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1910 Heyden Bridge –

1910 Heyden Bridge – 11 th June Map Key 4 Hubert Woods and passengers during the ascent at Heyden Bridge “The hill climbing competition of the Manchester Motor Club, which should have been held in May, but was postponed in consequence of the death of King Edward, took place on Saturday the 11 th of June. The hill chosen was that used for the last two seasons by the club for their car and cycles hill tests, and is situated on the borders of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire. Cars and cycles took parts in Saturday’s contest, one class for each. A splendid entry had been secured.” The athletic News - Monday the 13 th of June Heyden Bridge Hill Climb was to become an important climb in the north with Crossley and the La Buire of joseph Higginson often battling for Fastest Time of the Day. The 1910 Heyden Bridge hill climb was a good result for Hubert Woods and Crossley with the 20 hp gaining FTD and the 12/14 hp winning on Formula. On this occasion Hubert drove both cars.

1910 Rockingham - 18 th of June Map Key 5 Rockingham Castle ‘The Hill climbing competitions of Northamptonshire Automobile Club were held on Rockingham Hill on Saturday, delightful weather favouring the event. The grounds of Rockingham Castle were thrown open to the competitors, who were subsequently entertained by the Rev. Wentworth and Mr Watson.’ Stamford Mercury Friday 24 th June In the class 1 for cars over 21 hp only two cars were entered so no prizes were given, other classes were satisfactorily filled. Class 2 members cars not exceeding 21 hp won by R.S. Parris 15hp Star Class 3 members actively engaged in the motor industry; First Prize winner on formula for Crossley was privateer J.C. Hannah with his 12/14 hp car. It should be noted this is the first time the trade has thus recognised the competitions and the precedent is one worthy of being followed.

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