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The Star: June 01, 2017

The Star: June 01,

Brown-family business backs the rebuild – p15 Thursday, June 1, 2017 GET CLICKING TO WIN Details on page 24 CHRISTCHRUCH free tickets onliNe The best read and largest circulating newspaper in Christchurch OFFER ENDS TODAY Schools told of child sex offender • By Andrew King SCHOOLS IN south Christchurch have been told a convicted child sex offender will soon be living near them. They were notified on Tuesday by the Department of Corrections which assured them that there will be 24/7 monitoring, exclusion zones to prevent contact with children, and the offender will be housed more than 500m from schools. Letters were sent to schools, including Somerfield School, St Peter’s School and Cashmere High School. ABC Somerfield Childcare was also told. Corrections staff were also going door-to-door in Somerfield yesterday letting the community know. Detective Sergeant Brad Grainger of the police child protection team said they were working closely with Corrections. He would not reveal the offender’s identity or past crimes, and referred The Star to Corrections for further comment. Corrections said they were not able to respond to The Star late yesterday. Somerfield principal Denise Torrey said while they are not thrilled they will have a sex offender living amongst them, it was about reinforcing good safety policies. “There are multiple schools in this area so they are always going to be close. But we have to just make sure we are pushing those safety messages to keep our children safe,” she said. St Peter’s principal Pamela Arthurs said it is out of their control and she has full faith in Corrections to keep the person monitored and children safe. “We accept people need to be reintegrated and have a chance to make it right,” she said. Both principals said they had notified parents about the sex offender’s arrival. Ms Torrey said there had been a little bit of negative feedback. “I have been asked for a name and address, which I don’t have and couldn’t give out even if I did,” Ms Torrey said. ABC Somerfield’s manager said she could not comment. Somerfield Residents Association chairwoman Julie Tobbell said it was better to be warned than be in the dark about the situation. “It is a concern as a parent, but it allows us to prepare our kids for these situations by explaining stranger danger,” she said. Baxter returns home after 14 months • By Gabrielle Stuart WHERE BAXTER has been for more than a year is a mystery – and the things the little dog may have seen he will never be able to tell. The 10-year-old bichon frise has been compared to Wilson the Lotto Dog – finding his way home after a long adventure. He was found wandering in Hornby on Sunday about 6km away from the Avonhead home where he went missing 14 months ago. •Turn to page 5 PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER