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Selwyn Times: August 01, 2017

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday August 1 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES News Ellesmere wins butchery of the decade • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding THE OWNERS of the Ellesmere Butchery sure know their meat. The butchery took the title of New Zealand Pork producer of the decade at the New Zealand Pork, Bacon and Ham Competition last week. The butchery won five out of seven of the national competition’s bacon and ham awards. The competition had more than 200 entries. The butchery took out silver for its boneless ham, bone-in ham, dry cured middle bacon and shoulder bacon, and bronze for its middle eye bacon. Owner Chris Brown said it was the first time the butchery had received a medal in the bacon category. In previous years, the butchery has won an array of awards including supreme, gold, silver and bronze. “Every bacon and ham product we produce is an award-winning product and we have awards in every bacon and ham category,” Mr Brown said. Mr Brown, who has been a butcher for more than 30 years, and his wife Sue took over the butchery in 2006. Before then, Mr Brown who describes himself as a “passionate cook”, had done a lot of commercial cooking in Christchurch, while Mrs Brown had run several Robert Harris cafe businesses. Mr Brown said there was something about the Ellesmere Butchery that just “grabbed him” WINNING BUTCHERS: Ellesmere Butchery owners Chris and Sue Brown took out several awards for their meat including producer of the decade. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER when it first came up for sale. The family took a risk by buying the butchery, and Mr and Mrs Brown moved with their children into the Leeston area. At the end of 2015, the shop was put on the market, but the Browns could not find the right people to take over the business. “I don’t want the skills I have built up to go to waste. I want to pass that on . . . hopefully, the legacy of this shop continues,” he said. Until they find the right people, the Browns will continue to run the butchery. As for the next competition, if the opportunity arises, Mr Brown hopes to take up the role of being a judge. ‘It would be so good to see what the other butchers are doing,” he said. Your local luxury Convenient Location Local Free Car Parking Luxury of Choice 9Round ANZ ASB ATM BNZ Coffee Culture Corianders Fascino Shoes Harcourt’s helloworld Highgate Hair Postie Ray White Robert Harris Rolleston Bakery Rolleston Central Health Rolleston Drycleaners Rolleston Florist and Gifts Rolleston Haircuts Snap Fitness Subway Teppanyaki Flame Unichem Viva La Moda The Warehouse Westpac 70-76 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston & 9 Masefield Drive (entry from Countdown and McCauley Street) parking close by | 03 347 9192 rollestonsq rollestonsq Proudly managed by Colliers Real Estate Management Limited Ph 03 347 9192 Proudly managed by Colliers Real Estate Management Limited

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday August 1 2017 9 News Rolleston residents being driven potty • By Andrew King ROLLESTON residents are being driven potty by a large hole in the road and now have taken matters into their own hands. The hole, which was made worse by the recent rain, is on the side of Masefield Drive and has grown so large that vehicles have their tyres popped and rims wrecked. Resident Kirsty Lee lives across the road from the hole and was sick of hearing motorists being caught out by it, so she put a road cone beside it to warn of the danger. In a Facebook post on a Rolleston community page she said: “Sorry Naylor Love, but we borrowed your cone and placed it here to save tyres.” More than 200 people have reacted to the Facebook post including commenting on their own experiences. One person posted: “I hit WARNING: A resident has placed a road cone near a large hole in a Rolleston road to warn motorists of the danger. this and blew too new tyres and cracked a rim.” However, a small battle is emerging to keep the cone near the hole. Ms Lee placed the cone there on Tuesday night but found it gone in the morning so she put it back on Thursday night. Her flatmate said the cone was still there on Friday. “Next time it’s moved I’ll leave a polite letter then the council can take it upon themselves and will be left with many tyre bills to pay,” she said. She said nearly every car hits it and other neighbours have filled it with gravel in the past to try to make it safer. Fresh NZ Quality Mark Lamb Leg Roast $ 12 99 kg Just Juice Fruit Juice 2.4-2.8 Litre $ 4 79 Pams Fresh Express Potatoes 2.5kg Prepack Product of New Zealand $ 4 99 pk Quality Bakers Nature’s Fresh Bread 700g Selwyn MOVIE NIghts Vitor Little O’z Easy Peel Mandarins 750g Prepack Product of Australia $ 3 99 pk $ 2 99 ea Copper Kettle Chips 150g Bundaberg 4 Pack 340-375ml $ 6 49 pk $ 2 79 ea Selaks Reserve 750ml THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (M) FRIDAY 4 AUGUST, 8–10PM LINCOLN EVENT CENTRE SELWYN DISTRICT COUNCIL RECOMMENDS A MATURE AUDIENCE OF 15 YEARS+ TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT EVENTBRITE.CO.NZ Speight’s 24 Pack 330ml Bottles $ 33 99 pk $ 12 99 ea Selwyn Movie Nights Specials available South Island only from Monday 31st July until Sunday 6th August 2017 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.