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1912 Caerphilly Hill

1912 Caerphilly Hill Climb - 18 th July Map Key 11 Hubert Woods at the top of the bend at Caerphilly Hill Climb In 1907 the Mountain road at Caerphilly was the venue for the first open hillclimb in Wales. Organised by the Cardiff Motor Club, the course was 1194 yards long and had an average gradient of 1 in 8.6. In 1912, the South Wales Auto Club and the Cardiff Motor Club joined together to promote a Welsh weekend, a hillclimb at Caerphilly, and a speed trial at Rest Bay, Porthcawl. These Welsh "doubles" were to become, along with the Shelsley Walsh and Saltburn events, the most important on the racing calendar, attracting the top drivers of the period. There were two further meetings over the Caerphilly course in 1912, with G H Woods Crossley 20hp and Miss Laura Starkey turning a wheel for women in the sport in her Sunbeam 12/ 16hp car. In the hill climb a very big programme had been prepared, as in addition to the eight classes for cars there were eleven for motorcycles. Mrs Laura Starkey won the fastest run in a small car on her 12-16 hp Sunbeam. The fastest time and hill record in the car section was 1m 12 seconds, made by Mr G.H. Woods on his 20 hp Crossley. `

1912 Hints Hill Climb - 20 th July Map Key 12 The hill can be described as a fairly easy gradient without a bend, yet somewhat deceptive, needing more power than might be supposed to climb at any speed. The timed section was a half-mile (804.7m). The poor state of Coalport Hill (Shropshire) led to the Sutton Coldfield and Mid-Warwickshire AC to search for another hill and they found what they required at Hints Hill near Tamworth. The inhabitants of this quiet rural area welcomed the excitement of the event in July 1912 and there was more hustle and bustle in the area than had been seen for many a day. The police controlled the traffic on what must have been an important and busy road. Christopher Bird, driving a 3-litre Sunbeam built for the Coupe de l'Auto race at Dieppe in June, set FTD in 40.8sec for the half-mile, but he did not notice the finishing tape and continued at full speed until he saw a horse and trap on the road ahead and braked hard, the car sliding from side to side but staying on the road. The win in Birds class however went to Cecil Bianchi on the 12/14 hp Crossley which won on formula. Stile Cop Hill Climb - 27 th July Map Key 13 Mid Staffs Automobile Club held their hill climb at Stile Cop Hill, near Cannock, on Saturday the 27 th of July. Fastest time of the day was taken by Hubert Woods, 20 hp Crossley Winner on formula was Cecil Bianchi with the 15hp Crossley. `

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