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fantastic FEIJOAs True

fantastic FEIJOAs True feijoa fans await the feijoa season with Christmas-like excitement. In Autumn when they finally arrive they are usually plentiful and pop up in recipes everywhere. Serves 1–3 CUISINE I 4 They’re a unique fruit and most certainly aren’t for everyone’s taste buds. For those who love them, it’s their brief appearance in the year that make you clamber for recipes to capture their goodness. Feijoa crumble, feijoa smoothies, feijoa ice cream, feijoa chutney, feijoa cider, feijoas with peanut butter, feijoas pure as they are, traditionally eaten cut in half and with a spoon. feijoa & chicken curry FACTS ABOUT THE FEIJOA Feijoas (also known as pineapple guavas and guavasteen) are an exotic, divinely-flavoured fruit native to South America. Small, green and egg-shaped, the scent and flavour sometimes defy description. Pineapple, banana, mint, strawberry and guava flavours all mingle to create a taste sensation that is wonderfully addictive! Alternative names: English: feijoa, pineapple guava, guavasteen; Spanish: guayabo grande, guayabo chico, guayabo del pais (Uruguay); Portuguese: goiaba serrana, goiaba verde, goiaba abacaxi (Brazil) Botanical name: Acca sellowiana (renamed from feijoa sellowiana in recent times) Origin: the cool subtropical and tropical highlands (less than 1000 m) of southern Brazil, Uruguay, western Paraguay, and northern Argentina. Scent and taste: Feijoa fruit has a distinctive, potent smell. The aroma is due to the ester methyl benzoate and related compounds that exist in the fruit. Seasonality: In the southern hemisphere, the season runs from late March to June although. In the northern hemisphere, the fruit is harvested October to December. Varieties: There are more than 20 varieties of feijoa. Nutritional value (per 100g): Energy 190kJ (45 calories) Carbohydrates (Sugars) 10g Protein 1g Fat

5 I HOME Lana Hand Tufted Rug From Citta White Canvas Interiors WEAVING TEXTURE IN TO DESIGN Texture continues its popularity in the interior decor space. Velvet, leather, linen, crystal, wool, anything that makes you want to touch it! Katie Bobsien from White Canvas INTERIORS provides some inspiration on how to make interiors stylish and tactile. Texture is an often-overlooked element of interior design. It’s the vital ingredient that makes the ‘wow’ factor and should be at the forefront of your thinking when designing an interior space. To ensure a space is visually appealing, elements of colour, shape, pattern and texture all come into play. Texture in interior design refers to the surface quality of a material. There’s tactile texture, the actual 3D feel of the surface and there’s the 2D visual textures that you can see. Texture doesn’t have to be felt to be sensed. Why does this matter? Much like the colour of a room can affect how warm or cool it feels, texture can have a direct correlation to the balance of an interior space. Even the most formal and polished rooms benefit from the addition of something tactile that begs to be touched. A room devoid of textural contrasts is simply boring. All surfaces have a texture, it is the way in which you pair them together and what textures you chose that can determine the feel of a space. For example, a cotton duvet set with cotton pillows would feel a little one dimensional but add some linen, velvet or fur and you have a visually interesting space that pops. Texture makes a big impact when you let opposites attract. Pair smooth, shiny metals with rough, natural timbers to create drama and enhance the ambience. Choose soft, fine fabrics and embellished furniture for a feminine mood; use rustic metals and rich woods for a masculine feel. Silky pillows and velvet slipcovers make a space more formal, while denim slipcovers and corduroy pillows add an everyday comfy vibe. Embroidered Tassel Cushion From The Foxes Den Budi Stool From Vast White Canvas Interiors White Canvas Interiors White Canvas Interiors I have always loved using natural materials and believe that they facilitate in creating a more calming and inviting space. When specifying for my design clients I will search to find options that work within their budget but still utilise natural products. I strongly feel that a home is created through the use of layers and texture. Rugs and throws are great, as they allow you to easily build on the existing elements within the space. We recently bought back some beautiful rugs from Morocco that instantly add warmth to a room when laid under a coffee or dining table. With the Property Styling side of White Canvas Interiors I love bringing in wooden stools, trays, ladders, hydes, linens, wood and marble to weave texture into my clients homes I am styling. And create a cohesive look and feel for potential buyers. I love seeing my client’s spaces come to life and ensuring they are investing in the right pieces for their home. Engaging a designer assists in getting the most out of the pieces you select for your home and how you place them, this in turn aides in creating a harmonious and well utilized space that will stand the test of time. Katie Bobsien White Canvas Interiors Support and Resources for Independent Living walkers to purchase (FroM $230) or hire $20 2015 NZ Disability Information Centre of the Year Can we help you or someone you support? Disability Information Service – a ‘one stop information service’ which offers unbiased advice to assist people navigate their way to organisations or services that can provide them with support or advice. Aspire Canterbury Shop – shop online or call in to our shop at 314 Worcester Street and view our range of easier living products We also hire out wheelchairs, ramps and walkers. Total Mobility Discounted Taxi Service – a scheme which provides 50% discounts on taxi journeys to eligible people in the Christchurch area who, due to health conditions, are unable to access public transport. Contact us for more information on 03 366 9093 or visit our website. per week Mobile Service – Fun interactive presentations of our information, services and easier living equipment. We come to you! To book our presenter to speak to your group call Richard at numbers below or email mobileservices@ Mobility scooter demonstrations available. White Canvas Interiors Aspire Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to the community since 1981 Physical Address: 314 Worcester Street Linwood Christchurch Postal Address: PO Box 32074 Christchurch 8147 Ph: 03 366 6189 Freephone: 0800 347 242 Ph: (Total Mobility) 03 366 9093 Mobile Service: 027 588 9700 E: W: