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Selwyn Times: October 10, 2017

16 Tuesday

16 Tuesday October 10 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Readers respond to the Selwyn Times article on the district ranking as second in the country for most dangerous rural intersections. Readers were asked if they thought Selwyn’s intersections were dangerous Steve Young – In response to your question on the front page of today’s Selwyn Times, I would say no...and yes! I note that in the comments on the Kirwee intersection, most people draw attention to the fact that most drivers (most of whom are local) don’t stop at the stop signs. But I also note that there are no right-turn bays on any of the intersections on SH73 in 100km/h areas except the recentlycompleted one at Chatterton’s Rd. This is a clear breach of the national state highway standards. So normally, I would say it’s drivers that are dangerous, but I think I’m entitled to expect that state highways comply with national standards. Dave Saville – The one that I find really dangerous is where Halkett Rd joins the Main West Coast Rd (State Highway 73). I travel home from work each day between 5 and 6pm, when the traffic heading west is almost a solid stream of traffic. The traffic splits at this intersection, with between a quarter and a third of us turning off State Highway 73 onto Halkett Rd. NZTA re-did the intersection a year or so ago, so it now has a STOP sign for traffic heading east, in to Christchurch, which works well. But, to the great surprise of those of us who use the intersection daily, they failed to make a turning bay for vehicles heading west, that wish to turn on to Halkett Rd. Trying to turn off State Highway 73 while in the midst of a traffic stream of tired commuters going at 100 km/pph, is a scary and risky affair. To compound the problem, the road verge (shoulder) is not especially good at this point, but has to cope with vehicles thundering along it to avoid the queue of up to three – four vehicles waiting to turn onto Halkett Rd. I am DANGER: The intersection of State Highway 73 and Courtney Rd in Kirwee. surprised that no one has been killed at this intersection (as far as I know). At the nearby, little used intersection, of Chattertons Rd with State Highway 73, NZTA have installed excellent turning bays for both east and westbound traffic. This has perhaps been paid for by newly consented quarries. We need to put pressure on NZTA to also do this at the Halkett, State Highway 73 intersection. I visited the district council’s (“Assets” section) last month to alert them to the problem. They said to talk to NZTA, which I have yet to do. Tony Rondel – There is nothing dangerous about Selwyn intersections the problem we have is incompetent drivers who do not STOP at stop signs, do not know what the rules are regards to keeping to correct lane when turning at intersections, too busy on their electronic devices to spot what is happening in time, travelling far too close to other vehicles. Readers respond to Selwyn Times’ article on the Prebbleton Community Swimming Pool closure Steph Calcroft – We would hate to see the pool get demolished. We got the key last year for the first time. It was amazing to have a pool in Prebbleton where we can just pop down to after dinner on a lovely summer evening. It got the kids out from behind the ipads and televisions giving them much needed exercise. Also my children don’t go to Prebbleton School so for the first time since we have lived in Prebbleton they felt a since of belonging, being apart of the Prebbleton community, their community. It gave them to meet some children who live in their neighbourhood, as well as building their confidence in the water. Especially as the pool is very deep it lets them learn how to manage themselves in deep water in a very safe environment. The pool would be a great loss to the community. We certainly would miss it! Jeremy Calcroft – I am writing to express my concern about the closure of the Prebbleton School pool. I live in Prebbleton with my family. Last summer we had a key to the pool and used it, on average, three times a week over the pools season. It was great to have such easy access to the a great facility. Rather than having to go in the car we were able to bike or scooter down in less than 10 minutes. Over the holidays the children loved having a fun activity and a a good reason to get out of the house. Our favourite time was to pop down to the pool for an hour or so after dinner. Our children are typical of other children today and are drawn to wards tablets and other devices so it was awesome to have an activity on hand that got them active. Also, with such regular dips in the pool the children’s growth in confidence and ability in the pool was really noticeable. Being in a smaller setting, the pool has a really friendly atmosphere and we found that often the same family were at the pool at the same time as us. We met some of our neighbours from further down the street that we had not spoken to before and this increased the sense of community. We would dearly miss the pool if it were to close. Although there are council pools available, due to the travelling time, we just would not go swimming as often. There must be an alternative site available for the school to build on so that Prebbleton can keep the pool. PHOTO: ROSS KIDDIE Anne Bouterey – I understand the pool hasn’t been used since 2005, however it seems to be a policy of MoE to continually close school pools. I recall a time when every school had a pool or one to use not too far from their own school/home. To me it is a load of rubbish that the pool is too small for class teaching, unless of course a class of 40 plus is expected to be there altogether with one teacher. I would suggest just another excuse. As a young third former I actually taught lifesaving skills to older students at high school in a smallish pool (in cold water of course). The size is not the important thing, teaching children to stay afloat and get themselves along in the water is the beginning. Better swimming skills come once they have confidence and enjoy the water. We have a high rate of child drownings in the country which is unacceptable considering we are a narrow country surrounded by water. My wise mother, a non-swimmer, ensured we learnt to swim at an early age, the ministry and the district council need to be as sensible. It isn’t an option for some parents to transport their children to Rolleston, a closer community option needs to be available if lives are important. The MoE has an obligation to assist in this, the money would be well spent with fewer drownings or near drownings. Your section hunt starts here New Falcon’s Landing sales office open, 17 Branthwaite Drive, Rolleston, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 1-3pm. Come, visit and share in our vision for Rolleston. Or call us anytime 03 741 1340. Email

