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Clever comedy but no side-splitter

The Pickle King

Produced by Indian Ink

Written by Jacob Rajan and

Justin Lewis

Reviewed by Georgia


YOU COULD be easily fooled

for thinking The Pickle King is a

bit of a tragedy, theming around

a girl who believes she is cursed

and everyone she loves dies.

But with a captivating set, vivacious

characters and just a touch

of neat choreography, Indian

Ink’s original show brought a

touch of warmth into the city’s

cold wintry night.

The show staged at the Isaac

Theatre Royal last week, is part of

the company’s 20th-anniversary

national tour.

Covering the themes of love,

death and adversity immigrants

face when moving to New Zealand,

The Pickle King is about a

blind receptionist who falls in

love with another employee at a

run-down hotel in Wellington.

At the same time the blind

receptionist, who believes she is

cursed, falls in love with another

employee, a mysterious guest

checks into the hotel who she

believes is the Grim Reaper.

The show was a highly-anticipated

comedy, having won an

LIGHT AND DARKNESS: Andrew Ford as George Reaper, Kalyani Nagarajan as Sasha and

Vanessa Kumar as Jeena in Indian Ink’s original production The Pickle King. ​

award at the Edinburgh Festival

Fringe and Chapman Tripp

Theatre Awards.

It is easy to see why it is

award-winning in the way it is

professionally executed, but the

storyline was not life-changing

and it didn’t make me howl with

laughter like I thought it would.

It was lovely the show’s original

performance 15 years ago had

been adapted to feature a love

story around two women rather

than a man and woman.

The same-sex love story

between the leading characters

Sasha (Kalyani Nagarajan) and

Jeena (Vanessa Kumar) was extremely

natural, and was a credit

to how far New Zealanders have

come to accepting gay relationships.

With the company always

featuring performers of Indian

descent in the show, I loved the

way the setting was designedthe

walls were covered in

brightly coloured Indian-inspired

paintings creating a mystique

atmosphere. But you were soon

reminded the show was actually

set in Wellington, as every time

a door or window opened gusty

sound effects and the odd flying

prop would blast across the stage.

A non-speaking pianist is the

cherry-on-top to the hotel-esque

atmosphere but some of the music

played although beautiful, was

slightly depressing.

But bright costumes with a

broad spectrum of masks ranging

from covering the actor’s full

face to just partially made for a

visual treat balancing joy with


Andrew Ford mastered his

role of the scary-death-inducing

George Reaper, his voice was

particularly creepy and one could

not help but watch with thrilling

fear. But, to be honest, I didn’t

get why his character had such a

fascination with pickles, which

the entire show is supposedly

based around. The pickles didn’t

seem to have any relevance to the

overall storyline.

But there is a bit of a twist to

the end of the story that makes

the death-like George Reaper not

what he seems.

You will have to catch up with

the show to find out.

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