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Selwyn Times: October 10, 2017

2 Tuesday [Edition datE]

2 Tuesday [Edition datE] 34 October 10 2017 Latest Christchurch news at CONTINUING EDUCATION SELWYN TIMES Papanui High School As the weather gets warmer and the evenings get longer it is the ideal time to get out of the house and learn something new and meet some new people by taking part in one of the wide range of nightclasses on offer at Papanui High School for Term 4 beginning from Tuesday 24 October. From Art to Yoga and everything in between we are sure regardless of your age or interest you will find something to tempt you. Classes at Papanui High School are held in a warm, friendly relaxed environment and our tutors are supportive and well qualified in their chosen fields. A new course on offer is Creative Candle Making which will teach you to create your own soy container candles and melts, either for yourself or ideal as a gift. Discover more about soy wax, fragrance, wick selection and trouble shooting commom candle making issues. This is a hands on course where you will make 3 full sized scented candles, 6 melts, 5 tea lights and 1 votive. The cost of all materials is included in the course fee. This course is being taught by Jane Alexander and will be held at Papanui High School on Saturday 4 November between 10 am – 4 pm at a cost of $148. For further information and enrolment in this or any of our Term 4 courses please visit our website on www.papanui. or email nz or telephone our office on 3520701. Ensuring a safe work place Learning first aid is not only a part of ensuring a safe work place, but also an integral part of our engagement with the wider community. We all learn the necessary skills to ensure that in times of emergency we are able to assist our work colleagues, but are we able to take these skills home, into the community or on to the sports field? Not all work places are the same and the injury risk for each place can be wide and variable. The office attended by administrators does not carry the same risk as those people working with heavy machinery, or perhaps at some distance from a regular ambulance service. It is therefore essential that you pick the right first aid course to suit all of your activities – both professional and social. Take, for example, an office worker who does not have a high risk work environment and whose concern might be to ensure that they can deal with minor cuts and superficial injuries, or the ability to perform effective CPR. These skills can be achieved on a course of eight hours duration and would generally fit into low to medium risk area. But take this same person on to a sports field either as a spectator or player when a higher level injury occurs. The eight hour course covering unit standards 6402 and 6401 (or 26551 and 26552) does not cover head neck and spinal injuries, eye injuries, hypothermia and poisonings. The majority of injuries occur outside of the work place, in fact one in three injuries occurs in the home, making it the most common place for injuries to happen. New Zealand children are twice as likely to die through injury as children who live in Australia. They mostly die as a result of motor vehicles accidents or falls in the home. Fatalities from leisure and sport are not far behind those in the workplace. The wider 12 hour course teaches the additional unit standard 6400 and provides a wide knowledge base for medium to high risk environments. This course covers many of the skills required to deal with the most common injuries, such as falls (which can result in head, neck and spinal injuries) and dealing with complex scenes such as motor vehicle accidents. If you are not sure on the course best suited to your needs, ask your accredited first aid training provider. They can explain the course content and give you options that will best suit your needs. Look beyond the workplace and consider your family and your location. Check that you have a good quality first aid kit that is up-to-date with replenished items, and that everyone knows where it is located. NEW ZEALAND RED CROSS GLOBAL LEADERS IN FIRST AID TRAINING Christchurch Course Dates 2017 Venue: 32 Birmingham Drive, Middleton First Aid Revalidation Course (6 hours) Cost $130.00 per person (certificates must not have expired for more than 3 months) Time: 8.30am – 3.15pm Monday 16 Oct 6 Nov Tuesday 24 Oct 31 Oct Wednesday 18 Oct 16 Nov Friday 27 Oct 3 Nov Sunday 15 Oct 29 Oct M Learning Workplace Revalidation Course (4 hours) Cost $130.00 per person (certificates must not have expired for more than 3 months) Time: 8.30am – 12.45pm Saturday 11 Nov Wednesday 25 Oct Friday 13 Oct For bookings please call 0800 REDCROSS or 339-7111 Book online at USE THE RED CROSS ADVANTAGE - COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID, ESSENTIAL FIRST AID, REVALIDATION OR TAILORED TRAINING TO SUIT yOU AT yOUR PLACE OR OURS. USE THE RED CROSS ADVANTAGE - COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID, ESSENTIAl FIRST AID, REVAlIDATION OR TAIlORED TRAINING TO SUIT YOU AT YOUR PlACE OR OURS. 16 Hours Thursday/Friday 19 & 20 October 23 & 24 November NEW ZEALAND RED CROSS - GLOBAL LEADERS IN FIRST AID TRAINING CHRISTCHURCH COURSE DATES 2017 • VENUE: 32 BIRMINGHAM DRIVE, MIDDLETON Comprehensive First Aid PLUS Course (16hrs or 4hr upgrade) Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 and 25411 or 26552, 26551, 6400 and 25411 Cost $275.00 per person incl FA Manual & GST for 16 hours or $85.00 per person for upgrade following completion of CFA Time: Day One 8.30am – 5.30pm Day Two 8.30am – 5pm Friday 4 Hours 1.15pm-5.00pm 20 Oct & 24 Nov Comprehensive First Aid Course (12hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 or 26552, 26551, 6400 Cost $225.00 per person incl FA Manual & GST Time: Day One & Day Two 8.30am - 3.15pm Time: Day One 8.30am - 5.30pm 2 x Monday 20 & 27 Nov 2 x Tuesday 17 & 24 Oct 7 & 14 Nov 2 x Wednesdays 25 Oct & 1 Nov 15 & 22 Nov Thursday/Friday 26 & 27 Oct 2 & 3 Nov Day Two 8.30am - 12.45pm Thursday/Friday 19 & 20 Oct 24 & 24 Nov Weekends 14 & 15 Oct 28 & 29 Oct Essential First Aid Course (8hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 6401 or 26551, 26552 Cost $155.00 per person Time: 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday 20 Nov Tuesday 17 Oct 7 Nov Wednesday 25 Oct 15 Nov M Learning (App.) First Aid Courses Practical First Aid Unit Standards 6402, 6401 Cost $155.00 per person Time: 4 hours 8.30am-12.45pm Tuesday 14 Nov Thursday 26 Oct Workplace First Aid Unit Standards 6400, 6401, 6402 Cost $225.00 per person Time: 8 hours 8.30am-5.30pm Tuesday 14 Nov Thursday 26 Oct Thursday 2 Nov 30 Nov FOR BOOKINGS PLEASE CALL 0800 REDCROSS OR 339-7111 • BOOK ONLINE AT WWW.REDCROSS.ORG.NZ Saturday 14 Oct 28 Oct

