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1912 Saltburn Speed

1912 Saltburn Speed Trials - 6 th July Map Key 9 Typical scene; 15 hp Crossley with full touring body leaving starting boards, stripped Talbot alongside On a fine stretch of sands along the shore between Saltburn and Marake, the Yorkshire Automobile Club held its annual race meeting today. Glorious weather prevailed, with a fairly strong blowing wind from the sea. The course measured about one kilometre, and a crowd, numbering several thousand persons displayed a lively interest in the various competitions. Proceedings began with a series of contests confined to the members of the Yorkshire Auto mobile club, but there were many open events included in the programme. Below are listed the closed events for touring cars in which Crossley won: Event D (not exceeding 2836 cube centimetres) Event E (not exceeding 2950 cubic centimetres) Event G (not exceeding 4550 cubic centimetres) Event H (unlimited capacity): C. Bianchi, 15 h.p. Crossley C. Bianchi, 15 h.p. Crossley. G.H. Woods 20 h.p Crossley. G.H. Woods 20 h.p. Crossley. In most cases the open events had filled well, and two heats and a final were necessary. The open race for touring an of unlimited capacity (Event P) produced one of the best finishes. “O. Tholander's 5.7 litre OHC Austrian Daimler had a lead of several lengths with about 200 yards to go, but Hubert Wood's Crossley came along excellently, and was catching up only to be beaten for first place in the end by half is length” Event 0 Event P (Touring cars not exceeding 4.550 cubic centimetres) 1 st Hubert Wood. 20h.p. Crossley, won easily, 2 nd Mr Green's 25-30 SPA. (Touring cars unlimited capacity). Tholander's 27 hp Austrian Daimler. 2 nd G. Hubert Wood's 20h.p. Crossley. The day was a triumph for Woods and Bianchi, each achieving three firsts and more. The principle competition to Hubert was the stripped Astro Daimler tourer of O. Tholander, this 4-cylinder car was RAC rated at 27 hp and featured a 95hp, overhead cam, overhead valve engine of 5.7 litres. The best of Austro-Daimler could on occasion beat the 20 hp side valve Crossley at sprint events, but always lost to the Crossley on hill climbs! `

1912 Speed Trials at Clipstone - 13 th July Map Key 10 By permission of the Duke of Portland, the Club's patron, the Notts A.C. were able to hold their Annual Speed Trials on the private track at Welbeck Park, Clipstone Drive, near Mansfield, on Saturday. Four events had been arranged, while an extra turn was provided by Mr. B. C. Flocks, who paid the scene a Flying visit on his 70.h.p. Bleriot monoplane. All four of the events were won by Mr. R. Wilkie on his 20-h.p. Vauxhall; while Mr. G. Hubert Woods secured second place in all four events, as well as two third prizes and proved to be the fastest in all events with the 20 hp Crossley. The gold medal for the Fastest Time of the Day was won by Mr. G. Hubert Woods, whose 20.h.p. Crossley did the flying kilometer at a speed of 28 ½ secs at 79.32 mph Mr. 0. Tholander was second on his 27-h.p. Austrian Daimler in 30 1/2 secs and 73mph. Handicapping was arranged by the R.A.C., and principal results in each class were as follows: Hardy Challenge Cup—flying kilometer handicap for tourist petrol cars (open to any member of the Notts Club). secs Eff Per cent. 1. R. Wilkie (20hp. Vauxhall) ... 34 146.6 2. G. Hubert Woods (15 hp Crossley) 35 136.1 3. Henry Wing (10-12-hp FN.). ... 50.1 120.4 4. F Hoyle (20hp Vauxhall) 36.1 116.9 Morrison Challenge Cup. Flying kilometer handicap for touring petrol ears (open to members of the Notts, Lincoln, Derby and N. Stafford, and Leicester Club)). The visitors being represented by a team of four cars to each club. 1. A. Wilkie (20hp Vauxhall) 34 142.7 2. G. Hubert Woods (15hp Crossley) 35 134.5 3. Henry Wing (10-12-hp FN.) 49 126.5 4. G. Hubert Woods (20-h.p. Crossley) 29 117.6 Open Event—Fastest time flying kilometer for any type of car (open to my member of the Notts, Lincoln, Deby and h. Safford, end Leicester Class). 1. R. Wilkie (20.h.p. Vauxhall) 35 133.6 2. G. Hubert Woods (20.h.p. Crossley) 28 132.1 3. G. Hubert Woods (15.h.p. Crossley') 35 129.4 4. Henry Wing (10-12-hp FN.) 50 123.4 Wilson Challenge Cup.-One mile handicap, standing start, for touring petrol cars the property of members of the Notts Club. 1. R. Wilkie (20hp. Vauxhall) ... 1-9 146.6 2. G. Hubert Woods (15 hp Crossley) 1-10 136.1 3. G. Hubert Woods (20 hp Crossley) 0-59 120.4 4. F Hoyle (20hp Vauxhall) 1-9 116.9 `

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