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Selwyn Times: September 26, 2017

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday September 26 2017 Latest Christchurch news at Our People SELWYN TIMES Carla Weber Stage is set for actress and Carla Weber of Rolleston lives and breathes musical theatre. She directed the Halswell Drama Group’s successful production of The Wedding Singer, which finished on Saturday. She spoke to Georgia O’Connor-Harding Was The Wedding Singer the first show you directed? No, I directed Nunsense for the drama group as well. Last year was the first time doing it by myself as the only director. Two or three years prior to that it was a joint effort with one or two other members of the group. We decided last year to try something different and I put my hand up and said I will direct and here I am. Have you been involved in the Halswell Drama Group for a long time? My first year was back in 2007 when I was new to the group and I got a lead role for Last Gasp at the Parched Throat Saloon and I was the head cancan dancer Miss Candy. I did have two or three years off because I was busy with family life. I became president in 2014. It has all kind of started to grow. Were you always interested in the arts? I go way back. My parents were into shows. I can’t remember my dad being on stage but I remember seeing my mum in the orchestra pit way down in Gore. I think I went to my first show when I was about five or six and I knew sitting there, watching it and going “that is so cool,” I had to do something like that. I have always loved doing plays and my first big real show was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat back when I was a teenager. I was with the then Gore Operatic Society. They have been going since about 1967 if not before. Did you grow up in Gore? I did grow up in Gore. I lived on a farm. I never went to a high school in Gore. I went to Menzies College down in Wyndham. It was a rural high school for year 7 to 13. My father always used to say I was a towney born in the countryside by mistake. I enjoyed being around people more than the animals and the farm, so I tended to be Family. Education. Fun! The best start to a lifetime of learning Two wonderful centres • Quality care and education for children aged 3 months to 6 years • Primary caregiving by experienced, qualified and caring teachers • Nurturing and respectful environment • Focused learning programmes • Innovative transition to school programme Contact us for a visit 10 Beaumont Drive, Rolleston Phone: 03 347 9561 Email: 65 Iris Taylor Avenue, West Melton Phone: 03 741 1785 Email: SHIVER ME TIMBERS: Carla Weber as Obadiah Smythe in the Halswell Drama Group’s production of The Alternative Treasure Island. a little more social. I started off being on stage and I have a done a few stints of being in the Gore Operatic Society alternating on stage and in the orchestra. I was the pianist for a couple of shows in Gore and playing the flute is my other instrument. I mix LAwyERS We have over 40 years’ experience to assist you with… • Buying and Selling Houses and Commercial Property • Wills, Trusts and Estate matters • All issues facing you and your business; • Employment Law matters; • Traffic matters; • Advice regarding Retirement Villages • General Legal Advice on all matters Call John, Brendan or Andrew today 03 366 8996 Email. Airport Business Park 92 Russley Road, Christchurch 8042 between being on stage playing the piano, keyboard or flute. Have you played instruments up here in Canterbury? I have been teaching piano up here for a few years – piano and flute. I also played in the Canterbury Philharmonia and in the orchestra for Kirwee Players. But since I have got my wee boy Sam, I am a full time mum at the moment. I don’t have time to do much in the day which is why I tend to do theatre at night. What do you think of the arts in Selwyn? I think personally to have a drama group or a musical theatre group in Rolleston would be amazing. In the Halswell Drama Group, there are people who come from Leeston, Lincoln, Rolleston, West Melton. There is nothing in Rolleston so to speak. If something happened here I think it would be wellreceived. What has it been like putting The Wedding Singer together? I live and breathe it pretty much. Planning is high on the list, creativity and with the support of many others. It does take a village to put on the show. That is the joy of community theatre. ROLLESTON LAW DO YOU HAVE A WILL THAT IS UP TO DATE? CONTACT Richard Gray - Kate Warren - A: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston T: (03) 374 2547 W: CHOCOLATE FACTORY SHOP Fudges (only $2/bag) Buy 5 bags of any combination of the following at $5/bag and get another bag FREE Marshmallow Bars Bagged Chocolates Gluten Free Made in Christchurch Free Tastings 19 Cable Street, Sockburn (off Blenheim Rd) Phone 357 0085 Open Monday - Friday, 9am—4pm

