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Selwyn Times: July 11, 2017

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday July 11 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views We said: The district council put up P120 parking, but the soon-to-open Black Door Bar and Eatery in Lincoln has put up a tow away sign. Who is right? You said: Pamela Neil – No one does clamping any more. Cafe can ask the council for a 15min area in front or their shop. I did that with a shop I owned and it worked well. Peter Cooper – It is illegal to wheel clamp a car. They try to use the towing laws but nowhere in that law does it say someone can clamp your car. You can have the wheel clampers arrested for tampering with your motor vehicle and you can legally cut off the clamp. Lynette Evans – I believe there should be better parking in Lincoln, and more long-term parking made available. It is all well and good planning on taking parking away for cycle lanes, but it makes it hard for local businesses to have close access for those who need it, for example disabled parking, outside the restaurant. Don’t pick on the business, think how you would feel if it was your business and people complained that they could not get parks close by. T Lincoln needs a decent parking precinct for retail shoppers. More and more locals are parking outside businesses and residential addresses because there is not enough parking in Lincoln. Will Hunter – If it’s a public road, it’s public property and subject to the district council, not these upstarts. You want dedicated parking for your customers? Pay $1000 a year in easement fees. CREATE THE DREAM Anneke Rolls – These parking spaces are on the road and have been there for many, many years. Used by whoever needs them. Not creating a lot of goodwill for a new business to be mixed up in this kind of argument. The district council needs to be a bit more decisive I think. Either those parks belong to the bar or they don’t. No room for a grey area. Jill Reesby – If the parks are on the road, then surely that is district council/public land, therefore the P120 is valid. My opinion is that clamping and tow signage would only be legal if on private land for example offstreet shop client only parking? Christopher Ford – Come on no one has a right to do that, I only know I would only pay one office and that’s the local government enforcement. Ryan Stewart – The district council is right. If it says P120, there is zero basis for clamping or fining people. James Donald Graham – Battery powered angle grinder, take a few spare disks – works every time. Ben Sandle: Park an old dunger outside and see if gets clamped, when it does just leave it there see what they do. We said: Mystery surrounds hundreds of birds found dead in the Ellesmere Public Cemetery You said: Paul Fraser – Here is my take on this. Why should we care? I find it funny that the Department of Conservation went and visited the site. Would this be the same DOC that spreads one of the worst poisons known to man with no concern for the welfare of our native flora and fauna. They kill native birds by the hundreds of thousands with total impunity. If I killed one native bird I could be fined up to $100,000. Did you know that before they started using 1080 60 years ago there were an estimated 60,000 kea. Now there are an estimated 2500 to 5000. So I guess we have to kill the birds to save them? Clean green New Zealand what a joke. Feasts for all occasions Weddings | Private Functions | Business Functions Sporting Events | A&P Shows Phone: 03 3443044 / 027 3104411 Email: Take control of the weather! LET US CREATE YOUR PERFECT OUTDOOR SPACE CALL US TODAY FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Road Ph: (03) 338 9063

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Tuesday July 11 2017 5 Anna Henderson – I feel like this should be properly investigated. They may not be a protected species but it’s not a good sign. Poor wee things, we need to know the cause to ensure it isn’t indicative of a wider problem. Neill Roberts – I think you will find the wider problem is some sort of money earner. Hence the lack of interest from “the powers that be.” Scott Nelson – I laughed at the comment from that farmer. They all died due to winter stress – yeah, right Jill Reesby – Last season a lot of sparrows and other small birds died throughout Christchurch area and it affected aviary birds which had wild birds hanging around for food. It is a viral disease that rears its head every couple of years or so, when bird populations have grown rapidly. Welding & Engineering Services available: • Welding, metal fabrication • Engineering repair • Farm, factory and site work undertaken Well equipped workshop Widely experienced, many years Wilson Engineering Workshop, 486 Two Chain Road, Burnham. Phone 347 6760 or 021 329 605 It’s almost like nature is naturally keeping populations down to a controllable level. And, yes, groups of birds can die together with this virus. Sara Teasdale – Terrible that they are not investigating this, I bet it’s poison. Sara Hargraves – That’s dreadful. They are an indicator of something not right. Good grief we humans are slow learners. Jan Johnson: Birds get very hungry in winter, not so much free food available, maybe they were starving. We said: Over-60s feature in district road fatalities You said: Miles Dalton: Bring on the self-driving cars. Creating a great community Southbridge Advisory Committee secretary Lieuwe Doubleday writes about community developments in Southbridge CHRISTCHURCH MOTORCYCLES LTd 2016 harley Streetbob aS new .................... $18,588 2013 harley V-Rod 1250cc ............................ $18,588 2007 harley Softail 1580cc ............................ $14,988 2006 harley Fatboy Loaded .......................... $16,888 2000 harley Dyna Lowrider sp ...................... $12,488 1998 harley Sportster 1200cc ..........................$7,688 2013 Victory Vegas 1730cc ........................... $13,888 2016 Victory Gunner 17300cc ....................... $17,888 2016 Indian Scout 1200cc ............................. $16,588 Finance insurance pH 0274386934 vIEwIng wEd, fRI, SaT Road Bikers against acc Fraud Protest hq Christchurch Casino Golden Oldies Sports Celebration 1 - 29 April, 2018 THe Local Government New Zealand discussion paper released July 2016 entitled The 2050 challenge: future proofing our communities begins its executive summary with the sentence – “it is a truism but communities that fail to adapt to change die.” While the sentiment maybe true, it is not true in every case and it fails to recognise that all too often community decline is by “design” underpinned by a philosophy that focuses on economic outcomes in preference to social goods. While it is true that communities that fail to adapt may die it is also true that design choices have a significant impact on the outcome. In Southbridge we don’t have an Izone to inject new business into the area and draw in new residents. Our utility infrastructure capacity – for an example, sewerage is constrained. By design, significant local body assets are not located in Southbridge. By design, there is no abundance of residential zoned land for development. Yet, Southbridge as a small rural community is holding its own almost in spite of the “design” constraints. With a population of nearly 900, Southbridge is blessed with an attractive rural township supported by two moderatelysized cornerstone businesses and a rural catchment which provides sufficient critical mass to support the local services sector including a petrol station, café, dairy, pub, and engineering workshops. A new water well is in the process of being commissioned, the township has an awesome swimming pool, a great town hall, primary school, and sports facilities. High Country High Tea A Finest Slice of High Country! What better way to spend an afternoon with friends or family than in the tranquil setting of Terrace Downs Resort. Available everyday 11am - 3pm $29 per person or $39 per person with a glass of bubbles Booking essential Minimum 2 people OPPORTUNITIES: The Southbridge Hall is one of several facilities helping to make an attractive township. ​ All in all it’s a great place to live but perhaps not all by “design.” We recognise that design is not just about things. It’s about creating great communities where people have opportunities, to grow families, to work, to play, to live as a community, to see out their days in the area they were brought up in. Such a future could be “designed.” What about a cycleway linking Southbridge to Leeston, transport links to other centres, easy access to retirement villages, a sports centre and just a few more people to build that critical mass and keep things humming. Bring it on. Birthdays & Anniversaries Celebrate your special occasion the Terrace Downs Resort way. Breathtaking views, superb cuisine giving you the option of premier accommodation. Packages available Let us make your special day a day to remember! Illustration only. Enter On Line Now! Cricket Basketball Softball Football Rugby Squash Netball Hockey Golf Lawn Bowls • For The Love Of The Game Only one hour’s drive from ChCh Phone 03 318 6943 623 Coleridge Road Windwhistle, Canterbury Email: