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1912 Rivington Pike Hill

1912 Rivington Pike Hill Climb - 11 th May Map Key 2 Hubert Woods and passengers in the 20hp at Rivington The competition year started on the 11 th of May with a local event held by the Lancashire and Manchester Automobile Clubs (Combined) at Rivington Pike Hill Climb on the private roads of the Rivington estate of W H Lever (later Lord Leverhulme). This was to be the last time Lord Leverhulme would allow a competitive event at Rivington, the event was to be staged at Waddington Fell the following year. J Higginson gained Fastest Time of the Day. The 15hp CROSSLEY driven by Mr C. Bianchi won handsomely on formula in Class B (Open Event). The Car covered the measured kilometre, from a standing start, with four passengers, at an average speed of 25 miles an hour, the average grade of the hill being 1 in 10. The 20hp. CROSSLEY driven by Mr Woods made Fastest Time in Class C (Open Event), covering, a kilometre from a standing start in one minute two-thirds second, at an average speed of over 37 miles per hour, carrying 4 passengers. This Car had the fastest Time for its rated horse-power at the whole meeting. The above only adds to the reputation which Crossley have earned during the past few years in Open Events. `

1912 Heyden Bridge - 18 th May Map Key 3 Over the Moors on the 20 Manchester Automobile club held their hill climb at the same venue as 1911. photo Courtesy of Kit Woods The motor-car and motor-cycle competitions organised by the Manchester Motor Club drew some three or four hundred people to the delightfully situated course on the Cheshire Highlands on a Saturday. Excellent performances were made in all the events, and a record was set up for motor-cars on this difficult mile and three-quarters road by J. Higginson, who covered the distance in 2min. 21 3/5 seconds. Results: Cars Amateur 1 st E. Hoyle on the 4-inch Hutton handicap less 5% 2 nd P. Butler Lancia, scratch 3 rd W. Dyson Calthorpe, scratch Fastest Time J. Higginson - La Buire Cars Trade 1 st C. Bianchi 15 hp Crossley, scratch 2 nd R. Wilkie 20 hp Vauxhall, scratch 3 rd G.H. Woods 20 hp Crossley handicap less 10% Fastest Time G.H. Woods - 20 hp Crossley `

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