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The Star: June 01, 2017

4 Thursday

4 Thursday June 1 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star News Gang member jailed for $1m drug bust • By Sam Hurley GANG INVOLVEMENT in the methamphetamine supply into Christchurch has been played out at the High Court at Auckland. Rebels Outlaw motor-cycle gang member Daryn Bruce Catley, 31, has been jailed this week for nine years for his role in smuggling more than $1 million of the highly addictive drug. Catley, 31, was arrested in September 2015 as part of Operation Tea, an investigation in to large amounts of methamphetamine that were being sourced in Auckland by organised criminal groups and transported to Christchurch by air and vehicles. In Auckland, late on September 13, 2015, Catley gave his co-offender, Stephen Hames Harland, a black Nike bag full of meth and instructed him to drive a rental car to Christchurch, court documents show. Catley was to travel to Christchurch separately and meet Harland to secure the drugs. The following morning Harland drove to Wellington to board the Interislander ferry to Picton at 8.30pm. But at midnight, as Harland drove off the ferry and on to the Picton wharf, armed police swooped. Inside the Nike bag was 1.15kg of meth, worth $1.15m on the street, a further $2930 and three cellphones. But the Interislander bust was just the start of a joint police BUSTED: Motor-cycle gang member Daryn Bruce Catley, 31, who was caught trying to smuggle $1 million of methamphetamine to Christchurch. PHOTO: FACEBOOK operation and 60min later police stormed Catley’s Christchurch home, known to be the Rebels club rooms. A sawn-off .22 rifle was found, along with a small amount of meth, more than $5200, and Rebels paraphernalia. Later that morning another home in Greenlane, Auckland, also listed to Catley, was raided and 12.5g of meth was found, some in plastic lock bags; along with several glass “P” pipes, scales, $152,100 of cash in a wardrobe safe, $6790 strewn across the lounge, and $4000 in a Subaru. Catley was also found to be in possession of a Taser. In court, defence counsel Mathew Goodwin disputed the Crown’s calculation for the value of the meth in the Nike bag. He said estimates from 2015 show that, per gram, meth was $600 to $700. However, Goodwin and the Crown accepted there was a level of sophistication to the drug trade. But the court heard that the kingpin of the operation has escaped prosecution for the trade because of a lack of evidence linking him to the crimes. “The person that rented the car for Mr Harland, both parties agree, is at the top level of the chain. He’s in charge of everything,” Mr Goodwin said. He added Catley was a “raging” meth addict and was brought into the drug operation “late in the piece.” “He dipped his paws into it and [that’s why] his fingerprints are on the packages.” Justice Mark Woolford said although Catley wasn’t the top dog in the trade he was “certainly involved in the logistical chain.” “You had some leadership role in the gang. Either way I’m satisfied that you played a meaningful role.” Judge Woolford said Catley was the “treasurer” for the Rebels and trusted with significant amounts of money. “Even if higher members were involved, senior members imposed significant trust and responsibility in you.” However, when sentencing Catley, Judge Woolford said there were genuine elements of remorse and noted Catley’s addiction motivated him to offend. “You can relate to what your drug customers are going through given your own use. Methamphetamine offending has an enormous impact on society.” He said Catley’s family, of whom his mum, dad and aunt were in court, wanted to see him “change in the future and head down a different course.” Goodwin said his client had kicked his drug habit after time in custody, in spite of the “temptations in the prison system.” After Catley was sentenced on his three drugs and one weapons-related charges, he was led away to the cells, past his tearful family in the public gallery. Woolford asked the young man’s emotional mother to offer her son “continuing support.” Harland is due to be sentenced next week. – NZ Herald Tired of cold and drafty wooden window frames? INSERT FRAME OPTION Before After We can help you create a warmer, healthier and more valuable home and reduce your heating bill. Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm, Sat 9am-12 noon If your old windows are in poor condition, we have a couple of options, insert frames or full replacement. Benefits for you: • Healthier, warmer home • Reduces heating bill • Reduces condensation • Adds value to your property • Reinvigorates the look and saleability of your home THE DIFFERENCE IS AMAZING Visit our showroom, text or phone for a FREE quote Phone: 377 7708 or 0274 602 254 11 Iversen Terrace, Waltham

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday June 1 2017 5 Bypass takes shape THIS IS what the Western Belfast Bypass looks like two years after work started. The New Zealand Transport Agency released drone footage this week of the $122 million project which will see a new four-lane, 5km stretch of highway constructed. Bypassing Belfast, it will extend the Christchurch Northern Motorway (SH1) and connect into State Highway 1/ Johns Rd, west of The Groynes entrance. The bypass is part of the Government’s Christchurch Roads of National Significance programme, a multi-million dollar plan to make it easier and safer to travel throughout Christchurch and the Canterbury region. NZTA Christchurch highways manager Colin Knaggs said the project, which got under way two years ago this month, is about 80 per cent complete. “Over 375,000 hours have been worked on this project so far and it is progressing well as this drone footage shows,” Mr Knaggs said. “The Fulton Hogan construction team are currently focusing on three new bridges which will carry the Western Belfast Bypass above Groynes Dr and Dickeys Rd, and over a new onramp that will link Main North Rd to the Northern Motorway.” These three structures are a major part of the project and are now close to being finished which is a great milestone for the project team. Mr Knaggs said a lot of the work that went into these bridges is underground, hidden from view. “Before the project team could start building they had to carry out ground improvement work, constructing around 2400 columns of gravel and stone into the ground to make it denser,” he said. “This reduces the effects of liquefaction and ensures the bridge embankments remain stable, preventing damage to the bridge structures during an earthquake.” In addition, more than 30 steel encased reinforced concrete piles support each structure and extend 18 to 20m below ground level. The drone footage shows the 2km long mid-section of the project which has been out of public view during construction. “Aside from some road marking and other minor finishing touches, this section of the project is also close to being finished,” Mr Knaggs said. The bypass is expected to be complete by early 2018. Baxter returns home •Form page 1 Mackenzie Kane had given up on ever seeing her little dog again. Baxter escaped one evening in March last year, after someone left their garage door open. She had done everything she could to try to find him – walked the streets, posted on Facebook groups, and called the pound and the city council so many times they knew her by name. Every few weeks she would get another call about a bichon frise someone had found, and every time she would again be hopeful it might be Baxter – but each time her hopes would be dashed. “I gave up hope by the end of it. It’s kind of heart-breaking. Every time I saw a bichon on the street I’d wonder, is it him?” she said. On Monday, she got the call she had been waiting more than a year for. Baxter had been found. Mackenzie’s mother, Christine Kane, picked Baxter up. He looked a little scruffy, but well fed. As soon as Mackenzie finished work she drove straight to see him. She said it was an emotional reunion, with a lot of wet kisses. “I was worried after 14 months he wouldn’t recognise me, but he did. He did his party trick, which RETURNED: Baxter has been compared with Wilson the Lotto dog, as both found their way home after long adventures. was dancing on his back legs, and he was doing his excited whimper,” she said. Baxter was microchipped and wearing a collar with his dog registration number on it, which he was still wearing when found in Hornby. Mackenzie said someone must have been feeding him over the past year and she was grateful for that, but if they had taken him to any vet or called the city council, they could have easily found the family and saved a lot of heartbreak. She was just glad to have him back, she said. “We’ll never know where he’s been. Baxter must have some stories, but he can’t tell us,” she said. 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