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1912 Hazelwood Hill

1912 Hazelwood Hill Climb - 23 rd October Map Key 18 Here is the press report which shows the turn of events where the new designed 25hp sidevalve Talbot is starting to overshadow the 20hp Crossley. After considerable weight reduction over the years Higginson’s great La Buire still has the performance to surpass all others on occasion. “Some very good driving was seen at the open hill climb of the Derby and North Staffs AC on Wednesday last week, Although Hazelwood is only 1490 yards long, with the steepest pitch of about 1 in 6.7, there are several turns which call for a good deal of skill to negotiate them at speed. The Fastest time of the day was 59 2/5 seconds, made by Mr Higginson on his 80-hp La Buire. But after the event, Mr D.C. Bolton, on a 3 ½hp Rudge expressed himself as being able to beat this time. He proved successful, going up the hill from a standing start in 58 3/5 seconds, while from a flying start he did it in 52 seconds. In the classes for cars up to 13hp, Mr C Crawford, on a Turner, made the fastest time, and also won the gold medal on formula. In the second class for cars up to 20hp two 20hp Vauxhalls tied for fastest time, and on the run-off, Mr Collings went up in 1 min 15 1/5 seconds, while Mr A Fillingham the other Vauxhall Driver secured the Gold Medal for the Formula. In the Class irrespective of hp Mr J. Hedge (London) on the 25hp Talbot was fastest in 1 min 1-3/5 seconds, with Mr G Woods on the Crossley 20hp second with 1min 2-4/5 seconds. On Formula Mr C Bianchi (12-16) Crossley won the silver cup, Mr A Fillingham 20hp Vauxhall second. In the contest for the fastest time Mr Higginson as we have said above was first, while Mr J Hedge on the 25hp Talbot was second in 60 ½ seconds. In the Class for club Members driving standard touring cars Mr H Jefferson on a 40hp Berliet made fastest time, while Mrs Starkey, on a 12-16 Sunbeam which made second best time, was winner on formula.” `

1912 1913 - Waddington Fell Hill-climb - 3 rd May Map Key 19 Humber with 20hp Crossley behind - Very wet competition weather is evident “The Lancashire Automobile Club’s hill-climb competitions were held on Saturday, by the permission of the Bowland Rural District Council, on the road which rises out of the Ribble valley at Clitheroe and, turning the collar of Waddington and Newton Fells, goes down to the Hodder and Newton. The days Trials were divided into four events -for closed four seaters, for amateur members of the Club, for closed two-seaters also amateur members, an open competition for cycle cars, and an open competition. Twenty-seven out of the whole 47 entries were in the open event, which was taken in the afternoon. In the open event, which not only had the biggest entry but included the biggest cars, the spectators had an impressive experience of seeing Coatalen out on his Sunbeam. He started but moderately, but went up the hill like a bullet, scattering the spectators like hens. His time was 57 secs, but that was beaten by Mr. Higginson’s Vauxhall, who actually did the distance in 9-4/5 sec. less. Forty-seven and a fifth turned out to be easily the best time, and Mr. Higginson took the Club’s gold medal for it. There were four other prizes, silver cups, which were awarded for the best result in the four classes into which the entrants had been divided. The results in the largest-capacity class gave 1.59 to Mr Higginson’s car (4559c.c.) and 1.597 to a 20 hp Crossley driven by Mr G. H. Woods. Those were the two best results, but unless Mr Higginson’s score is read as 1.590 the winner is hardly indicated. Mr Woods run which was the last of the day, should be considered along with the fact that after lunch a soaking rain began to fall, with the consequence that he had the worst of the road.” Manchester Guardian 5 th May 2013 `

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