8 months ago

The Star: June 01, 2017

Christchurch will not

Christchurch will not stand idly by while National asset strips the city of state houses. Since the 1930s Christchurch families have been helped by state houses built by our parents, grandparents. But this year, in the middle of a housing crisis, the National government is trying to sell 2,500 of our state houses. They say state house tenants can be looked after by social housing providers. However only the government has the resources and capacity to build the huge number of homes desperately needed by low-income families. If they have their way our children and grandchildren who need state housing in the future won’t be able to get it. More people and families will be left to live in cars, under bridges or doubled up in small homes. Come on Christchurch! Let’s join together and stop this social vandalism!