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1911 Sandon Bank - 14 th

1911 Sandon Bank - 14 th June Map Key 7 Francis Bolton photographed at the controls of his 20 hp Crossley Hill Climbing competitions for motor cars and motorcycles arranged in connection with the Mid-Staffordshire Club were held at Sandon Bank, North of Stafford, on Wednesday 14 th of June on a course of about 1,100 to 1,200 yards. Crossley Motors works team were not in attendance, however Mr Francis Bolton an active member of Derbyshire and North Staffordshire Automobile Club for many years and originator of the Oakamoor Hill Climb had just purchased a 20 hp Crossley and entered the competition. Mr Bolton won the Medal for Fastest Ascent irrespective of Horsepower in a time of 62 seconds and also came second overall on his Crossley 20. This result was acknowledged as a Crossley Success in the Crossley sales literature.

1911 Holly Lane, Matlock - 27 th of June Map Key 8 Hubert at Holly Lane with his wife Janet in the passenger seat Hubert Woods took ‘Fastest Time of The Day’ at Sheffield and District Automobile Club on Holly Lane near Matlock. There was a sizable number of competitors, however the competition against Woods was by his usual standards very weak, with only one other car greater in engine capacity, a 7-litre Sheffield Simplex entered by its designer and the company managing director, Percy Richardson formally of Daimler. Coincidentally his role was identical to that of Hubert Woods at Crossley. The Sheffield Simplex recorded time was 2.2 minutes, compared to 1.44 minutes for the Crossley, the next fastest car to Woods was a 15hp Star which recorded 1.67 minutes, so there was in fact no serious competition for Crossley in gaining the Fastest Time of the Day. The 12hp Talbot of Ben Hind took the class prize on formula for the third year in succession and so it became his property. Hubert Woods received the challenge cup for the year for the car doing the fastest time.

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