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The Star: May 18, 2017


18 Thursday May 18 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star News Red zone ideas that you may Some ideas for the red zone are well known – like the Flatwater Sports Lake, or Eden NZ eco-domes. But others, many developed by local people, have not had much publicity Gabrielle Stuart profiles some of the lesser known ideas WHITE WATER: A similar artificial course at the US National Whitewater Centre. Nature Playground Network Rocks, logs, trees and streams laid out to allow children to play creatively, challenge themselves and explore nature. That is the vision of a group of Christchurch parents and educators, who have developed plans for a range of nature playgrounds. They are designed to be flexible to fit a range of other potential red zone proposals. One proposal is to create them in small spaces along a cycleway or walkway through the red zone so families exploring the area can stop to rest or play there. Several sites have also been looked at where larger nature playgrounds could be created with a specific theme – like in Walnut Tree Park where a stand of willow trees could be pruned and shaped into a play area, or in wetland areas where rocks, logs and water areas could be added to help children explore. The project has attracted a group of supporters, but no costing or site-specific design work has been done. White Water Course An artificial white water park, designed with courses of different difficulties, some for beginners and others for internationallevel white water competitions. The idea was initially developed before the earthquakes by a group of Christchurch kayakers and rafters. They have since designed it to be incorporated into other red zone proposals like the flat water sports lake or surf park. Deals could also be made with other attractions, like the mountain biking Christchurch Adventure Park, to draw adventurous visitors into the city. The initial plan estimated 12-15ha would be needed for the courses, walkways, buildings and parking, but a detailed business plan has not yet been done. The cost of white water courses built in other parts of the world has ranged from $10 million to $50 million. More information can be found at the group’s Wai Huka o Waitaha Facebook page. Community Food Growing Network A network of community gardens, orchards and forage trails throughout the red zone, bringing the community together, providing food to people in need and keeping the area green. Many groups have supported and helped to develop the idea from Edible Canterbury and the Food Resilience Network to the city council and Canterbury District Health Board. It could use many of the existing fruit trees and gardens in the red zone. It could also work in with and around most other nature-based ideas for the red zone. DESIGNER FASHION AT OUTLET PRICES SMART BRANDS SMARTER PRICES HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday May 18 2017 19 not have heard about WALKIES: School of the Naked Dog trainer Blair Anderson has championed the idea for a dog park at Porritt Park. Barkerton Dog Park A plan to redesign Porritt Park into a dog park with a dog trail, training equipment and a “museum of dog” and learning centre for children. The idea was floated by School of the Naked Dog trainer Blair Anderson. He hoped it could become a national hub for all things canine, from research to conventions, making Christchurch a “dog city” and “the hub of a country built on the back of the dog”. He also referenced research showing walking dogs may help people to be physically, mentally and socially healthier and happier. He floated it at the United States Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference in 2011, and also got the support of visiting United Kingdom “canine access adviser” Stephen Jenkinson. Lower Avon Heritage Recovery Trail From a Maori trade site to gardens planted by Christchurch’s first mayor William ‘Cabbage’ Wilson – the trail along the Avon would tell the city’s story. The idea was created by tour guide Diana Madgin and is now supported by a team of about 25 specialists and groups. It would run across eight sites from the central city to the estuary, each featuring stories from a different period in the city’s history. Some sites have been chosen for their gardens and others for the historic buildings which could be restored. SKIS: Wakepark NZ in Ashburton uses similar cable technology to a park proposed for the red zone. Christchurch CablePark A park where people could wakeboard or waterski using a cable, rather than being towed behind a boat. It would make the sports more accessible to people who have no access to a boat. The different difficulty levels would also make it easier and safer for beginners to learn. The idea was first floated in 2008 by a group of Canterbury University students and has been supported by Sports Canterbury. It would use a New Zealand designed and built Two-Tower cable system. Godley Head campground goes great guns • By Bridget Rutherford GODLEY HEAD campground will stick around after more than double the number of visitors originally expected have stayed there. The Department of Conservation opened the campsite in October on the former military compound at the entrance to Lyttelton Harbour. DOC Christchurch operations manager Andy Thompson said it had been going “a lot better than expected”. He said eight months in 1008 people had stayed there, making 1257 guest nights. “I was expecting about 500 visitors max in the first year.” Godley Head was a World War 2 coastal defence battery. It closed in 1963, but three large gun emplacements and seven military buildings remain. The emplacements were damaged in the earthquakes, but Mr Thompson said work was being done to try and repair them. The campground offers 25 nonpowered campsites, with flush toilet facilities and running water. A caretaker lives on site. It costs $13 per adult a night to stay at the campground. FREE installation* SALE INVEST in the best! ® Classic GE Series HIGH WALL HEAT PUMP HIGH WALL HEAT PUMP FLOOR CONSOLE HIGH WALL HEAT PUMP FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump KJ50 5.8kW Heat Pump GE25 3.0kW Heat Pump EF50 5.8kW Heat Pump $3,299* $3,499* $2,149* $3,099* Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are super energy efficient and whisper quiet. Let us help you find the right solution for your home! Only $249* Add *includes cost of back-to-back install only, conditions apply We are your local heat pump specialists. Call for your free consultation and quote. 0800 324 678