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The Star: June 01, 2017

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2 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday June 1 2017 Inside FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK The Star News..................................3-20 A NICE warm fuzzy canine story on the front page today – a 14-month reunion between owner and dog. Baxter the bichon frise is back with his owner after disappearing in early March last year. Clearly, somebody has had Baxter. He’s microchipped and has a collar and he has been fairly well looked after. So it doesn’t take much detective work to work out that whoever was caring for Baxter didn’t alert the city council, which would then have been able to track down owner Mackenzie Kane and send him home. Baxter must have done a runner in recent days, which as it turns out was a good thing. Someone else found him, did the right thing and Baxter was reunited with Mackenzie. A lovely story and what a cracker pic from photographer Martin Hunter. On another note, probably worrying times for parents in south Christchurch. Read our lead story on page 1 for more. –Barry Clarke The Christchurch Star Company Ltd. 359 Lincoln Rd | Addington | Christchurch 8024 CONTACT THE STAR ADVERTISERS YOUR BEST CHOICE TO GROW CUSTOMERS No.1 for Readership No.1 for Circulation No.1 for Results Contact us today to grow more customers for your business! Contact Shane at: or call 3797-100 Source: CMI Nielsen readership Thursday Christchurch Urban area 10+ A love of learning 20 At a Glance From life with the royals to nursing NEWS GENERAL: 379 7100 | NEWS: Barry Clarke. 364 7422. | WEB: ADVERTISING: 364 7429, | CIRCULATION/DELIVERY JOBS: 364-7451 or 7453 THIS WEEK IN CANTERBURY’S PAST This week in history saw the first trotting meeting held at Lancaster Park on May 29, 1886. On the same day in 1926 a broadcast from a rugby match at Lancaster Park was New Zealand’s first. Commentator Allan Allardyce was soon to pioneer broadcasts of racing, cricket and hockey for station 3YA. He also gave live coverage of Kingsford-Smith’s landing at Wigram in 1928. In 1967 the new Bank of New Zealand building in Cathedral Square was opened. On June 1, 1862, Christchurch Hospital was opened on site in Hagley Park. But only after the first vigorous Hands off Hagley protests by irate citizens. On June 1, 1961, television transmission began on CHTV 3. On June 2, 1874, The Press started publishing an evening paper, The Globe, to compete with The Star. It became The Telegraph, then The Truth then Evening News. Publication ceased in May 1917. On June 4, 1864, a fire in Colombo St destroyed buildings between Hereford and Cashel Sts. OUR PEOPLE 23 Viewpoint............... 17-19 Readers’ photos........... 24 Food..................................27 Gardening..........................29 Travel................................31 Theatre/Arts.....................33 Puzzles............................34 Entertainment.........48-51 Clinton California-bound SPORT 36 LOCAL NEWS WANTED MAN’S PHOTO COPS EARFUL A man wanted for arrest in Canterbury has become an online hit. Police have issued a warrant to arrest 29-year-old Lucas William Vincent. But a Facebook post, which includes a mug shot of him, on the Canterbury Police page has been inundated with people commenting on Vincent’s left ear, which appears to have been damaged somehow. “He’s going to get an earful when his mother finds out about this,” one man said. “I’ll let you know if I ear anything.” “Noted for having a fight with Mike Tyson once,” another offered.

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday June 1 2017 3 News More problems for Maddie Teenager determined to beat illness • By Gabrielle Stuart MADDIE COLLINS has spent most of her life battling kidney failure – now the 13-year-old has been dealt another lifethreatening blow. She was told last week while at Starship Hospital for kidney treatment that her heart is also failing. If Maddie had a successful kidney transplant, her heart could recover, but without one, she would be at risk of a heart attack, her mother Sarah Manson Collins said. The news had hit Maddie and the whole family hard, she said. “She was in the room when they told us and she said, ‘okay, how many months have I got to live?’ We said, ‘no, it’s not like that, you’re going to be okay,’” she said. Kidney problems can force the heart to pump harder, putting a lot of strain on it. An American study has found children on dialysis for kidney problems were 1000 times more likely to have a fatal heart attack. The family has been fundraising to take Maddie to The John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, United States, next month where more advanced treatment may make it easier to match a donated kidney. In 2012, her father, Adam Collins, donated one of his kidneys to Maddie, but her body rejected it. “We know we’re fighting uphill to find a match for Maddie, but you’ve got to believe in miracles,” Mrs Manson Collins said. The treatment offered in the United States would make it less likely Maddie’s body would reject a donated kidney. However, it comes at a price – the full treatment is expected to cost about $350,000. Givealittle pages have already raised more than $80,000 for Maddie, and people in the community had also been incredibly generous, Mrs Manson Collins said. Many people, from family members to total strangers, had also volunteered to be tested to see if their kidneys might be a match for Maddie. She had no idea how many, as the family were not allowed to know unless a match was found. But even though none so far had matched Maddie, Mrs Manson Collins said every person willing to donate an organ had helped someone. “It’s not just about Maddie. We don’t have enough organ donors and that’s what this is about, so if I can make more people talk about organ donations I’ll have succeeded,” she said. She said Maddie had been finding things tough, as her treatment meant she missed a lot at her school, St Margaret’s College, and couldn’t do many things with her friends. “People say she looks so well, she looks so healthy, but you don’t see kidney failure until you lift up her shirt and see all those lines in her body,” she said. HOPEFUL: Maddie Collins and her mum Sarah Manson Collins learned last week that Maddie’s kidney disease has caused early stage heart failure – but they are hopeful she will recover with quick treatment. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER But she said Maddie’s love for animals, the people around her and her passion for life kept her strong. “Maddie is incredible. When she gets on her pony everything is right for her, even though I know how much energy it takes her to ride. Her inner strength puts some of us to shame sometimes,” she said. •Regular updates on Maddie’s condition will be posted on her Facebook page – www.facebook. com/groups/maddiecollins •Maddie’s givealittle page is www. givethegiftoflifetomaddie •More information about becoming an organ donor or being tested to see if you would be a match can be found at www. Services/Specialist-Care/ Nephrology/kidneydonation In Brief CRASH VICTIM NAMED The man who died when the car he was a passenger in crashed into a Mairehau house last week has been named. He was 26-yearold Bjorn Jabez James Mokoraka Waiti. The crash happened on Friday just after 10pm. The driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The investigation into the crash is ongoing. Meanwhile, a 24-year-old killed when his vehicle crashed into a tree on Easterbrook Rd, Fernside, on Tuesday morning has been named as Ethan Crone. RISK OF MYRTLE RUST Myrtle rust disease which can kill native trees could reach Christchurch. City council head of parks Andrew Rutledge said the disease, recently discovered in New Zealand, was likely to reach Christchurch “at some point”. Myrtle rust is an invasive fungus that attacks members of the myrtle family of plants, such as manuka, rata, kanuka and pohutukawa, feijoa and eucalyptus. SHOPLIFTER DETAINED Customers held onto a shoplifter who tried to steal tobacco at a Riccarton dairy until police arrived on Tuesday night. A 23-year-old woman allegedly grabbed a packet of tobacco and attempted to run from the Naresh Foodstore on Riccarton Rd at about 7.45pm. Police said the offender had been charged with assault and will appear in the district court tomorrow. RYMAN RESIDENT STUDY Residents and staff at Ryman Healthcare’s retirement villages have raised $330,000 to fund a heart research project. The money will fund the Heart Foundation Clinical Fellowship, a three-year study into cardiovascular disease, run by the Christchurch Heart Institute. The study will begin in Christchurch this year and look into cardiovascular disease in residents of Ryman Healthcare facilities.