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October [Edition 10 datE] 2017 353 CONTINUING EDUCATION Risingholme Community Centre Term 3 Term 4 sees us continuing to offer a range of classes across the city at Risingholme Community Centre, Riccarton High School, Shirley Boys High School, Christchurch Girls High School and Hornby High School, many of which have become a tradition of Risingholme Community Centre programme. So what better way to prepare for summer than to get out and learn something new by enrolling in a course of interest – maybe something that you have tried before and want to explore further or perhaps you would like to try something new, or to meet new people with similar interests. It has been proven that Lifelong Learning has many benefits with the obvious ones being the continuation of a learning journey, learning a new skill, increased confidence, meeting new people and much more. Our full range of classes can be viewed on our website www.risingholme. Are you Digitally challenged in our ever changing digital world? Or if you are not familiar with using a computer, we offer classes on Computer Basics or maybe something more advanced such as Word, Excel or Photoshop. If you would like to know more about these or other classes that we are running, we would love to hear from, you can enrol via our website nz or phone the Risingholme office 332 7359. New and exciting at Risingholme Community Centre is Zentangle. What is this you might say - well if you can’t sit still enough for yoga, or your mind wanders in meditation, or you would like a creative aspect to your mindfulness, this may work for you. This method of drawing does not require any previous drawing ability, it can be a 15 minute practice you can build into your everyday, or you can explore some of the more creative ways you can then use this design practise to make your own cards, images, or decorate products. This class will teach you a variety of ‘tangles’ and get you started on your Zentangle path in a supportive and creative atmosphere, and you can build it at a pace that suits you, within your time constraints or desire as you move through the term. If you would like to know more about these classes or others on our website please call the office 03 332 7359 Adult and Community Education Term 4, 2017 Come learn with us Risingholme Community Centre offers a wide range of short courses, each term, at a range of venues. Risingholme Community Centre Alterations & upcycling (sewing), Art (Creative with crystals and pastels, Mixed Media, Watercolour, Painting with Acrylics), Mindfulness, Cake Decorating, Drawing & Sketching, Dyeing of Natural Fibres, Embroidery, ESOL, Fabric & Craft Skills, Guitar, Knitting, Patchwork & Quilting, Pottery, Sewing Skills, Upholstery, Using your Overlocker, Weekend Sewing classes, Yoga, Wood Sculpture, Woodwork, Woodwork for Women, Zentangle. Christchurch Girls’ High School Dressmaking, Embroidery, KiwiSaver, Skincare & Make up, Te Reo Maori, Watercolour Painting. Hornby High School Pattern Making, Sewing Skills, Thai Cooking. Riccarton High School Calligraphy, Creative Writing, Computing (Excel & Word), Embroidery for pleasure, Level 3 ESOL IELTS, ESOL Business English Intermediate, First Aid, Advanced Indian Cooking, Italian Cooking, Italian Language, Learn to Touch Type, Mediterranean Cooking, NZ Sign Language (a range of levels), Russian Language, Sewing Skills, Spanish Language, Te Reo Maori, Writing For Children & Young Adults, Yoga. Shirley Boys’ High School Arduino – introduction to coding and electronics, Painting with Acrylics, Computing Basics, German Language, Gluten Free and Vegetarian Cooking, NZ Sign Language, Photoshop, Pilates, Reiki Level 1, Spanish Language Level 3, Te Reo Maori, Thai Cooking, Website Design, Woodwork, Yoga (range of classes). Situations Vacant: Tutor – Te Reo Māori Risingholme Community Centre is a Community Based Adult and Community Education Organisation who deliver Community Based Learning to Adults across Christchurch. This is a unique opportunity where you will be working with groups of Adults to improve their knowledge of Tikanga Māori and use of Te Reo Māori. So, if you're fluent in Te Reo Maori, have an understanding and awareness of Tikanga Māori, have an innovative approach to Adult Learning and a passion for sharing your knowledge then we would love to hear from you. Typically courses are 16 hours and run over 8 weeks. For further information please contact: Wendel Karati (Director Risingholme Community Centre) 027 221 2211 Full details available on Risingholme office at 99 Hawford Road Phone 332 7359 | Email