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The Star: May 11, 2017

18 Thursday

18 Thursday May 11 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star News Airport deal aims to increase visitor access •From page 17 Mr Johns said: “That’s what we approached Alibaba about last year and got a very warm reception from the Alitrips, Alipay and Tmall Global etc.” The airport board liked the concept and approved a $1m development budget. “That is what has led us to the point we are now, where we are ready to commit to take their platforms and use an integrated database and start the process of working here in China and rolling out for New Zealand and building a back end for the tourism sector and the productive sector,” says Mr Johns. The airport is a major driver of the South Island regional economy, and the 6000 or so people working there make it the South Island’s largest employment site. It is also one of the partners in the ‘South’ initiative, which sees all 13 regional tourism organisations working together to promote the entire island. The airport executives say the virtual terminal concept has been discussed with the 13 regional tourism organisations, major businesses such as Ngai Tahu tourism and retail clients in their terminal – “they are very TOURISM: One of the reasons Christchurch Airport has formed a partnership with Alibaba is to open the way for more Chinese visitors to Christchurch and the South Island. excited.” “The real power in this is you are dealing with an integrated database across the three stages: Pre-visit, during the visit and post-visit. The challenge is for someone like Ngai Tahu – which obviously has seafood and other interests – is that on their own they couldn’t aggregate to the point of getting all three of those phases working in concert with each other and that’s the value that we believe we can bring to the process. “Because in partnership with Alibaba, we can get the prequalification for high value visitors, including influencing the itineraries of their visits to New Zealand to match up with the type of product we know they will be interested in. “Such as the artesian [water] product produced in the regions. Then we can lift those.” Alibaba’s Maggie Zhou is optimistic that the partnership with Christchurch Airport will boost micro-exports from New Zealand. Ms Zhou – the company’s Australasian managing director – explains how the e-commerce giant will be able to mine its customer database to help the airport’s initiative to assist South Island SMEs break into the Chinese consumer market. “Before the travellers go to New Zealand, we will upload their data from our platforms,” she says. “We know where they will go and also we will promote a lot of things to them. “We will know what kind of products they are interested in and their travel plans, and when they arrive in New Zealand, we will let them know what kind of nearby places they can go to.” At a subsequent briefing, Alibaba executives explained how a geolocation-based ‘Discover’ function and push notifications within the Alipay app help users find nearby merchants, receive promotional information and make purchase decisions. Said Ms Zhou: “If you are a consumer and you open our platform, your front page is different from mine – 1000 people see 1000 pages that are different. “You need to have a big consumer base to do that. In China, we already have 450 million users, so we can have the big data to customise the page for those consumers.” The initiative will also enable airlines to better utilise planes’ bellies to transport parcels of products back to China. NZ Post will be the logistics partner for the project. The next stage is for the airport to develop a “South” presence on Alitrips and support the rollout of Alipay across the South Island tourism industry. It will later develop a retail trading platform through Tmall Global and provide data mining resources to target the right products to the right customers. This stage will also involve rolling out the Alibaba platforms to the North Island. The Christchurch Airport initiative fits within Alibaba’s globalisation strategy. 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