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1912 Aston Clinton Hill

1912 Aston Clinton Hill Climb Record – 8 th June Map Key 5 Hubert Woods about to set the Aston Clinton Hill Climb Record An open hill-climbing trial was held at Aston Hill on Saturday the 8 th of June under the auspices of the Herts Automobile and Aero Club. Fifty-three cars were entered, and only six failed to start. The competitors weighed in at Box-Moor Station, and proceeded to the foot of Aston Hill, where the competition started at 3 o'clock. Many of the motorists stopped at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Tring, for lunch and to replenish their petrol tanks, where admirable arrangements were made for their entertainment by Mr. and Mrs Lillywhite. The length of the Aston Hill is 1,210 yards, with a rise in that distance of 274 feet. Mr. Alfred de Rothschild kindly entertained the Club and its friends to tea in a marquee erected in his grounds. The hill was in excellent condition, and the weather fine. Mr. Arthur Salmon was the Hon. Secretary of the meeting, and the arrangements for the trial were to quote one expert," skilfully devised and admirably carried out and the events went off like a piece of well-oiled clockwork-" There were four classes-- 1, for cars up to 10 h.p.; 2, cars over 10 h.p. and up to 16 h.p.; 3. cars over 16 h.p. and up to 25h.p.; and 4. cars over 25 h.p. and up to 50 h.p. The fastest times made were: Class 1. C. M. Eviller. 1 min. 56 1/5 secs.; Class 2, W. 0. Bentley, 1 min, 38 2/5 secs.; Class 3. R. S. Witchell. 1 min. 11 4/5 secs.; Class 4. G. Hubert Woods, 58 3/5 secs. Mr. G. Day. on a 12 h.p. Talbot. made the best performance of the day on the formula. winning the special prize for this accomplishment. Woods’ Crossley made Fastest Time of the Day, substantially beating two OHC, OHV, 95hp, 5.7 Litre Astro Daimlers of J. Withers and G. W. A. Young, by over a quarter of a minute! He covered the distance in 58 2/5 seconds, setting a new record for Aston Hill Climb. Bucks Herald Saturday 15 th of June `

1912 Win at Shelsley Walsh – 22 nd June Map Key 6 Bianchi winning at Shelsley in 1912 The seventh annual hill climb' of the Midland Automobile Club took place at Shelsley Walsh Worcestershire, on Saturday the 22 nd of June in brilliant weather. The competition passed off very successfully, and was free from accident. Fastest time of the day was made by the 80 h.p. La Buire, driven by Mr J. Higginson, which, in the team contest ascended for Lancashire in 64.6 seconds. The team winners however, were the three representing the Midland A.C. The La Buire was the only car of its power competing, the next highest, being of 40 h.p. The hill which is used for the competition stands in the private grounds of Mr. M. C. H. Taylor and rises three hundred feet in the course of a thousand yards. The worst gradient is 1 in 20, but there are two sharp corners in a stretch of 1 in 6.82. The cup presented by the president, Mr Alfred Bird, M.P., for the best result under formula was won by the Crossley driven by Mr C. Bianchi, and the Club Cup for the fastest time was carried off by Mr Higginson’s La Buire, which in this ascent took 68.48 seconds. Being unfamiliar with the hill Joseph Higginson failed to improve on H.C. Holders Daimler record of 63.4 seconds of 1911. The Scotsman 24 th June `

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