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Selwyn Times: August 29, 2017

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday August 29 2017 Latest Christchurch news at Your Local Views Youth view on transport SELWYN TIMES •HAVE YOUR SAY: Tell us your views on public transport in the Selwyn District. Email Selwyn Youth Council chair Ella McClure writes about the amount of support from Selwyn youth to have more public transport Young people love having a say, and we well and truly proved this at the first ever ‘“What do YOUth think” events drawing huge crowds. These were run by the Selwyn Youth Council, a group of 11 young people from around the district. The events took place at Ellesmere College and Darfield High School earlier this month. It was through this accessible platform we collated the voices and opinions of passionate young people. A focus for the youth council this year has been youth well-being, with the theme of this event based around public transport in Selwyn. This is something we believe helps reduce isolation in rural communities, and a reliance on parents. It is a solution for young and old, with senior citizens, those with disabilities and people looking for a more eco-friendly travel solution invited to take part in our trial. The need for public transport in townships across Selwyn particularly Leeston, Darfield and surrounding townships was evident for us as youth councillors. We decided to go out and see what young people thought of this issue and our plan to do something about it. Our solution is a project called “Selwyn Link” which is a trial bus service in future school holidays, connecting Leeston, Darfield, and surrounding townships with Rolleston. Enabling all members of our community to go for a swim, catch up with friends or head into town using the Metro bus service. The aim of this trial is to collect further data and feedback to gauge the need for public transport, which we will then take to the district council and Environment Canterbury. We connected with 121 young people over the lunch hour at Ellesmere College, each filling in surveys – until we ran out. A further 198 students filled in surveys at the Darfield event. Feedback was once again overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the idea. It is a definite work in progress, but we are excited to start making an impact on a relevant topic we believe needs to be improved upon, not only for young people – but for all members of our community. Our Facebook page is @SelwynYouthCouncil which is a great platform to share your thoughts and get in touch with us about this idea. Here you can also learn more about our recently established discretionary fund. The fund is available to provide support for groups or individuals whose projects, events or activities help to strengthen youth well-being in Selwyn. We have a total of $5500 excluding GST available to distribute over 2017/18. Finally it is a great place to keep updated on our recruitment drive for new council members aged between 14 and 24, taking place in November. Readers respond to Selwyn Times’ article on the controversy surrounding a sixbedroom house in Barton Fields, Lincoln Tania Bennett – Any house can be a rental . . . are they seriously trying to say that in those suburbs are all owned by the occupants and not a single one is rented? There’s not a lot of difference between a normal house being rented and this one. I mean as they have stated, there’s no noise or party issues so what’s the problem. Gael Murray – Typical Canterbury. Students are a huge part of Lincoln and always will be, like the people who move to the country then moan about how a farm smells. Seriously, if you don’t like what makes up an area, don’t move there. Jo Bennetts – Maybe they are trying to avoid what had happened around Canterbury University where family homes have been turned into rent-bythe-room investment properties. Some pretty untidy pockets there now. Jo Garrick – Good on the owner for buying this house in this day and age that’s a hard enough step. And to keep your head above water you have rented to tenants who are paying rent and looking after your property. Some people just need to mind their own business. William Hutson – A lot of people seem to be missing the point. It’s not that the house is untidy or noisy . . . it’s the use and classification of the building and consents required when building. The neighbours bought there first before this one was built. And as owners stated they would have bought elsewhere with the knowledge of such a dwelling being built. Christchurch Casino Golden Oldies Sports Celebration 1 - 29 April, 2018 FREE installation* SALE We’ll keep you warm this winter. Fully rated heating right down to -15°C...guaranteed. Enter On Line Now! 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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday August 29 2017 5 Sharren Wilson – There is nothing “untidy” about that house. Typical of well-to-do, self-entitled people who wouldn’t lift a finger to help a neighbour or put their hand in their pocket for homeless people. Did you ever think that just maybe those people who rent that property are just trying to get on with their life and actually think your homes are awful. Krissy Rachelle Stokes – It’s sad people are so conceited that they don’t appreciate good neighbours regardless of whether they rent or own. Rentals that are looked after and home-respectful tenants are of no one’s concern but the landlord and certainly shouldn’t be harassed in this way by neighbours or council members. Ariana Gifford – Looks clean and tidy from the picture. And they say there have been no noise complaints, will never be a party house, landscaping is booked to be started soon, tenants are polite. Can guarantee they’d be hard-pressed to find any area where there are no rentals. Alex Gregory – Better get used to it. Shared rentals new normal for many in this market. Valmae Hughan – If that’s untidy come and see the house behind us, it’s way untidy. Rolleston Reserve Management Committee chairman Jens Christensen writes to Selwyn Times about the construction of a new bridge at Liffey Stream In correspondence from the district council to neighbouring residents of the Liffey Stream at Ryelands Drive in Lincoln in July, I note the intention to construct a pedestrian bridge from the walkway between 7 and 9 Ryelands Drive to the land at the temporary (one to two years) satellite school site (the old Lincoln Club site). Considering that there two footbridges both within 200m (one upstream and one downstream) of the proposed new bridge site, this proposed new bridge must surely be a total waste of the estimated cost of $110,000. I also note the support of the Lincoln Community Committee for this gross waste of ratepayers money in the comment by them “very supportive of the overall aim to increase connectivity between the two sides of the esplanade, better linking existing pathways on both sides of the waterway.” Perhaps the community committee could explain to the community how this bridge will perform this duty in a better way than the two existing bridges that also connect both sides of the stream and especially the bridge from Kildare Tce to Leinster Tce and the short walk via the Moffat Drive walkway to the esplanade on the temporary school site to the point where this proposed new bridge would end. The Lincoln Community Committee must surely have some knowledge of the benefits of this proposed new bridge and its costs that I can’t see – perhaps they may wish to share them with the community. The Lincoln Community Committee responds to Mr Christensen’s letter The initiative for a new bridge came from the district council wanting to provide safer and more direct access from the western side of the Liffey/Millpond to the eastern side where the reserve is. Also to where the primary school is currently occupying the former Ellesmere Country Club site and building. The LCC did not suggest the bridge, but does support it, and they hope to see the grass and Reserve Flow with New Bridge tree green space on the eastern side retained as a public reserve. The LCC also hopes to see the former Ellesmere Country Club building retained in public ownership for the benefit of the district, and the Lincoln community, when it is converted into an arts and culture centre for eastern Selwyn. The new bridge will enable better accessibility to the public reserve areas bordering the Liffey and Millpond, which are not currently easily accessed because of developments, land ownership IDEA: An illustration showing how a new bridge across Liffey Stream would enable better accessibility to public reserves in the area. and steep messy banks. The community currently needs to take a considerable detour regardless of where the existing bridges are. The new bridge does provide a link between the south side of the Liffey and the north rather than just being an east to west bank link or just there for the school. The ability to walk the length of the reserve would be the biggest benefit. This is best shown by the illustration of the route with the bridge in place. New bridge (marked in cyan) gives clear access between Rylands and the Millstream play area, gives direct access to the school and more importantly, creates an almost uninterrupted walk down the length of The Liffey Reserve. 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