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Selwyn Times: August 22, 2017

26 Tuesday

26 Tuesday August 22 2017 Latest Christchurch news at HOME PROFESSIONALS [Edition SELWYN datE] TIMES 5 Enhancing your home Over winter, we spend more time indoors and are likely to notice tasks to be done. Paintwork might need touching up. We might consider ways to make the house warmer or how flow could be improved. As spring emerges, we feel energetic and keen to make changes. A fresh coat of paint will lift any part of a home. Renovating outdated bathrooms and kitchens or converting a window to a doorway for access to a deck or patio will increase the value of a home. The latter might be as simple as removing a window’s bottom trim so a door can be installed. Having double glazed windows retro-fitted will also differentiate one home on the market from another, making it more attractive to buyers. When deciding to renovate, unless you have the knowledge and skill, it is best to consult the relevant people such as a designer and tradespeople so work is properly carried out and meets building code. It will also help avoid headaches and costly over-runs. When replacing a kitchen or installing new cabinetry, request that the manufacturer measures the area on-site so mistakes are avoided which might leave you with units that do not fit the space. Looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency? First, consider how heat is being lost. Insulating a home can make a big difference as can hanging warm drapes, fitting draft stops to doors, and attaching foam stripping around the inner edge of older windows. Check also that window catches are fitting correctly and each window can be shut tight. Installing heat pumps will also make a difference while a log or gas fire will add ambience. Home improvements help preserve and even increase the value of a home while making it a more enjoyable place for those living there. Adding an extension is one way to increase space. If replacing a kitchen request an on-site measurement. An example is when knocking out walls. Those that are load bearing will need to be replaced with beams to support the ceiling and roof and a structural engineer might be required to design an appropriate sized lintel to take the weight. Of course, the power should be disconnected before hacking into a wall and any plumbing considered. If you like your home though find space is an issue, adding an extension may be the answer. This will involve having plans drawn up and applying for local Council consent so consult a draftsperson, who might also suggest some good ideas. A fresh coat of paint will lift a home. Sharon CroftS LandSCape d e S ign • Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans Doors to decks increase a home’s value. P. 329 6229 M. 0274 311 558 Spring is just around the corner... So its a great time to start thinking about your new lawn. Give us a call and we can come and give you a free quotation! Kirk Macfarlane, Canterbury Lawns Ltd 347 4000 | 0274 56 7777 Your hydroseeding specialists!! Paving, Irrigation, Lawns, Planting, Fences, Pergolas, Water-features, Outdoor fires, Raised Vege beds, Decks, Artificial grass & more... Call Aaron & the team today! Phone: 03 3474422 or 021542402 Email:

6 SELWYN TIMES [Edition datE] Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday August 22 2017 27 HOME PROFESSIONALS Freshen up and restore your garden With spring just around the corner, there is no time to waste in getting the last of the winter garden clean-up completed. Garden beds may need tidying up, fruit trees and roses pruned, and mulch spread around so moisture is retained and plants protected over summer. If there is no time for working in the garden or it is not your thing, Revive Landscaping can take care of this for you. Whether a one-off job to get your outdoor setting shipshape, regular garden maintenance, or staging a garden for a property sale, they will do a professional job. Revive Landscaping specialise in all facets of landscaping and just love garden makeovers. They can simplify a garden for low maintenance or create a Garden of Eden for you. Revitalisation of established gardens where plants are overgrown or there are gaps is their forte. They will remove unwanted plants while spreading compost and mulch to invigorate the soil so plants flourish. They will also construct and install decks, fences, water features, pergolas, irrigation systems, lighting and artistic features, leaving you to enjoy what is created. Ross has considerable experience in the industry. He has a high level of expertise and can readily interpret landscape plans to ensure that what a client envisaged is achieved. He will also advise clients on the potential for their garden. The versatility of the team at Revive Landscaping and willingness to work with a customer so their outdoor setting is right for them along with the quality service, value for money, solid work ethic, and tidy approach where rubbish is taken away at the end of a job are reasons why customers speak so highly of them. With such a flexible approach and broad skill set, Ross is the perfect person to call if you need assistance with your garden. He can be reached on 027 222 0388 (anytime and if he is busy gardening when you call, he will call you back). You can also email: ross@revivelandscaping. or go to www.revivelandscaping. not ripping out the whole garden. Instead, selectively retaining and shaping trees and shrubs, working with the basic structure to put life back into the garden. With a solid knowledge in horticulture you can also be assured that plants will be given just the right amount of space to grow. “I really enjoy revamping a garden whether it’s working with an existing structure or creating something new,” says Ross Legg who owns and operates Revive Landscaping. Ross would rather retain an old tree that has taken years to grow than cut it down, pruning to enhance its branch structure and even adding up-lighting to enhance its beauty. With overgrown gardens, the Revive Landscaping team clean up then cultivate a garden bed before We’ll get you growing. Selwyn’s plant specialists Now is a great time to plan your spring planting. - Landscaping plants for all projects - Ornamental & Specimen trees - Canterbury’s largest range of natives - Hedging & Topiaries - Fruit & Nut plants Get great planting advice from our friendly team - Open 7 Days Corner SH1 & Robinsons Rd - 0800 800 352 - LET’S GET GARDENING INTELLIGRO OFFERS: Expert gardening advice High quality products South-Hort growing mixes VIP rewards Buy in-store and online Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: Landscape Construction and Garden Maintenance You can have your gardens, trees, shrubs, plants and lawns maintained to look their best all year round, for a great price. Residential & Commercial Landscaping • Maintenance • Pruning • Reconstruction & Rejuvenation • Rental Property and Commercial Maintenance • Pre-Sale Tidy-Ups New Home Landscaping Lawns • Gardens • Decks • Paving • Water Features • Quality • Value for money • Experienced • Punctual • Professional • Flexible • Knowledgeable • Reliable Call Ross Legg - 027 222 0388 Email 1394 Main South Road, Weedons | | Phone 03 347 9415