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Mens Leather Driving

Mens Leather Driving Gloves By Hills Hats & Womens by Dents at Ballantynes Pacific Island Holiday Package From House of Travel The Simon & Garfunkel Story at the Isaac theatre Royal (27th July 8pm) lifestyle i 10 Diamond Club Membership From Champs-Elysées Day Spa WINTER INDULGENCES It’s winter. What better excuse for a little excess and indulgence! Rose gold and rose crystalstatement earrings From Dyrberg/Kern Bracelet watch From Calvin Klein Steak Butter From Lewis Road Creamery Black Forest Cake Jar From Sugar Baby Cakery shave years off carefully selected glasses can do wonders! Mens and womens Luxe Indoor/ Outdoor slippers From Mahabis WINTER catch of the day fishing - it’s not just for the lads Soundlink Revolve 360 Speaker From Bose Eyewear has come a lot way since the days they were simply an instrument for helping us see better. Eyewear is making more of a statement than ever before and are now considered one of your best fashion accessories. Picking the right glasses can shave years off, but picking the wrong ones can have the reversed effect. The proprietor of L’Atelier D’Optique in Aix en Provence in France - country of chic says frames should be tried on before buying, and frames should follow the brow line. People always ask what shape and colour suits them, but really the most important thing is fit. From feline frames to clever updates on the classics, there are so many ways to rock the trendiest styles this spring. FELINE: Cat-eye glasses with their frames slightly upturned frame at the temple, enhances cheekbones giving an instant facelift. BRIGHT: The perfect way to brighten up an all black outfit. pops of colour add warmth to mature skin. Make sure you pick a colour to suit your skin tone. PRINT: Patterns and textures are the perfect way to create an individual twist. CLEAR: Clear frames are both funky and functional because they go with almost any outfit. Futuristic clear frames are good if your outfit is very colourful. METALS: At night wear more delicate style metal frame to make your look feel more dressy. AvIAToRS: Obviously aviators are a classic, but recently the frames have undergone a re-invention with variations from rectangular to teardrop shapes. Remember, style has no age limit. What to pick for your 2017 optical wardrobe? Forest fringed lakes, to crystal clear mountain streams, there is truly stunning fishing to be had in amongst Canterbury’s beautiful landscape. Salmon and trout are plentiful and fishermen and women are few. If you’re after a salmon, you can’t go past Lake Coleridge, the Rakaia river or the closest option to Christchurch, the Waimakariri. The main fishing season ended on the 30th of April but the winter season carries through until the end of August. Winter fishing is growing in popularity and if you head during the week it’s a great destination for those who like the prospect of landing themself a large fish in the solitude of some spectacular scenery. It’s not just salmon that could be on the menu, Canterbury also has some of the most under fished waters for large brown trout in New Zealand. For those who know how and where to access it, the fishing is fantastic. For the novice angler, spin fishing is easier than fly fishing and is better suited to fishing in deep lakes. You won’t feel like a novice either, as you’ll find most of the people on the shoreline of the lakes will also be spin fishing. The largest of a series of the Canterbury high country fishing lakes, Lake Coleridge is the best lake to catch a landlocked chinook salmon. Although the last part of the journey in to the lake is still on shingle roads, the trip from Christchurch takes little more than 90 minutes. There are a few different companies in Christchurch offering 1/2 day, full day or overnight guided fishing tours on both rivers and high country lakes. They’ll give you pointers and guide you to the best places to catch the fish of the day. Make sure you purchase a Fish and Game Fishing License before you go and wear plenty of warm clothing and gumboots. Oh and be prepared to get up early. Most fishing trips start at 5am. The best time to fish is a couple of hours before the winter sun hits the water. While winter might not be the peak season to bag your fishing quota, it’s the perfect time to hone your skills, relax amongst some beautiful landscape and hopefully catch a delicious salmon or trout.

