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The Star: June 01, 2017

18 Thursday

18 Thursday June 1 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Viewpoint Last week The Star reported three of the city’s power brokers, Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner and CDHB acting chief executive Mary Gordon had not talked about the possibility of turning part of Hagley Park into temporary car parking for the hospital Readers respond to the hospital car parking debacle Alan Hane – Build a large underground car park beneath Hagley Park fully security camera monitored, with an underground tunnel to the hospital basement floor. Could even have an autonomous rail loops or moving floors like airports. Cheryl Hanham – Actually stop allowing Wilsons car park to monopolies empty grounds. Get them back and put a couple of car park buildings up instead. Have look at the app ParkMate, it’s unbelievable how many Wilsons there are. Rohanne Compton – Have the people who support this thought about the logistics of getting in and out of this part of the park? Then getting across to the hospital if you’re disabled? Also bet the support disappears once they realise it won’t be free parking. Rohanne Compton – Maybe they need to reintroduce parking charges at the hospital. I’ve seen people parking at the hospital using the disabled parking and have noticed that many are actually very able bodied people accompanying a disabled/elderly person and wondered why they don’t drop off the patient then use the park ’n’ ride or the nearby Wilsons parks and leave the disabled parking for the unaccompanied patients/visitors who really do need to park close. Is it because the disabled parking is free? Elizabeth Lubbers – Build one beside the outpatients building in the park if there is enough room, no one uses that area. And when or if the outpatients building goes turn it into car parks for the disabled and expecting mums that are coming in to give birth. Michael Adams – Just stop pretending, and rename it Wilsontown. Then demolish the Cathedral and put a Wilsons on the site. This city is crazy. Deb Flanagan – No way. It’s a park leave it alone, where is the vision. New Yorkers don’t suggest turning its precious green space Central Park into a car park. And let’s be honest temporary would end up being permanent – once lost gone forever. Sally Bowring – After the earthquakes there was something put in place so people could park along Riccarton Ave on the grass. Were emergency powers called upon for this? And , if so, could they be again until a permanent solution is found. Sadly, and actually very sadly the various bodies involved can’t seem to be able to work together. Is this a case for a Mediator? Beverley Murray – Just do it. How many people will struggle to the doors until there is a permanent remedy. Ridiculous state of affairs. Nic Davies – Yes 100 per cent agree let’s get something done and built. Tina Bailey – Absolutely not. Sort out a permanent solution asap. Car parking building should be rebuilt on previous site opposite the new outpatients site. Where has the insurance money gone from the old parking and oral health buildings that have been demolished? Year-round warmth Choosing the right heat pump is key to ensuring a warm and comfortable home all year round. Building orientation and insulation are key factors to selecting the right unit for your home. With over 15 years’ experience, the family-run business of DC Installation Services can advise on and provide the best healthy home solutions, including heat pumps, air-conditioning units or ventilation systems. For a free no-obligation consultation, get in touch with the friendly team. 0800 324 678, Design statement Fireplaces are a key architectural design element to the home and are often the focal point of a room. Gone are the decorative mantels and in their place are bold design statements with angular corners and modern shapes. We love The Hanging Fireplace – a sculptural piece that is as much an investment in art as a solution to warmth during the winter months. HEAT YOUR WORLD Whether it’s lighting the fire or flicking a switch, you’ll never regret installing the right interior heating solutions. Store with style A new way to store firewood inside the home, the Redondo firewood holder by OtraForma in Christchurch becomes an instant feature in the room and is a definite favourite this season.

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday June 1 2017 19 Well-known tailor Mark van Roosmalen’s building was destroyed in the February 22, 2011, earthquake and moved his business into a house on a Fendalton street – but his neighbours want him gone Dani Cooper – What is wrong with these people? He’s in a business area anyway and he’s a tailor! I also think the fuss over the funeral home [Rochdale St] is disrespectful selfish and rude. Seriously, I would much rather live in my rented home in North Beach than be a stuck up self-absorbed homeowner from Fendalton. All they do is complain. Allan John Fidler – I fully sympathise with the residents of Hamilton Ave and Otara St. Fancy having to live with the deafening sound of scissors and the screeching of needle and thread going through cloth. Back in the 1960s Fendaltonians were reputed to be NZ’s worst snobs and obviously nothing has changed. Owen Duffy – I don’t know what is worse, these people trying to close a business down. Or them buying a property in Ilam and trying to say they are in Fendalton. Snobbery at its worst. Corey Humm – Typical Fendalton. Guess they asked him what school he went to and didn’t like the answer. Erina Parks – Far out, it’s a tailoring business, for goodness sake! You people have got no show of making him leave – after all Manchester St residents can’t get the city council to act on the prostitutes leaving their rubbish in residents’ front gardens. You neighbours should be ashamed of yourselves – you’re surrounded by commercial activity. This smells of personal vendetta. Val Proffitt – As I was trying to say . . . Fendalton people, how about starting to live in the real world. Good on you Mark van Roosmalen, I hope your business remains very successful. Stella Wyn – I wonder what is wrong with Hamilton Ave area. Two to three years back houses were hot in auction, but past few months, they are not popular. I’m puzzled. Fendalton Village is always too crowded with cars. Anyway, it is probably better to have him than student rental next door. Josie White – I operate an interior design business from home in St Martins with legal street signage. Not once has anyone complained. Give Mark a break please Fendalton and be thankful you have an amazing tailor in your vicinity. Helen Baker – The people of Fendalton are lucky to have such a service in the area. It doesn’t set a precedence at all under the terms of the quakes effect on business in the city. It was a unique situation that enabled this. How precious people can be. Cherry Cornelius – I find it almost as offensive that this rubbish is reported. Residents of any area need to we welcoming stop any kind of abuse at its roots and it seems in Christchurch. It may have a deep seating in Fendalton. Cherie Trotter – Nearly every suburb in NZ has a dressmaker/ alterations person working out of their spare bedroom of their home. Come on neighbours, get on with your life. Janys Rebecca Harrison – Get over yourselves! Just be glad that he’s a tailor, instead of someone dodgy. Carolyn Fraser – What a bunch of snobs. Who do they think they are? They would look down their noses at any one. Keep up the good work Mark van Roosemalen. Francesca De Angelis – Mark is by far the best – and only true tailor in Christchurch. These people have clearly too much time in their hands to complain for the sake of complaining. Don’t buy a house in front of a mall if parking overflow irritates you.