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The Star: May 11, 2017

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32 Thursday May 11 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Sunday 14th May Fresh NZ Pork Leg Roast (Excludes Free Range) New Season Satsuma Mandarins More gift ideas in-store gift ide id tore $ 6 99 kg $ 4 49 kg Keri Fruit Drink/Juice 2.4-3L Cadbury Roses 225g $ 4 00 each $ 4 99 each Fresh Tegel NZ Chicken Drumsticks/Legs Country Fresh Carrots 1.2kg Meadow Fresh Yoghurt 1kg (Excludes Greek) $ 5 99 kg DB/Export Gold/Tui 24 x 330ml Bottles Please drink responsibly $ 2 49 bag Riccadonna 750ml $ 4 49 each Coke/Sprite/ Fanta/Lift/L&P 1.5L $ 32 99 pack $ 12 99 each 2 for $ 5 00 svcs1105 SuperValueNZ Store Locations: Edgeware Village, Fendalton Village, Lyttelton, Stanmore, Sumner, Wairakei Specials available from Thursday, 11th May until Sunday, 14th May 2017 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.

The Star 33 Travel Latest Christchurch news at www. Island paradise is picture perfect .kiwi Thursday May 11 2017 • By Mike Yardley LAZING ON sugar-white beaches, fanned by coconut palms, while gazing at the gin-clear lagoon that lassoes the island, is why the reality of Rarotonga is as perfect as the postcards. Drinking in that crisp lagoon palette of electric blues and turquoise hues, and basking in its bath-warm gorgeousness, is central to Rarotonga’s perennial stature as a fly-and-flop destination. A great new way to explore the underwater world of Muri Lagoon, is to join a Sea Scooter Safari with Ariki Adventures. These ingenious hand-held machines are shaped like a torpedo and battery-powered to pull along you through the water at 4km/h. Kitted out with a mask, snorkel and fins, I noticed my water speed almost doubled when I used the fins. After a group safety briefing and short play in the water, my guide led us through some of the most abundant marine snorkelling spots in the lagoon, swimming amid techni-coloured schools of fish. (Arki also runs extra-adventurous tours beyond the reef on their Ocean Safari. You’ll need to be comfortable in the open sea, a competent swimmer, and not prone to freaking out if an occasional reef shark comes into view. The Ocean safari takes you out to a century-old shipwreck.) If you’ve got a GoPro, you can mount your device on the front of the sea scooters. You can also hire wetsuits if you’re anxious about rubbing up against coral in the SAFARI: Explore Rarotonga’s underwater world with a sea scooter, it will pull you along at speeds of up to 4km/h. Right – The beachfront at Moana Sands. thriving coral canyons. Avoid all red and yellow corals – and fire coral is aptly named for the painful sensation it wreaks, if you brush up against it. I’m not the most practical of people, but the scooters are effortless to master. Each handle has a throttle button which should be held down in tandem, for optimum propulsion. And the steering system faithfully follows the direction you point it in, including nose-diving down to the lagoon floor, for intimate encounters with coral gardens and giant clams. During our safari we crossed paths with a lagoon cruise, as they were attracting the sea life with food. Suddenly, the sheer size of the schools of fish frenetically exploded before our eyes, including the welcome presence of larger specimens, like trevally, joining the feeding frenzy. The kaleidoscope of marine life COLOUR: The awardwinning show at Te Vara Nui Village. RESTFUL: Inside a villa at Moana Sands. is full of surprises. Keep a look out for moray eels slinking about the rocky depths, or the graceful joy of seeing eagle rays and sea turtles breezing through the lagoon. Ariki Adventures are the only sea scooter safari operator on Rarotonga, and their innovative 90min tour reveals so many eye-popping treasures within the lagoon. On my latest visit to Rarotonga, I finally made a date with the nation’s multiple award-winning island night show at Te Vara Nui Village. Launched in 2010, an old taro swamp was spectacularly transformed into a show-stopping performance space, wrapped in a floating garden, lustily showcasing Rarotongan music and dance in style. The thoughtfully-designed seating layout wraps around the elaborate overwater stage, creating a potently atmospheric arena. The lavish buffet dinner includes a generous spread of signature dishes, including that sterling icon of Rarotongan cuisine, ika mata. Anticipation reaches its crescendo as the heavy drums beat with greater and greater intensity. The production’s exceptional sound and lighting elements, complete with flaming torches, electrifies proceedings. Suddenly I felt like Las Vegas had descended on Muri Beach. Group upon group of beautiful local dancers throng the multilevel stage, to celebrate the legend of Tangaiti and the settlement of Rarotonga. Their artistry, choreography, energy and stamina is mind-blowing. I have seen my fair share of cultural shows, but nothing has come even close to the exhilarating spectacle at Te Vara Nui. I recognised one of the performers, Chris, who had earlier in the day joined me on a Buggy Tour. Straight after that, he was slogging his guts out, playing a top-level club game of rugby league. And now he was dancing up a storm on stage. Where do these people get their energy from? Te Vara Nui is undeniably the mother of all island nights. www. FAST FACTS •If you prefer a quiet and more boutique accommodation experience, Moana Sands Beachfront Villas ticks all the boxes. The villas are extra-generously spacious, with enough room to house a passing vaka sailing crew. Superbly equipped with full kitchen facilities, you’ll enjoy all the home comforts with flat-screen TV, DVD player, couches, dining area and balcony. The absolute beachfront garden and barbecue area allows you to slink onto the sand, within steps from your villa. Free private parking is available on site and a variety of water sports equipment, including snorkelling gear and kayaks are available for complimentary use. You’ll love this Rarotongan roost in Vaimaanga. Look who moved into our new retail precinct. There’s plenty of food, fashion and fun on offer at Faringdon’s very own South Point retail precinct. Stage 19 now available. Sections 401 to 831m 2 from $159,000. Call Bruce Harvey 0800 667 849 or visit Visit our info centre, corner Goulds and East Maddisons Roads, Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm - 4pm. You’re home. FRD30195-90x260