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Selwyn Times: July 18, 2017

12 Tuesday

12 Tuesday July 18 2017 Latest Christchurch news at Our People SELWYN TIMES Dearna Doglione Passing on confidence to aspiring Dearna Doglione, 20, of Rolleston has spearheaded Christchurch’s first hui for women in theatre to help resolve gender imbalance in Canterbury’s theatre industry. She spoke to Georgia O’Connor- Harding How does it feel to have helped put together the first Christchurch Hui for Women in Theatre? I think at first I found the idea daunting of bringing together a large group of women that I have looked up to, been inspired by and watched be phenomenal on stage and backstage. But once we started meeting I realised it wasn’t about who organised it, it was about women getting together talking about their issues and supporting each other. Tell me about some of the research you did while studying at the National Academy Of Singing and Dramatic Art? The general idea I found was not enough women stories were being told that were not about a man’s journey and the women being a side-character. I was finding that in shows on stage and I realised there was a reason behind this – there were not enough female playwrights, directors, producers or artistic directors. How do you find the Canterbury theatre scene? Auckland has multiple theatres and underground theatres – theatres that have the opportunity to put on work that they might not think will actually sale. There is this misunderstanding that work about women intrinsically will not sale because it is not what done. But you look at Songs For Nobodies starring Ali Harper that is on at The Court Theatre now. It is a one-woman show that is selling and doing amazingly. It is written by a female starring a female about the lives of 12 different women. I think it is evidence enough in itself. There is Steel Magnolias coming up at The Court Theatre in August. It is starring four of The Court Theatre’s staple performers and is about the bond a group of women share in a small-town community. Would you like to see more shows like this in the area? EMPOWERING: Rolleston performer Dearna Doglione has helped organise the first meeting in Christchurch with other women in theatre to address gender imbalance. PHOTO: WENDY RILEY ​ Yes, this show is an exception. It is amazing to see a show that is being led by four powerful, amazing, talented females. You would just hope it had a woman’s voice in direction but you can’t have everything at once. What were some of the actions that were decided upon at the hui? Our two main things that came out of it was an idea of a mentorship programme for young women coming into the industry to not face the same things we know happen. To have another woman mentor who has gone through the industry and knows what is okay and what is not and teaching them how stand up for themselves and how to be brave – not get pushed around in the industry. The other outcome we discussed was searching for parity of pay backstage, on stage and at an artistic level. What is generally the difference of pay between men and women in the industry? We want to research this. From my research in the general workforce a woman earns 77 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing the same job. If we do not enact a change to this, the International Labour Organisation estimates the wage gap will not close until 2086. That is not okay. What we are saying is there should be a base rate. Are you feeling optimistic for theatre in Canterbury after having this meeting? I am. Because when we get together we realise we are all feeling the same way and going through the same hardships and we are not going to stand for it anymore. We had women including myself just out of drama school and we have seasoned professionals who know the game. The industry is already tough as it is, it must be difficult to have this on top of everything? We had a lot of stories from women at the meeting of just things in the rehearsal room of not being treated the same as their male counterparts, or when it came to booking a job they were treated differently - it was horrible to hear. ROllEStOn’S Only REGIStERED REtIREMEnt vIllaGE 2 BEDROOMS from $400,000 WoodCroFt EstAtE oFFErs YoU: PEACE oF Mind: • 30 years experience in the retirement industry • A statutory supervisor and a compliance manager • An investment with 100% capital gain • A village that the residents own FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Corinne on 021 821 683 or 03 421 7796 Email: 34 kEndon drivE, rollEston

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday July 18 2017 13 performers Tell me about your work you are doing in Rolleston? I teach singing lessons. I only have three pupils. I like to keep it to a small amount so I can put my time and effort into them. I also teach them basic piano skills. We pick a song they like and then one I think they need to work on. One girl sings music from fantasy film Moana and also something from musical Fiddler on the Roof. Do you think there is room for theatre to grow in Selwyn? Totally, I want to start up drama classes when my schedule isn’t crazy. There are so many parents keen to get their kids into drama. It is not just about singing and acting, it is about confidence and teaching kids they have a voice and they can use it. I used to teach swimming and I taught so many kids who had no confidence in themselves. How was training at NASDA? NASDA is a very full-on degree. They talk about “NASDA life” – it becomes all engrossing. I graduated last year and now work there part time in assisting operations- such as stage managing and helping out with costumes. What are your personal goals as a performer? I want to be able to make a living in this industry. Whether that is overseas or nationally. This year I am focusing on myself as a person and next year I am going hard at auditioning. NASDA is such a full-on world that once you leave it you have changed so much as a person and need to take time to find where you sit in the world. My end-goal from the moment I applied to NASDA was to play Elphaba in Wicked. Tell me about your favourite show at NASDA The Collective? That show was the first time I felt like I knew what acting was. I hadn’t done a full-length play before. This is the first time I got to build a character and follow her through the whole play. It was the first time I worked with a director who wasn’t my teacher. I was treated as an actor not a student. It was with amazing Christchurch acting director Melanie Luckman who inspired me. She inspired the idea for the mentorship programme because she is a powerful lady who I have looked up to before meeting her. Now we are friends and I take donuts to her child. Did you grow up here? Yes, I went to Rolleston School and Lincoln High School. I was a very shy person up until mid-high school when I decided I wanted to be an actor. Do you think the arts helped put yourself out there? Totally, that is why I want to have a drama programme out here. I always felt more confident as a character than as myself until I realised I had something to offer as myself. I want to pass that lesson on to anyone I can. Navel Oranges Loose Product of New Zealand$ 3 Wattie’s Baked Beans or Spaghetti 420g (excludes Meat and Flavours) $ 3 99 $ 10 99 49 Fresh NZ Quality Mark Prime kg Beef Mince kg NescafE Cafe Menu 10 Pack ANY 3 FOR Schweppes Sparkling Soft Drink 1.5 Litre $ 6 49 Villa Maria pk $ 1 99 ea NEW! M&Ms, Twix, Mars, Snickers or Milky Way Single Bar 35-55g 99ccccccea Quality Bakers Nature’s Fresh Bread 700g $ 2 99 ea PASSION: Dearna Doglione as Elisabeth Hauptmann with Emiliano Pereyra as Brecht in her favourite performance The Collective. She played the role while studying at the National Academy Of Singing and Dramatic Art. SILVER DOLLAR come and enjoy the new lunch menu QUIZ NIGHTS Every Wednesday from 7pm. Ring to book a table. • Indoor outdoor & mezzanine dining areas • Large sheltered & sunny courtyard • Extensive lunch & evening menu selection to suit everybody’s tastes • Large range of wine, tap & bottled beers • 2x courtesy vans available 871 Jones Rd, Rolleston | Ph 347 0386 | Speight’s 24 Pack 330ml Bottles $ 32 99 pk Private Bin 750ml (excludes Pinot Noir and Syrah) $ 11 99 ea Specials available South Island only from Monday 17th July until Sunday 23rd July 2017 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.