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The Star: May 25, 2017

36 Thursday

36 Thursday May 25 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star PENINSULA HIGHLIGHTS Relax and discover the natural beauty of popular Banks Peninsula with its breathtaking views and unique character. Only a short drive from Christchurch City, there’s always plenty to see and do! Stay somewhere unique! SiloStay with it’s unique, cutting-edge design is the perfect launch pad to the Peninsula bays and gourmet Akaroa. Full of nature walks, cycle trails, and scenic drives - experiencing Little River and sleeping in a Silo is an exceptional treat! SH 75, Little River. Ngā Taenga mai Arrivals exhibition Refreshing the past Akaroa Museum is gradually opening new, refreshed exhibitions. Visit us to view Ngā Taenga mai Arrivals, the first of our long-term galleries. Open daily 10.30am-4.00pm, admission free. World renowned and famous fish & chips! The popular tourist destination, Akaroa Fish and Chip Shop is world renowned and famous. Visit them for mouthwatering fish, plus delicious chips, hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages and drinks. Excellent value takeaway meals or eat in. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining with fantastic waterfront views of Akaroa Harbour. They also operate Hanmer Fish ’n’ Chips, 4B Conical Hill Road, Hanmer. 59 Beach Road, Akaroa. La Rochelle Motel - 2 night winter special Modern accommodation in Akaroa. The perfect place to stay and enjoy the village’s quaint charms. La Rochelle Motel is close to Akaroa’s walking trails, galleries and some of Akaroa’s top restaurants. Mention this advert for a winter special price of $199 for 2 people for a 2 night stay in a King or Queen Studio room (valued up to $298). *Conditions apply. Must stay before 31st August 2017. Beautiful, private accommodation & venue Set on 6 hectares in the heart of Akaroa, with amazing views and great facilities make Mt Vernon Lodge your only choice for your stay in Akaroa. Mt Vernon Lodge, specialists in all your wedding, conference and accommodation requirements. Akaroa’s newest fish & chip shop Situated at 7 Church Street, Murphy’s on the Corner is the Fish & Chip shop all the locals are suggesting. They are a family owned and operated business, offering freshly caught fish from Akaroa Harbour, premium chips, the best seafood chowder made daily and fresh Akaroa Salmon. They are rated as having the best fish burgers in NZ.’s Seafoods

z The Star 37 Gardening Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday May 25 2017 GARDENING ADVICE with $80 PRIZE PACK! QUESTION ANSWER How do I get bigger Feijoas? I have plenty of fruit but they are not big. Today’s winning question came from Jim Evans. Congratulations! The only real way to obtain large feijoas is to buy a cutting grown named variety, which guarantees the size of the fruit as long as the plant is cultivated correctly. For example; Apollo, Gemini or Unique. Old feijoa trees found in many kiwi gardens (older than 25-30 years) are invariably seedling grown and tend to have small fruit (unless you are very lucky!). Some feijoas do also have a tendency to be biennial bearing i.e. a heavy crop one year, followed by a lighter crop the next year. With modern varieties, your feijoa should produce good sized fruit as long as the tree is grown in free draining soil with high organic content i.e. compost, is fertilised in spring with fruit tree fertiliser and is watered deeply if the weather is exceptionally dry. Now is a good time to plant feijoa trees; choose a nice sunny site with well drained soil. Dig a hole and mix in Daltons Compost or Daltons Garden Mix. Make a mound at the bottom of the hole where the root ball will sit. Plant the tree and ensure it sits in the ground with the base of the stem slightly higher than ground level to prevent water pooling around the trunk. Add a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on top. Feijoas are heavy feeders and respond to regular fertilising with Daltons Goldcote Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertilsier in late winter/early spring. For more gardening advice, read our How to Grow Fruit Trees guide at Products to try: Daltons Goldcote Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertiliser, Daltons Compost products and Daltons Mulch & Grow. BE IN TO WIN! Send us your gardening question to be in to win! Trees offer many benefits to a garden; privacy, shade, different shapes, attractive foliage, and flowers. Whatever you choose to plant, give it some extra help with Daltons Premium Planter Tabs. Pop one of these into the hole for improved root growth and fertilise with Daltons Premium Tree & Shrub Fertiliser during the growing period. We have a Daltons Premium Tree Planting Pack to giveaway! Valued at over $80, it contains: • 2x Daltons Compost • Daltons Premium Planter Tabs • Daltons Premium Tree & Shrub Fertiliser • Daltons Organic Bio-Fungicide Granules • PLUS a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products ( Email your question and glove size to: Entries must be received by 31 st May 2017 growing with you SprIng Is here – It’S Sow Time how to get the best results from seeds and seedlings 100% NatIve In The capItal Unravelling the secrets of Otari-wilton Bush The New Zealand landscape awards The people behind the projects $7.90 incl. GST ISSN 2423-0219 Save our roSeS How a rose register is protecting our heritage September 2016 | 100% It’s time to grow! New look and more content than ever! MeeT LeSTer Brice A Garden coach auckland Botanic GardenS Why we love our public grounds ROSE PRUNING Prunings removed LEAF BLOWING Leaves removed Phone Milton 366 1499 now bigger than ever The magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty SubScribe from $43. 50* *6 issues/6 months SUBSCRIPTIONS FREEPHONE 0800 77 77 10 www.gaRdeNER.kiwI Thanks for telling me about Parkhouse Garden Supplies, Myrtle. I’m getting Bert to take me down there when he wakes up, they have trailers we can hire. Have you remembered where they are Sybil? Yeah yeah, in Landscape Lane, off Lunns Road between T.R. Group and Turners. It’s a lovely name isn’t it, Landscape Lane. So what are you going to buy Sybil, I hear they now have ‘Black Forrest Mulch’ and a new white stone ‘Arctic White’. Yeah Myrtle, I just got home from Parkhouse Garden Supplies. Bought two scoops of Parkhouse Plus Compost, looks good enough to eat. Told old grumpy Bert I would dish it up to him for dinner. It would be wasted on Bert, Sybil. I’ve used it myself and you want to see my garden, looks like The Botanical Gardens. You know what old Bert’s done now, he’s left me to unload the trailer myself so I’m going to see if Basil from next door will help me. Bert doesn’t like him, says he’s gay. Well that wouldn’t worry the team at Parkhouse Garden Supplies, they welcome everyone. I bet you haven’t got what I’ve got Myrtle, they just gave me a ‘Loyalty Card’. You get a stamp every time you buy something, then they give you a big discount when your card is full. I’m getting one today, Sybil. No one else in town does that, they are just soooo nice. Landscape Lane (off Lunns Rd) P. 348 2915 OPEN 7 DAYS Remember... we are NOT in Parkhouse Road NO GREEN WASTE IN ANY OF OUR COMPOST