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Selwyn Times: July 18, 2017

24 Tuesday

24 Tuesday July 18 2017 Latest Christchurch news at LAwyERS Backyard critters SELWYN TIMES We have over 40 years’ experience to assist you with… • Buying and Selling Houses and Commercial Property • Wills, Trusts and Estate matters • All issues facing you and your business; • Employment Law matters; • Traffic matters; • Advice regarding Retirement Villages • General Legal Advice on all matters Call John, Brendan or Andrew today 03 366 8996 Email. Airport Business Park 92 Russley Road, Christchurch 8042 The magazine for gardeners who like To geT Their hands dirTy 100% Mike Bowie is an ecologist who specialises in entomology (insects and other invertebrates). Each week he introduces a new species found in his backyard at Lincoln. His column aims to raise public awareness of biodiversity, the variety of living things around us THE CELLAR slug (Limacus flavus) is a medium to large nocturnal air-breathing land slug. When fully extended it can span 75 to 115mm and is yellow-brown in body colour. It has blue-grey optical tentacles and a distinctive mottled appearance with fingerprint-like pattern on its mantle. The breathing hole is located below the mantle on the side of the slug and the mucus is yellow and very sticky. The species is native to southern and western Europe but has a wide distribution through North America, Pacific SLIPPERY: Slugs will emerge at night to feed on lichen, fungi, plant material or decaying matter. ​ Slugs like to forage at night Islands, Australasia and Europe. They lay between 12 and 32 eggs per clutch, totalling up to 140 eggs that are 6mm in diameter. Slugs seek dark, moist and safe refuge during the day and emerge at night to feed on lichen, fungi, plant material or decaying matter. DESIGNER FASHION AT OUTLET PRICES SMART BRANDS SMARTER PRICES HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday July 18 2017 25 Have you been declined treatment by the DHB ? The Canterbury Charity Hospital may be able to treat you at no cost. Our current services are: • Colonoscopy (acute and screening) • Gynaecology and women’s health • Rectal bleeding clinic • Upper and lower limb orthopaedics • Vascular (severe varicose veins) • General surgery (abdominal, rectal) • Oral surgery and dentistry (* conditions apply) • Counselling (by self referral) • Cataracts To be treated by the Charity Hospital you must: • Have been turned down in writing for treatment by the CDHB • Not have medical insurance • Not be able to afford the treatment privately (means tested) • Have a referral from your doctor * All dentistry and oral surgery patients need a dentist’s referral. Dentistry is available for WINZ clients only, whilst oral surgery may be available if you fit the above criteria. Why are the Charity Hospital’s services at no cost to the patient? More than 280 unpaid volunteer surgeons, nurses, dentists and support staff generously donate their time for free. The Charity Hospital does not receive any Government funding. Volunteers are always welcome. If you are a surgeon, nurse or technician, volunteer forms are on our website at or email To donate to the charity please visit our website at Your next step... get a referral from your doctor or dentist - please don’t contact the hospital directly. For more information: