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1912 Hubert Woods at

1912 Hubert Woods at Beacon Hill about to start his race of his life. Coatalen’s ‘Coupe de I’Auto’ GP Sunbeam waits behind. One feels safer behind the wall then Woods comes up. His Crossley is a lovely machine; we don’t even have time to think. He simply “smokes” past. The time is 59 3/5 seconds and we all know it will not be beaten. The fastest time for the hill, put up by a motorcycle last week, was 70 seconds. That has now not only been beaten but beaten flat. Some outcast suggests a sweep on the rest, but we know the others have no chance after this. There is still Coatalen to come, on that terrible Sunbeam and almost before the thought shapes itself he hurtles by us. He makes a time of 65 3/5 seconds. Bird only remains to come. In the distance we hear his exhaust like the shots of a Maxim, ripping up into the silence. And then he comes. Our feelings as he tears up will never be told, for he takes the curve on the inside -and we are standing on the inside-although behind the wall. Still it is not so much of a comfort as we had hoped. He takes the very breath out of our bodies. And his time is 60 seconds…. He has lost the medal by two fifths of a second. `

1912 Heyden Bridge Hill Climb - 5 th October Map Key 17 A famous Image from Heyden Bridge - Prince Henry Vauxhall driven by Alan Fillingham Half minute slower than Wood’s FTD On the hill nearly 2 miles long, at Heyden Bridge the Manchester Automobile Club held their second hillclimb of the year. There was not a large number of entries, but some good sport was seen. There were three classes, and in that for cars under 17hp the best performance was by Cecil Bianchi, on Mr. W.M. Letts 15-hp Crossley. In the class for 17hp to 26hp, Mr A Fillingham’s 20 hp Vauxhall won, and in a second run the car’s time was 3mins 2secs. In the class for cars over 26 hp Mr. J Higginson’s 80 hp La Buire took the bend in splendid style, and would have made good time but, unfortunately a seized piston spoilt the run. Mr Hubert Woods, on his 20hp Crossley made fastest time of the day with Mr Crossland’s 45 hp Daimler second. `

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