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Selwyn Times: September 05, 2017

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday September 5 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Raising awareness of amazing eels Rolleston Christian School pupil Charlie Johnston writes about the need to protect eels in Selwyn THEY’RE SLIMY, snake-like and kind of ugly. Eels in New Zealand are in trouble, particularly in the Canterbury and Selwyn area. I would like to raise the awareness of these eels so they are still here for many, many years, and so that our waterways stay safe for them. The short-finned eel and the long-finned eel both live in Canterbury waterways including the Selwyn, Waimakariri, Rakaia, Avon, Heathcote, and Kaiapoi Rivers, and Lake Ellesmere. Both eels are also native to New Zealand. New Zealand eels are declining. Things such as over-fishing, bad water quality, pollution, river diversions and drought are just a few problems facing eels in Canterbury and New Zealand, especially the Selwyn River and Ashley River. Eels are really amazing fish, they may not be the most beautiful creatures, but they are extraordinary. CONCERNED: Rolleston Christian School pupil Charlie Johnston is raising awareness to protect eels in Selwyn. They are able to stay alive out of water for three days in a moist environment. Long-finned eels travel 2382km to Pacific islands such as Tonga where they spawn and die. Eels can live up to 100-yearsold, sometimes more, and long finned eels can grow to 2m. Two metre eels are usually females and are also extremely rare. Some people in New Zealand are trying to help save our eels by rescuing them, protesting or even creating petitions. Bay of Plenty’s Bill Kerrison helps younger eels. As the elvers (young eels) make their way upstream, they are stopped by hydro dams. Mr Kerrison spends about six months trapping and relocating the younger eels further upstream, where they will spend more than 50 years before returning to the sea Over three months (starting in autumn) Mr Kerrison spends his time catching mature breeding eels and taking them to the other side of the dam where he releases them to carry on their journey to breed. In 2013, 6766 people signed a petition to save the long-finned eel from extinction, but not much has happened since. Another reason for saving eels is that they’re special to Maori – “an ancient gift from the gods.” Tuna (eels) are of great significance to Maori culturally and eels are a significant food source for Maori. There are more than 100 different tribal names for eels. Maoris caught eels using Hinaki (eel pots), Pa-tuna (eel weirs), mata rau (spearing) and many more interesting methods. Some are still used today around Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora and surrounding rivers. If you would like to help save the eels you can: •Be careful what you dispose of in your drainage and stormwater systems •Pick up rubbish at local rivers and lakes •Remove invasive weeds from rivers and lakes •You can also let them go when you catch them (especially big females) •Befriend the eels (learn from them you’ll find that they’re worth saving) •If you are going to catch and kill eels, then only keep what you need (don’t take too much). NEED MORE SPACE OR AN ExtRA ROOM? HIre An InsulAted PortAble buIldIng! IdeAl For • sleepouts • Offices • Meeting rooms • site sheds • storage • retail spaces • lunch rooms For HIre Montessori & Early Childhood Preschool • We Offer a Friendly, Fun and supportive environment – only 5 minutes from Rolleston. • We believe that Tamariki thrive in a peaceful, structured and caring environment, full of fun and challenges. • We Offer focused, balanced curriculums that prepare Tamariki for the next step in their learning journey. • We value diversity within our Tamariki and their whānau and this is reflected in our whānau focused philosophy. • We have 3 well resourced classrooms, caring for Tamariki from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We are proud of our large, natural playgrounds that offer challenges for all ages. Call in to visit us today, meet the teachers and have a look around our school Come & see our selection! 656 Wairakei rd - opposite golf course Phone Jim 03 357 2950 Mobile 027 931 2884 ENROL NOW For enrolments please contact Jasmine or Kylie on 347-6161 Visit us at 643 Burnham School Road Download forms from

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday September 5 2017 9 Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk Trevor Thornley writes about the Green Party’s plan to charge a bottle water tax I READ with interest the recent article in the Selwyn Times from Mr Allen, on behalf of Federated Farmers, commenting on the Green Party’s plan to charge a 10 cent a litre tax on bottled water sales. It seems the general public are getting rightfully concerned about the giving away of billions of litres of free water to largely overseas owned/controlled corporations, who are then able to make windfall profits from sales of NZ bottled water. One example being the Coca Cola Corporation selling a 750ml litre bottle of pure NZ water for $3.50. Even allowing for retail and distributor markups that a horrendous profit for a product that is given to them largely for nothing. It also seems that Federated Farmers lobby groups are also getting nervous about the growing public awareness around water issues, including the massive amount of well water required to produce a litre of milk. A reasoned rational debate around this important issue is a positive step forward, but lets have it without the scaremongering comments attributed to Mr Allen. Readers respond to Selwyn Times article on the ongoing noise at a pet crematorium Tracy Legat – Funny how you complain but you all brought a house near the crematorium. It was there before the houses. Perhaps the district council should be at fault for allowing the developers to build so close to it. Jacinta Roosing – You are so right and they only work in the day time. Lucky it’s not at night then. Kerri Lowe – Like buying a house next to a pub then complaining about noise. Justin Simpson – Or people who buy houses near the airport and don’t like planes flying over head so want the airport to change the direction of the approach. Holden Angel Clayton – Good luck pet crematorium as I know a lot of us loved petowners value your service. Joanne Churcher – The crematorium has been there since 1986 so the residents would have known about it when they purchased in the area. Suck it up people, you chose to live there. Natasha Connor – I have four of my loved family dogs come back from Fond Farewells. I do hope this gets sorted and you continue to give us memories. Your service is greatly admired and appreciated. Stephanie Hagerty – I have had 12 animals go through Fond Farewells over the years and I think they are wonderful. So now they build a subdivision there and the people complain. No way is this fair on Fond Farewells. Stick to your guns you will have a lot of people backing you. Thank you for a great service. Tegan Osborne – We live next to a bunch of businesses that work on cars and they go from 6am to 6pm being noisy as hell. Get over it, you chose to live there just like I chose to live here. They were here before I was and they were there before you were. Valmae Hughan – We hear trucks all day and night and manage to live without complaining and live in the city. The crematorium does an awesome job for family pets, it was there first and you all knew that before you bought there, your choice. Angela Mcalister – You all bought there knowing the crematorium was there as it was there before the subdivision – get over it. I choose to live where I do and it is half industrial and a train track less than 200m away and we don’t even hear half the trains go past or the industrial noise and there is a scrap man around the corner, harden up. Jacinta Roosing – With them working in the day for only six hours that’s not much and they have been there since 1986. Meghann Burrow – They operate at the lowest level possible. Maybe they should turn the noise up and then see who complains. Jenny Jarvis: Why buy a house there if you don’t like noise, get over it people or move but whatever stop complaining Stephanie Hagerty – Here’s an idea. Buy another house away from a business that has been there for 31 years. Kyle Haugh – It is annoying. We live right beside them. Debbie Vuleta – Look before you buy or build – the crematorium was there first - suggest you move if you don’t like it. •More local views, p11 We’re aiming to settle all contents claims by 30 September. If you have already returned your contents loss schedule, we are currently working through this to settle your claim as quickly as possible. Our team is aiming to settle all contents claims by 30 September 2017. We have now contacted all customers who have lodged a contents claim with us, however if you have not heard from us about your contents claim please contact us as soon as possible. Contact details for the brand you’re insured with: 0800 100 200 or visit your local AMI store 0800 80 24 24 Call your broker or visit Call your broker or visit 0800 200 242 0800 248 888 0800 425 025 0800 309 378 0800 800 800 IAGSep17 Star