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The Star: May 18, 2017

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The Star 31 Theatre/Arts Ambitious comedy based on politics Yes, Prime Minister, produced by the Canterbury Repertory Theatre. By Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn. Reviewed by Georgia O’Connor- Harding THERE IS no doubt the Canterbury Repertory Theatre’s latest show Yes, Prime Minister is an ambitious one, and it is clear its cast has worked very hard to pull it off. The show has merits, with an aim to predominantly take the mickey out of the British Government and the cast executing the show’s humour well. But I feel this show would have captivated far more laughter out of the audience if it was modernised and adapted to relate to us Kiwis. The New Zealand Government has provided much material for creative writers to work around with pulling ponytails, flying sex toys and a tragically failed flag referendum which, for me, would have made the show a lot funnier. This plot-line stems around the United Kingdom in crisis with • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding WOOLSTON’S Keeneth Love and Sophie Petersen may only be straight out of the city’s performing arts school, but already they have celebrated their own theatre company’s first season launch. About 200 people attended So Keen Production’s season launch last week, hosted by the two former National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art students. The line-up of shows for the year was revealed at the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu last week. A contemporary musical, a two person-play, and classic Shakespeare in the summertime are all set to be staged over the next year. unemployment on the rise and debt problems with a complex pipeline deal with Kumranistan the only salvation. However, the deal is thrown into chaos when the Kumranistan Foreign Secretary makes a promiscuous request forcing the British cabinet to choose between being moral and saving the economy. On a high note, while the Petersen, of Prices Valley, said it was about putting on a series of shows that would be accessible to a variety of audiences. The first show to be staged is musical Songs for a New World by Jason Robert Brown and will be staged in July at the Christchurch Arts Centre. In August First Love by American playwright Charles Mee exploring the themes of love, obsession, violence and relationships will be held at New Regent St bar The Last Word. In January an amphitheatre will be set up as part of a summer Shakespeare production to be held at the Otakaro Orchard, which is a edible community garden set up by Edible Canterbury. Petersen said what Shakespeare Latest Christchurch news at www. storyline is exaggerated and the show is based on a late 1980s television series of the same name, it conveys the way politics are dealt within government never changes. One of the extremely relatable moments in the show is when the British Broadcasting Corporation phones up the Cabinet and the press secretary, played by Fraser Robinson, play is yet to be confirmed. Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr with music and lyrics by Sammy Fain Bob Hilliard, Oliver Wallace and Cy Coban, Allie Wrubel and Jerry Livingstone is planned next year. In correlation to the show, the company will run a 10-week afterschool development programme for people aged eight to 14. “With the kids programme whether or not the child dreams of being an actor we want them to have an appreciation for the arts,” Petersen said. She describes the summer Shakespeare show and Songs for a New World family-friendly while First Love as gutsy and Alice in Wonderland Jr as one for younger audiences. TALENTED CAST: Erin Callanan as Claire Sutton, Raoul Neave as Sir Humphrey and Ian Lester as Jim Hacker. ​ reads out a series of prepared interpretable answers for any question. The drama is set over just one evening at the British Prime Minister Jim Hacker’s home where the vital decision is made over a glass (or several) of whisky. And the more whisky that is drunk, the wilder the characters become. Thursday May 18 2017 Ian Lester does a splendid job of playing a prime minister who appears to have minimal knowledge about the state of affairs in the UK and cares only for staying in his job. The sassy, slick permanent secretary Sir Humphrey played by Raoul Neave is a favourite who is hilariously transparent in his bid to keep the Prime Minister from knowing anything that is going on. Because Sir Humphrey is known for being a master of obfuscation, Neave is often required to recite long-winded, confusing sentences which would have taken both a lot of skill to memorise and execute – Neave mastered this. The shows’ jokes are very clever but I didn’t find them relatable – I don’t believe younger audiences would quite appreciate talent of the show. But if you have a vested interest in British politics the show will be enjoyable. •Yes, Prime Minister will run until May 20 at the Elmwood Auditorium. To book tickets go to Productions to suit wide variety of audiences .kiwi GREAT EVENING: The So Keen Productions team at their first season launch. From left – Treasurer Christina Love, co-managing directors Keeneth Love, Sophie Petersen and chairwoman Soseh Yekanians.