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Vicki Buck

Glenn Livingstone

Councillor attacks arches

• By Julia Evans and Sarla



Livingstone has lashed out over

spending on the new airport

Gateway Bridge arches on social


On Saturday, fellow councillor

Vicki Buck posted a picture of

the bridge’s arches at the Memorial

Ave/Russley Rd intersection

to her Facebook page.

Cr Livingstone kicked back replying:

“What a waste of money.”

The arches have attracted a lot

of criticism from the public due

to their $4 million price tag.


of $4 million, the new airport

arches are taking shape on

Memorial Ave.


And Cr Livingstone said

the money would have been

better spent on a replacement

bridge for Pages Rd in New


However, he said he was simply

frustrated with the prioritisation

of the arches over projects

residents of the city’s east have

been waiting for.

“I was trying to make a point

over priority. Some would argue

both are a priority, and the

intersection (at Memorial Ave)

did need addressing. It’s just

frustration at different viewpoints

and seeing other priorities

leapfrogging what our local

(Coastal-Burwood) community

needs,” he said.

The Pages Rd bridge was seen

as a priority, two years ago but

was pushed back to 2021 to

2023, Cr Livingstone said.

He also admitted all elected

city council members are guilty

of “letting fly” on social media

from time to time.

Cr Buck responded to his

comment by posting a breakdown

of how much funding the

city council was putting into

each ward.

The arches are funded by the

National Land Transport Fund

not the city council.

Man shot in face

by police was

also a sex offender

A 24-YEAR-OLD shot in the

face by police is a convicted sex

offender, it can now be revealed.

Murray James Allan (right)

pleaded guilty to a

variety of charges in the

district court on Friday

after the incident in

Woolston earlier this


Police fired on Allan

after he aimed a blank firing

pistol at officers when a patrol

went to search the parked vehicle

he was in.

Records show in January 2013,

the then 19-year-old was jailed

for three years and two months

for having non-consensual sex

with a 14-year-old in what was

described as “very close to rape”.

The court was told the girl was

emotionally traumatised, and

had tried to commit suicide twice

following it.

At the time, Allan’s presentence

report said he could

cause a “high level of harm” if he

offended again.

Allan was released on parole

on December 3, 2015, with

conditions he would not have any

unsupervised contact

with under-16s, or with

the victim.

Allan has been

remanded in custody,

and will be sentenced

for the February

incident on August 10.

Police had been on an

unrelated call out at 2am when

they stopped to question Allan

and another man in the parked


When officers thought they

saw a cannabis pipe in the vehicle

they said they were going to

search it and called for back


Allan then produced the pistol

and aimed it at one of the officers,

prompting police to shoot him in

the side of the face.

He was given first aid, before

being taken to hospital in an

ambulance with minor injuries.

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