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October 10 2017 17 Sonja Ball – I have heard and now read about the Prebbleton Pool closure. Rather upset that it is happening as my family use this pool a lot . It’s local and nice and handy if you want to pop in for a quick dip or many throughout the day. The fee is really reasonable and it’s a nice place to be. With the addition of the life guards last year the general behaviour of the patrons has been great. And I am sure all the OSH requirements have been met. I am sure the rate payers would be interested and rather annoyed to know that the amount of money spent on the pool over the last few years is now effectively wasted. There has been new fencing, new and mended seating the exterior has been painted and the pool itself repaired and painted, there has been an alarm installed and a new entry system also the pump has had a few dollars spent on it as well. Not to mention the cost involved in getting a new water supply pipe installed so the pool and school can run separately. I am sure that the closure was in the wind before most of these costly upgrades were approved. I find it rather unusual that the school gets a new principal, and the pool gets closed. The school has not used the pool for many years now as the depth is a problem for children learning to swim. However this could be fixed with the use of those submersible platforms and a swim teacher coming on site rather than shipping 80 odd children off site. Also teachers are not allowed to teach children to swim as they are not qualified swim instructors – which is why many school children are bussed to purpose built pools with qualified instructors to have swim lessons. Prebbleton is expanding at a very quick pace, the school is land locked. I am sure that the addition of a few more class rooms will help but at some point the size of Prebbleton will outgrow the schools capacity again – then what? It’s all very well bowling the pool to add more classrooms but what about the outdoor space that is required legally for each child at some point this will also be outgrown. Why not relocate the school now to a bigger site that will accommodate the amount of children that will be in the area. Surely the MoE have done the figures. We could then keep the community pool and turn the school site into a few more residential plots and/or another sports field. The kindy may also need to expand. This pool has been run by the community for the community for many years and has been well supported. Can we squeeze one more season out before demolition starts – do we have a start date? It’s a shame that someone with a flick of a pen can take it all away. Shame also that the community has not been involved in this decision. Would love to see some more writing in the paper on local’s thoughts. I would like to hope you have a great response, but it may be a battle too big to take on for the community. A reader responds to the Lincoln comedy show at the weekend Bob Lineham – On Saturday my wife and I attended the Live in Lincoln Comedy Show. We enjoy good comedy and wanted to support this local event which had been widely publicised. We were very disappointed with the predominance of foul language and lack of content other than almost total emphasis on sex. Whatever happened to genuine comedy with talented comedians who can make an audience laugh without the repetitive use of one particular offensive four-letter word through a show? I can tolerate the odd borderline joke but this performance was in very bad taste and I am very glad we did not invite others to attend with us. Can our top comedians not come up something better than that or this a reflection on the low state of society today? SPRINGFIELD Fire Emergency New Zealand has celebrated 154 years of service with an awards evening. The evening was held at the Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk CELEBRATION: Past, present and life members attended an awards evening celebrating 154 years of the Springfield Volunteer Fire Brigade. Springfield’s fire and emergency service awards Springfield Fire Station. Chief fire officer Grant Williams said it was an excellent night and good to have past members attend. CONCERN: The Prebbleton School pool is earmarked for demolition. Awards: •Peter Aldersley, three-year certificate and five-year medal •Rob Milliken, three-year certificate, five-year medal and two-year silver bar •Nicky Snoyink, three-year certificate • Ang Seelen, five-year medal and two-year silver bar •Katie Titmus, two-year silver bar for a total of 13 years service •Trish Lavery, two-year silver bar for a total of seven years service •Heather Walker, two-year silver bar for a total of 21 years service •Max Williams, two-year silver bar for a total of seven years service •Ann Shepherd, two-year silver bar for a total of 11 years service •Grant Williams, two-year gold bar for a total of 39 years service •Alan Fletcher, two-year gold bar for a total of 39 years service •Colin Pander received the service clasp for his assistance during the earthquakes. Spring into action this term Term 4 Recreation Classes – October to December 2017 With over 20 types of classes on offer there is really something for everyone. Look out for the brochure in your letterbox* or pick one up from your local library, service centre or the Selwyn District Council. Also available on our websites. Lincoln Event Centre This term we’re encouraging families to be active. Come along to the Thursday running group or try Active Mums – a circuit style class with child care available in the same room. 15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln 347 2983, Rolleston Community Centre Try our Tuesday 9.30am circuit class for all abilities, boxfit or book a stall at the 3 December Rolleston Kids Market. 94 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston 347 2882, *Rolleston and Lincoln residents only Event Centre Community Centre