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Selwyn Times: July 11, 2017

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24 Tuesday July 11 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi SELWYN TIMES SAVE $8,000 cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588 NEW ASX XLS AWD Diesel now only $33,990 +ORC Get a little style, a little attitude, the most desirable warranty and a whole lot more with the powerful yet fuel effiecent ASX XLS AWD Diesel. See for yourself at Christchurch Mitsubishi. Call 03 379 0588 or visit to take a test drive. *Price listed is for ASX XLS AWD 2.3L Diesel RRP is $41,990+ORC. Price excludes On Road Costs which includes WoF, Registration and a full tank of fuel. Offer available while stocks last. Visit for full Diamond Advantage terms & conditions. OUTLANDER 450/570 $1,000 REBATE * + 2 UP AVAILABLE IN CONFIGURATION *Offer only available for participating authorised Can-Am dealerships, for vehicles sold between July 1st 2017 and August 31st 2017, MY17 Defender HD5 DPS and HD5 Base. MY15, MY16 and MY17 Outlander 450, 570, 650 and 1000. MY15, MY16 and MY17 Commander 800 and 1000 including Max models. MY17 Maverick X3 including Max models. ^3 year warranty covers MY13/14/15/16/17 Can-Am Outlander, and MY16/17 Can-Am Defender models only. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always wear protective gear & approved helmet. BRP reserves the right to change the promotion at any time. OFFER ENDS AUGUST 31 ST MAKE TRACKS BEFORE THEY RUN OUT UP TO $2,000 REBATE ON SELECTED CAN-AM MODELS

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Tuesday July 11 2017 25 Gardening More than one way to grow strawberries EDIBLE GARDENS have never been more popular and one of the easiest of fruits to cultivate is the strawberry. Because of their compact habit, strawberries can be grown in hanging baskets, containers or the aptlynamed strawberry pots, as well as the usual raised-up garden beds. They can begin cropping in a matter of weeks and will go on producing for much of the year, especially in warmer areas. •Strawberries in the garden – Choose a sunny position that hasn’t grown strawberries for a number of years and dig in some organic compost. Plant strawberry runners or seedlings into raised-up mounds, and apply a layer of mulch. It important it is to mulch the plants, both to retain moisture and to keep the fruit cleanly above the soil. Pea straw or lucerne hay make a good a mulch. Remove runners, unless you want to use them to propagate some new plants (which should be done every three years or so). •Strawberries in pots – Start by choosing a suitable container. Fill with a top quality potting GROWING YOUR own can save a considerable amount on food costs and will also give you a wider choice of vegetables. Unusual vegetables are often difficult to buy in shops, but are easily grown in the home garden. A lot of vegetables are ornamental so can be grown for their good looks as well as their produce. When to grow veges Vegetables can be loosely grouped according to their growing season. Cool season vegetables: Grow best when temperatures are between 10-20 deg C or even lower. They include broad beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions, peas, spinach and turnips. Intermediate season vegetables: These are best between temperatures of 15-25 deg C. They include beetroot, carrot, parsnip, celery, leek, lettuce, radish and silver beet. Warm season vegetables: Are grown best when temperatures are above 20 deg C. They include beans, capsicum, eggplant, potato, sweet corn, sweet mix and plant the strawberries. Water in well. Feed occasionally with plant food and watch out for snails and slugs. •Strawberries in hanging baskets – This is a fun way to grow strawberries, but the main challenge with growing any plant in a hanging basket is that it’s much more vulnerable to drying out. Line moss baskets with plastic sheet and poke holes for drainage. Fill with a hanging basket mix which contains added soil wetters and water-storing crystals. Ripe berries look particularly decorative dangling from a basket (right). Save money on food potato, tomato and cucurbits (including cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins). Vegetable cultivation Position – Vegetables must have sun. Try to select a growing area that is sunny for most of the day, is sheltered, and is close to a source of water. Soil is not absolutely necessary. Vegetables can also be grown in potting mix or in a hydroponic set up, but the most common medium is still good garden soil. Soil must have good drainage and a good structure. Decking Retaining Wall Timber Landscaping Timber Trellis Residential Fencing Poles and Piles H3 and H4 Timber Dressed Timber Urban Section HOURS Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm Saturday: 8am- 12pm Weedons Ross Rd to Rolleston We are here Berketts Rd Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Christchurch P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032 Trents Rd Main South Rd / SH1 Your Local Timber Merchant gardening without guesswork Question: Answer: I know people are busy planting roses now, but am I meant to be pruning my existing ones now as well? You sure are! Now is a great time to prune - and plant – roses (all but spring only blooming roses such as old fashioned). The plant will respond well to a good prune as it allows new growth, lets in more sun and air, and ultimately creates a healthier plant that will produce more blooms. You don’t have to be an expert to be able to do this job, just remember these few things and you can’t go too wrong: Prune on a clear fine day. Rain can promote the spread of diseases into new cuts. Make sure your secateurs or loppers are sharp.You will want a nice clean cut. Where possible, clean these between plants. This will help to stop any disease spreading from plant to plant. Remove up to a third of the plant, starting with the outer over-hanging branches and working your way in, removing any dead or diseases branches along the way. Trim to the shape you want, the plant is pretty forgiving and will bounce back from a good cut. Bush roses you can reduce by 50%. Note: you may want to wear some gardening gloves for this part! After you’ve removed all the clippings, add a layer of mulch to the area. Use some Organic Compost to boost up the soil, or if you prefer, add a layer of bark to the top. for more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: Thanks to Janice for her question. WIN! a $50 INTEllIgrO gIfT VOuchEr! protect your roses post-prune Head down to your local garden centre and grab a winter rose spray to protect them from diseases. Make sure you follow all the directions on the bottle, and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Send us your question and BE IN TO WIN! Email to: or post your question on our Facebook page: New questions to be received by Tuesday18th July. QualITy prOducTs frOm ThE WEB TO ThE shEd!