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Selwyn Times: October 03, 2017

16 Tuesday

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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October 3 2017 17 Your Local Views We said: Kirwee’s chief fire officer Stuart Jones wants urgent action taken on an intersection at State Highway 73 (West Coast Rd) and Courtenay Rd in the township. Readers were asked if they thought the intersection should be addressed: You said: Carol Lowe – If folks actually stopped at the stop signs there wouldn’t be a problems. There are far worse junctions in the district. Folk just need to follow the road rules and drive to the conditions. Bob Gillard – Well for a start off people need to obey the STOP sign at corner of Courtenay Rd and State Highway 73. STOP means STOP. Jason Gemmill – Well I don’t the use the road daily but use it monthly and have done for 12 years. Ummm don’t see what the problem is. Margaret Gamblin – Good to see the pubs still standing, my mum used to work there when I was little. Sean Woods – I didn’t see a DANGEROUS: Kirwee’s chief fire officer Stuart Jones is calling for the speed limit to be lowered on State Highway 73 within the township. problem with the road - parked our bus at back of pub and had lunch. Great place to stop. Steve Evans – And exit off Tramway Rd should be a compulsory stop. Maree Jewell – Yes it does and people need to STOP at the stop sign. Ilze van Zyl – People don’t slow down to the speed limit, people don’t stop at the stop sign. There are no safe pedestrian crossings. Brodie Grave – West Melton one just as bad. Kate Anderson – Its dangerous. People sneak out of side streets on to main road in the middle flow of traffic and then do 30km/h. I’ve seen buses do this as well when leaving the bus stop and they seem to expect traffic to just stop for them. Elizabeth Frizzell – There needs to be a proper turning lane, certainly for Tramway Rd. Erin Todd – Defiantly needs attention before we bury one of our own. Angelique Pierce – I personally don’t think it’s that bad - if everyone knows their give way rules. Sally Dobbs – What do people not understand about the word stop. Fiona Mary Hopkinson – Maybe if you’ve come from the pub. Then its dodgy. Sarah Gilbert – The tree could always be removed as well for better visibility. Roz Scobie – Do I think it’s a bit dicey? S*** yes. Right turn from West Coast Rd into Courtenay Rd is a “playing with your life” game. I’ve breathed in many a time watching a car in my rearview mirror doing 70km/h. Heather Rowlands – Many years ago there used to be give way sign from Courtenay Rd to Main West Coast Rd. Been a stop for many years but drivers don’t.They just slid around the corner. Roz Scobie – It’s not the speed...there’s no room for passing vehicles when stopped to turn off the West Coast Rd. •Turn to page 18 HA V E YO UR S AY If you care about the environment around you – Canterbury’s air, water and land - have your say in how it is managed. To help guide the development of Environment Canterbury’s long-term plan take our quick online survey at We are finally OPen Come in and check us out you have never seen anything like it. 3 Market St, leeston PH. 03 324 4000 | Open 7 days