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday September 26 2017 5 musician Your local Travel and Cruise experts Shop 18, 72 Rolleston Drive. Phone: 03 974 2010 Would The Wedding Singer be one of your favorite shows you have been involved in? That is a really tricky question. There are so many shows, there is so much you don’t know about a show and it is not until you get into it you learn to love it. At the moment this is my favourite but next year depending on what we might do, that might be my favourite. You put so much effort into it and then you get it to the stage and go wow all that work was worth it. It is is a good feeling knowing audiences are enjoying it. Did you ever work in another industry or have you always been involved in the arts? I worked in retail. I started working in a music shop and I sold musical instruments, records, tapes and CDs – way back in the day. I did a bit of a stint in furniture and a stint in a hardware store but once I moved to Rolleston in 2004, I did a bit of music teaching as well. What do you think of the Rolleston community? It is so different compared to when I first got here. When I first arrived there was only one primary school, one supermarket and literally within the first two years of my girls going to GIFTED: Carla Weber has a passion for playing various instruments including the flute. PHOTO: GILBERT WEALLEANS Rolleston School the numbers literally almost doubled in a couple of years. With the township growing are there any new facilities you would like to see put in place? Obviously a performing arts centre. That would be really good. Then we can get touring people to come in. We have got opportunities local groups might use in some form or another. I think within in the last couple of years, with Selwyn arts coming to the floor more, I think it would be well received. There are so many people out in Rolleston now. Sometimes people don’t want to travel 30- 40min to do something, they want it on their doorstep. Tell me about your children? I remarried four or five years ago. I have got my two girls from the previous marriage and from the next marriage I have one son. One of my daughters – Nikita – is very much into theatre she is in The Wedding Singer and has been in the Halswell Drama Group for the last four to five shows. She plays a lot of instruments. She loves it so much and my husband Darren has been the musical director for the past few shows for the Kirwee Players and was in he band for The Wedding Singer. My husband is in a cover band called General Admission. He is head of music department at Lincoln High School. My other daughter Brittany loves playing the guitar and she has done many years of dance. More recently in the last few years guitar has become more of a focus for her. I am sure little Sam will grow up doing a bit of music stuff. School pool to be demolished •From page 1 “I always thought with the growing roll of the school one day the MoE will come knocking and say we want land to put another building on . . . unfortunately that day has come.” Principal Kim Alexander said the pool wasn’t suitable for swimming lessons because it was deep in the middle and designed like a diving pool. She said the board of trustees supported MoE’s decision to remove it because the space could be maximised. The decision has also been supported by the district council. District council’s community relations manager Denise Kidd said while the district council is in the process of reviewing its aquatic facilities plan, it was not contemplating a replacement pool for Prebbleton. “The plan indicates that the demand from Prebbleton can CONCERN: The Prebbleton School pool is earmarked for demolition. be met through the planned expansion of the Selwyn Aquatic Centre,” she said. But Prebbleton resident Stephanie Broomhall said she was concerned the community was not consulted on the closure. She is one of several Prebbleton residents who want the pool to stay open. “My kids get such enjoyment in the summer going down to the pool and having a swim. They get to meet with people in the community . . . that alone, for me, that pool is worth keeping.” But MoE head of education infrastructure services Kim Shannon said it was not required to consult for the demolition of a Ministry-owned asset, just the school. •HAVE YOUR SAY: Are you concerned about Prebbleton School’s pool closing? Email your views to georgia. FREE 2017 CultureFest Celebrating Selwyn’s diversity WWW.SELWYN.GOVT.NZ SUNDAY 1 OCTOBER 11AM–4PM LINCOLN EVENT CENTRE AND DOMAIN Give your senses an experience to remember! TASTE and SMELL Food from India, Spain, Germany, England, Nigeria, Malaysia, Morocco, Jordan, Iran, Russia, Ukraine and more. HEAR and SEE Performances from China, Latin-America, Russia, Poland, Iran, India, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, as well as the Takumi Japanese Drumming Group. TOUCH Experience games, activities, craft and so much more.