11 I motorIng Mustang with turbo punch Words Ross Kiddie THE SPECS Price: Ford Mustang, $59,8800 Dimensions: Length, 4784MM; width, 2080MM; height, 1391MM configuration: Four-cyLinder, rear-wheeL-drive, 2261cc, 233kw, 432nM, six-speed autoMatic Performance: 0-100kM/h, 6sec fuel usage: 9.3L/100kM I was an impressionable teenager when Ford’s Mustang first started taking the world by storm in the mid-60s. While those early models were quite tame against the big block V8s it developed into, in six-cylinder or V8 form it became quite the household word in terms of desirability. Ford even gave the Mustang a four-cylinder engine during the 80s. Of course, the Mustang’s history has long been documented – it is a true legend – but if you had told me five years ago that it would soon be reintroduced as a four-cylinder model I would have said you were joking. Well, the joke is on me, for the sixth-generation model is available as a four-cylinder and, of course, a 5-litre V8. I’m no stranger to the V8, I’ve been fortunate to drive a couple since the Mustang was reengineered and released in 2015. The 2.3-litre variant has eluded me until now, and from the outset any misgivings I had about perceived lack of performance were very quickly put to rest - the baby of the series is still a very desirable sports machine. A lot of that is attributed to the turbocharging system fitted to the twin-camshaft 16-valve engine. Ford has long had a programme whereby its Ecoboost systems promote economy along with respectable performance, although it must be said that in the Mustang’s case the boost parameters are biased towards performance. Ford rate the 2261cc unit at 233kW and 432Nm, both outputs realised at low in the rev band at just 5600rpm and 3000rpm respectively. Consequently, it is a feisty engine and although it gives away 73kW and 98Nm to its V8 stablemate, it will scorch to 100km/h from a standstill in 6sec, just a second slower than the big engine. These are figures are not to be sneezed at and it will constantly provide the buyer with keen performance. Drive is channelled through a six-speed automatic transmission, there’s no manual option in Mustang 2.3, but I can report that the auto is a classy gearbox with smooth shifts and paddle shifters on the steering wheel if the driver decides to get involved. When it comes time to put it through its paces on a winding road challenge the 2.3 model feels athletic and nimble. That has a lot to do with the weight balance and the lighter weight of the vehicle in total. At 1627kg it benefits from an 82kg saving against the V8, and most of that is from up front, enhancing accuracy and corner turn-in. Steerage is sharp and directional and you get this lovely feeling of push from the rear through the driving wheels. The traction and stability control devices aren’t overly invasive, so if you want to be a little playful the Mustang will offer oversteer before the TCS network cuts in. It doesn’t take a lot to challenge rear wheel grip. The huge Pirelli PZero tyres (255/40 x 19in) have a solid tenure with the road surface, but the power outputs are high enough for the rubber to wilt against the road surface. One of the other key points in terms of handling is that the Mustang sits low at just 1391mm. There is little body movement over the suspension, it feels flat and balanced. That is something Ford has done well, not only does the Mustang look sharp and sporty, it has power and handling that is true performance car material. The designers have also done a fabulous job in terms of creating a retrospective look for the fastback, combining a modern method of manufacture with desirable appeal. It is a big car and one which oozes character, the interior utilises design aspects which hark back to the 60s and 70s, yet the elements are functional, the blend is outstanding. Elsewhere, it’s really just a 2+2, you can travel with adults in the rear but it’s a bit of a squeeze and entry and egress isn’t the easiest. That aside, the Mustang in this form is comprehensively equipped and for its price – $59,880 – it is an affordable performance machine. If you want the V8, that’s going to set you back an extra $18,000, but I really wonder if the prestige of owning that big engine is worth the extra cost, the 2.3-litre certainly doesn’t disappoint. In terms of fuel usage the V8 is rated at 12.6l/100km (23mpg), against 9.3l/100km (30mpg) for the 2.3. Those figures would mean a healthy saving throughout the financial year. I’m satisfied now that I’ve driven the four-cylinder, it’s long been on the list of desired drives and it certainly lived up to expectation. Bear in mind, too, that the Mustang also comes as a convertible, the options are all too tempting. NEW ESCAPE. BE UNSTOPPABLE. SYNC ® 3 Infotainment System with Satellite Navigation. Reverse Camera. 5-Star ANCAP Safety Rating. EcoBoost TM Engine. All Wheel Drive. Blind Spot Information System 1 . TEST DRIVE TODAY. GUARANTEED QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM AN AWARD-WINNING DEALERSHIP 1. Only available on Trend and Titanium models. 1. Only available on Trend and Titanium models. Cnr Main South Rd and Epsom Rd, Sockburn | Go Further CHRISTCHURCH | 03 348 4129 or 0800 655 551 Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | 03 313 7059 | Avon City Ford Anywhere Ford 123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | NEW ESCAPE. BE UNSTOPPABLE. SYNC ® 3 Infotainment System with Satellite Navigation. Revers EcoBoost TM Engine. All Wheel Drive. Blind Spot Information Sys TEST DRIVE TODAY. Anywhere Ford 123 Sample Road | SAMPLE