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1911 Brooklands Relay

1911 Brooklands Relay Race - 29 th July Map Key 12 Hubert Woods at Brooklands in the Relay Race In sweltering heat Brooklands was the venue for the RAC Gala Day 20hp relay race on the 29th of July. This was an inter-club meeting of the RAC associated clubs for teams of four standard cars with touring bodies. The combined RAC rated hp of the team must not exceed 100. Cars ascended the test hill from a standing start, the winner is the team which has the lowest aggregate time. ‘In the first event, the hillclimb pure and simple, the winning team was that of the Yorkshire Automobile Club, the Coventry and Warwickshire A.C. being second. It was a pity that our two Manchester clubs could not send a team, for the best performance on the hill was that of Mr G Woods, who went from Manchester to drive his 20 hp Crossley for the Yorkshire Club. His time was 12.5 seconds, which gives an average of 19.5 miles per hour on this hill that is one on four at the top. He was presented with Mr Brauns special cup for the best individual performance. In the relay team race the same club was winner. The procedure was for one car of the team to make a circuit of the course, and the driver to hand a voucher to the driver of the other team, who then took up the race. Coatalen and G.H. Woods (Sunbeam and Crossley cars respectively) were partners for the Yorkshire A.C., and they beat Bayliss and G.O. Herbert (driving Sunbeam and Singer cars). As a matter of fact, Mr. Woods was rather surprised at what his 20 with wings and running boards could do on the Brooklands track. During the day he was making lap after lap in 2min 15sec. to 2min 20sec., which works out at 72 to 74 miles per hour, or, say, 80 miles per hour on the straight.’ The Guardian Friday 4 th August

1911 Pateley Bridge 25 th of August Map Key 13 N.F. Bayliss at the start line of Greenhow Hill The annual hill climb organised by Yorkshire Automobile Club was held on Greenhow Hill, Pateley Bridge and proved to be the most successful hill climbing competition the club have ever held. The entries were numerous and the advance in motoring mechanics showed itself through five cars breaking the record set up by Vauxhall in 1910. This was an important event which more likely than not would have produced a good result for Crossley against the best cars on the scene at the time, had Woods not been disqualified for not weighing in! The fastest time in both classes was done by Mr J Higginson on his 80hp La Buire and the second fastest time on Mr Lee’s 15 hp Talbot, driven by Mr J W Hedge.

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