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Thursday June 22 2017 17


Ensuring collaboration

ON Monday

afternoon about

300 people gathered

at The Piano on

Armagh St for the

first City Leaders’


When I was appointed

Minister supporting Greater

Christchurch Regeneration just

over seven weeks ago, I committed

to keeping the community

as up-to-date as possible and

working alongside Mayor Lianne

Dalziel, the city council, Regenerate

Christchurch and Otakaro, as

well as other agencies and community


I did this because I firmly

believe that by working together

we can create something really


The forum, hosted by the

mayor and I, was the first in a

series of events to ensure greater

collaboration and cooperation

among our city’s leadership.

It was an opportunity to

communicate our successes, our

challenges and the milestones

we’ve achieved since the quakes.

It was also an opportunity for

open and honest discussion on

key rebuild and regeneration


The mayor and I are united

in our commitment to making

Nicky Wagner

Christchurch the best possible

place to live, work and raise a

family. We see a city full of opportunity.

Accompanied by a panel of

local business leaders, community

group representatives

and regeneration partners, we

discussed concepts such as maintaining

momentum and effective

collaboration, as well as specific

regeneration projects like the

metro sports facility, performing

arts precinct and residential red


Christchurch is lucky to have

so many leaders of such a high

calibre — all of whom want

what’s best for their city. I’m a

naturally optimistic and positive

person but that doesn’t mean

ignoring the challenges we’re facing

or the work that still needs to

be done. By working together, by

more actively engaging with the

community and staying focused

on the task at hand, we can and

will be successful.

I look forward to the next

forum at the end of next month.

Some city councillors are

frustrated they still haven’t

had a formal meeting with

the new rebuild boss more

than two months after she

took over the role

Sam Newton – This woman

did nothing for the people who

elected her after the earthquakes,

now she’s in a higher

profile job I’m not surprised

that’s changed.

Andrew Johnson – Who

would have thought, eh. Someone

actually worse than Brownlee


Nicholas Smeaton –

Maybe she’s decided she’s got

more important things to do –

like going sailing on Auckland


Alan Papprill – She’s probably

out on the water somewhere

rather than engaging with either

the voters or her job. Out of

touch with reality . . . typical

National Party hack.

Graham Pownceby – Did

anyone seriously expect anything

more of a National MP?

Good job, the election isn’t far


Chris Farrier – Time for a

rethink on this rebuild boss, we

have been sitting in limbo far

too long.

Graham Pownceby –

No wonder she’s not had any

meetings, too busy out on the


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