, and though starting again had another stoppage before recording seven laps. The Peugeot put in for oil after eleven circuits, and the thames driven by Mr Davey visited the depo after doing fifteen laps. Bianchi had taken the lead on the sixth lap, followed by James and Cathie, with the other cars spread around the track. At sixteen circuits, Cathie had passed Bianchi and was twenty yards to the good. With 18 laps covered Bianchi had again the lead and gradually increased his advantage. Bianchi was leading at the end of an hour with 57 miles 171 yards, Cathie being second with 56miles and 1,421 yards. Just before compeleting the first 100 miles Bianchi’s magneto belt broke, and the positions for the first 100 miles were:- Cathie-Star, Lisle-Star, Tysoe-Singer, The second and third cars now began to go after the leader, Tysoe gaining more rapidly than Lisle, Tysoe passed Lisle and finished a good second.” The Manchester Guardian Wednesday 14th June Harold Lamberts 15 hp Crossley driven by Bianchi's went very well until its magneto fell off and in the end Cathie's Star won at an average speed of 56.25mph from Tysoe's Singer and Lisle's Star, but later the Star entries were disqualified as being non-standard.

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