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Selwyn Times: July 18, 2017

16 Tuesday

16 Tuesday July 18 2017 Latest Christchurch news at Your Local Views SELWYN TIMES A reader responds to the Selwyn Times’ article on concern over wells drying up in West Melton Catherine Thornley – Sounds like a no-brainer, whether its climate change or irrigation, why is large scale dairying encouraged when there is obviously not enough water to go round. Enough water for human consumption is of more importance than irrigation. A reader responds to the Selwyn Times’ article on a decision for an engineering workshop to be set up in a residential area on Two Chain Rd Philip Colegate – I would very much like to have my say about this business being granted consent to operate in a rural area. This is a subject that has been close to my heart and Selwyn Times has, in the past, published letters from me on the subject. We in rural Prebbleton suffered exactly the same issues with a contractor who bought a 4ha lifestyle block to convert into a contractor’s yard. The contractor lives elsewhere. I fully sympathise with the residents in Two Chain Rd as it seems that the councils, and law CONTENTIOUS: Residents are concerned about a decision made by the district council to allow an engineering workshop to open in Two Chain Rd. PHOTO: GILBERT WEALLEANS of the land, allow businesses to do whatever they want, whereever they want and whenever they want with no protection of the rights of residents in areas zoned as residential or rural. I wish them luck with their appeal but from our experience they have a long and expensive battle ahead of them with the cards stacked against them. I have asked our local MPs for their opinion on the legislation and am awaiting a reply from Minister for the Environment Nick Smith on this subject and what Government policy is. It is unacceptable that residents’ rights seem to be non-existent if district planning zoning is set aside without proper reason and wide consultation. It is an absolute disgrace. We said: Workshop upsets residents on Two Chain Rd You said: Janys Rebecca Harrison – When my family moved to a rural area in Selwyn, Canterbury we had a lovely view of the Southern Alps . . . until our neighbours built a huge glasshouse to grow tomatoes. It’s not noisy because they’re too far away to make any difference. But no more nice views now. Ryden Bain – Do you have animals on your lifestyle blocks? I don’t like the smell of your stock going through my washing. Let the man be and get on with your life. Go stop another quarry going in while your at it eh? Adam Vincent – Maximum average of 60dB (around the noise of a moderately loud restaurant) at 250m? Two staff on site max? Loss of a rural amenity when rural properties tend to have workshops for maintaining vehicles and plant? I feel like any appeal is going to struggle in court. Stephen Graham – What possibilities did the LIM report show before you bought your land? Corie Herd – Get over it. Lyle Robinson – Cut your ears off. Susanne H H Bush-King – That’s life, get over it. Bernadette Muinos – Stay off Wonthaggi. Same situation here! We said: A hospitality boom is fast tracking an area into a social hot-spot You said: Nic Davies – Great to see. We said: You don’t want to miss out on seeing Jimmy Barnes at the Selwyn Sounds concert next year You said: Tracey Moore – Sounds amazing. Jan Johnson – Read his book, what a great story and how he rose above the poverty of his early family life. We had no idea how hard it was for those arriving from Scotland and appalling way they were treated. •Turn to page 18 ‘the Best little PReschool in lincoln’ Melodies Preschool is a small boutique preschool of only 30 children per day nestled in the heart of Lincoln township that provides high quality care and education for boys and girls aged 2-5 years. Our unique daily programme incorporates specialist music, dance, gym and art sessions using the Carl Orff approach and Gill Connell’s Moving Smart programme. The children enjoy discovering, creating and exploring our indoor environment which includes a spacious music room and art room. The natural outdoor environment is designed with your child’s creativity and physical hoW childRen leaRn and develoP 90% of a child’s brain develops in the first 5 years. Quality experiences and interactions help shape your child’s future during this time. Music develops a separate part of the brain that is linked to memory and awakens the senses, develops language and promotes confidence and creativity. Children learn through movement and real sensory experiences. High Quality Preschool Education is the smallest most important investment you could make to your child’s future. development in mind. Static equipment is limited so that children are able to create their own huts, games, obstacle courses and always be physically challenged. Every day the outdoor environment is different. Our low child to teacher ratio of 7 children to 1 teacher (Ministry Regulations are 10:1) provides a nurturing attentive atmosphere where children are engaged in meaningful play where there is always a teacher to care, support and extend on your child’s interest. It also allows teachers to provide amazing activities, lessons and interactions that would not otherwise happen in a higher child to teacher ratio environment. We also provide an exceptional Transition to School programme for 4 – 5 years olds that is highly regarded by local New Entrant teachers and Principals. Children at Melodies become happy creative, confident, innovative learners. Here are some facts about how children develop. 27 West Belt Road, lincoln 03 325 2227 | |

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