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Selwyn Times: October 03, 2017

18 Tuesday

18 Tuesday October 3 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views •From page 17 Courtney Hyde – I think turning off State Highway 73 turning right into Hoskyns Rd heading to Rolleston is worse. Rach Anderson – I agree. I’ve seen many vehicles continue at 100km/h through Kirwee and not stop at the Courtenay Rd signs. As the area grows, the situation will only increase. Lou Tait – They also need to get rid of some if those trees on the monument side. They make seeing on coming traffic when you are pulling into Tramway Rd quite hard. Keryn Wilson – I am a super careful driver but this is a spooky one if it’s the one I’m thinking of - is there a rail line on one side? I once nearly got caught out concentrating on too many signs at once - rail warning, etc. Braked last minute and it was fine but I nearly missed the compulsory stop! Gave myself a heart attack! Paul Robinson – Main issue here is also the lack of turning area into Tramway Rd and traffic heading west have no way of going around. Needs widening and speed reduction. Tracey Jones – Definitely dangerous I know first hand, was lucky to walk away. Louise Marie Stubbings – Since we moved to the other side of Courtenay Rd when I’ve turned left from West Coast Rd twice now with someone in front turning right I have had to say a prayer that the car behind me is actually going to slow down and not end up in my boot. Sharon Morton – Omg yes totally agree. Melissa Evans – The danger is not the road or the tree. It’s the idiots who don’t follow road rules and speed limits. What is three seconds for stopping. A number of Kirwee residents don’t follow the road rules and also speed and pass people through Kirwee. Would love to video stop sign and post it on here. Just set your alarm five minutes earlier and follow the rules. Darren AJ King – No, most people roll though the STOP SIGNS , I see it every day, most of them live in Kirwee, put some photos of people not stopping in the local paper on a full page, I bet that would wake a few up. Kerry Bray – While you think about that just watch how many do not stop at the Courtenay Rd STOP sign - it’s more driver education. Steve Callender – Walking home from garage just now at 7.35am, I saw four vehicles approach the stop sign from both sides of Courtenay Rd and only ONE of them stopped. The other three rolled right on through. It’s not the road or speed limit that’s the issue. A reader responds to Selwyn Times’ article on Lincoln High School allowing its students to grow beards Barry Donovan – Beards are a natural characteristic of a mature male human. Beardless faces are found in nature on juvenile males, and on females of all ages. To force young maturing males to shave off their developing beards is to emasculate them. Males must be allowed to develop their mature male characteristics as nature intended. Otherwise they may not become normal mature males. A reader responds to Selwyn Times’ article on concern over ratepayers paying for the new community pavilion at Weedons Reserve, which they may not get any use out of Frank Dowle – I write regarding this week’s article about the proposed new Weedons pavilion. It seems that one or two agitators are delaying the building of this positive community facility. There was proper consultation with rate payers and I understand that there was widespread support for the facility. Yes sports clubs will benefit, but the pavilion will also be used by community groups for meetings and activities including those for children and the elderly. Unfortunately most of the interesting and historic buildings that once graced Weedons have been demolished resulting in a community with no village centre. The new pavilion will be an appropriate community facility and will also be available for private functions. There is constant concern about children being inactive and that our adult population is increasingly obese. Building facilities such as the Weedons pavilion can only be a good thing and is an investment in our community and our future. I implore the district council to ignore the naysayers and get the pavilion built without further delay. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR Your fence, your style! QUALITY • STYLE • PRIVACY CALL US TODAY FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Road Ph: (03) 338 9063

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October 3 2017 19 Environment Canterbury’s public transport senior manager Stewart Gibbon responds to a letter from Sue Walders on a bus service from Leeston to Christchurch printed in Selwyn Times’ September 26 edition The Regional Public Transport Plan is currently being revised. A draft will be released for public consultation early in 2018. This consultation period, along with the service reviews that will follow, will be an opportunity for residents and bus users to comment on the types of services and connections available in greater Christchurch, and changes they may want to be considered. A reader responds to Selwyn Times’ article on the bus service from Leeston to Christchurch CheCk out theSe Tanya Maylam – I read the article in the September 19 issue of Selwyn Times with interest. There has been I believe an increase in the number of school children going to school in Christchurch and this is not just children from the townships but from outlying farms. I myself would love to have the advantage of an early morning service during the week from Leeston to the connecting bus services at either Rolleston or Lincoln. With an increasing population of teenagers in the local area a weekend service, both into and out of Christchurch, would also be very useful. A saving in time and money in relation to petrol and associated car running costs would be great. I was interested to note that Leeston residents were surveyed in 2009 by Environment Canterbury and Red Bus Christchurch did a survey in 2015, but I would like to point out that a survey of householders in the outlying areas around the townships may give slightly different results as not only patrons living in the townships use the bus services and you may find that if one was available from the local townships that rural residents would travel to the township to catch the bus. “GrouSe” MoNDaY all you can eat ribs $26 thurSDaY Steak nights $15 or $13.50 for members tueSDaY kids eat for $5 all day & trivia SaturDaY live band rituaLS Come in and check out our New Cafe at the side door red Bird espresso oPeN For BreakFaSt FroM 7aM Kim’s Fashion Quarterly from Kim Taylor —Viva La Moda Dresses for spring Dresses are ideal in the warmer months as they are cool and comfortable and require very little thought when dressing – one piece and you are done! 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