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Selwyn Times: October 17, 2017

10 Tuesday

10 Tuesday October 17 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Readers respond to Selwyn Times’ article on reserved car parking signage which will be removed from a line of shops in Lincoln Hamish Middleton – Nice to hear councillors from another district are also hell bent on destroying roads and businesses with cycleways. Rohanne Compton – Novel idea but why don’t they provide their own parking instead of laying claim to public parking. Elsie Panagan Kachfi – This is not good for business guys. Tony Howell – Just park there. They can’t enforce an illegal parking restriction and I’m sure the district council will charge a stupid amount of money to clean up the defacement of public property. Pat Dooley – If you don’t own it (the parking spaces) what makes you think you can make the rules about who uses it. The district council should send a guy in an orange jacket, safety boots and a hard hat out there to pull the signs down and paint out the markings on the road. Katrina Prendergast – Parking in Lincoln is a nightmare at the best of times, not to mention the pot holes down the main street. A reader responds to Selwyn Times’ article on Lincoln High School allowing its students to grow facial hair Christine Cheesman – Has anyone raised the point that this is setting students up for a whole new form of bullying? Not being man enough to grow facial hair will be a form of judging boys in school. Uniforms are there to stop competition and stop class bullying such as an inability to afford latest clothes. There is already bullying over size, hair colour, hygiene, and make-up. If facial hair becomes allowed, multiple piercing or tattoos there will be peer pressure to conform and it could lead to bullying or negative peer pressure. Sometimes personal freedom and creative expression is not all that positive in a highpressure high school environment. Readers respond to Selwyn Times’ article on the negative impacts freedom camping is having on the district’s environment Joe Adams – The problem of freedom camping is a common throughout the country. This stems from the efforts of visitors to experience New Zealand “on the cheap” but unfortunately that is all they, or most of them, consider. My wife and I, along with another 60,000-odd people, are members of the NZ Mobile Caravan Association. We often get confused with freedom campers for, in fact, that is what we are as we park anywhere in designated spots throughout the nation. However, our difference is that we operate in CRC vans and caravans (certified self contained) and in order to park in these places, also our many privately leased and owned grounds as well as Department of Conservation parks and national park areas, we must not only keep these vans up-to-date but also to display evidence of such. Our rules are stringent — no disposal of trash, grey water or sewage anywhere other than in dump stations provided in various locations. Although most local bodies have now become aware of who we are this is not always the case with private citizens who often mistake us for overseas tourists or at least among the people who spread the mess. In order to attempt to gain a higher profile we as an organisation conduct a national clean-up day over the entire country from Northland to Southland where at least some of this litter is collected and dumped correctly. Although it would be great to be able to clean up entire areas we at least do think it is important to be seen doing the correct thing and maybe as membership grows in strength it will be possible to get closer to this goal. 2008 SUV 2008 SUV 2008 SUV PEUGEOT 2008 SUV NOW ON SALE FROM ONLY $ 29,990+ORC WAS $34,990 FREE SERVICING PURETECH ENGINE OF THE YEAR 5 STAR SAFETY RATING INCLUDED 3 YEARS FREE SERVICING/60,000KM REVERSING SENSORS & REVERSING CAMERA AUTO HEADLIGHTS AND AUTO WIPERS Offer Valid until October 31 2017. 161 St Asaph Street, Christchurch - 03 366 6933

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October 17 2017 11 Sue Pugh – Welcome to what we live in on the West Coast from now until about May. Vivien Ogden – Let’s get this into perspective, in every public space/toilet/park there are the few who spoil things for everyone else. Remember we are all responsible for challenging anti-social behaviour and tidying the environment. A reader responds to Selwyn Times’ article on having the second most dangerous rural intersections in the country. Readers were asked if they thought the intersections in the district were dangerous Heather Cooper – Yes, I find the intersections in Selwyn dangerous. I drive most days from Halswell to Prebbleton. It would be so good to have the speed limit lowered or street lights be put in. The intersection at Springs Rd and Marshs Rd is particularly dangerous. For turning traffic from any direction, or to go across the Springs Rd/Marshs Rd from one side of Marshs to the other. No matter which road you are on and turning onto the other is scary. If turning from either section of Marshs onto Springs Rd towards Prebbleton the traffic is going so fast. I would never try to turn right there from either section of Marshs Rd. Turning left can also be difficult with the speed of traffic when turning from Springs Rd into either section of Marshs Rd. You pull into the turning section, however, if a car/ute/truck is in the other turning section, it means you can’t see around those vehicles to see if there is traffic going straight through. If the traffic flow is very low this intersection is safe. But this is not often. Even with the new motorway in place I still believe there is still going to be significant traffic to warrant some changes to be made there. I have seen some very near misses and pray it doesn’t take a death or very serious injury before something changes. A lower speed limit would be a great start. Other intersections off Springs and Shands Rd are also a worry. Sam Broughton Selwyn Mayor Achieving goals IT’S NOW just over a year since our local elections and I really want to say thanks for all the encouragement and support I have received since becoming mayor. It’s such a privilege to be the mayor of Selwyn and I am loving it. Every day is different but the one things that remains is knowing that I work for and alongside great people who are progressing things for our community. THere have obviously been some very large sudden events this year that have taken a lot of my time, particularly the Port Hills fire and the winter floods but I would like to share with you the thing that I know will bare fruit for Selwyn’s future – good people trusting and empowering each other to get the job done. I believe that part of leadership is about using your influence to help others achieve their goals. Our council includes 11 awesome councillors from across Selwyn and at the beginning of our term together we agreed on some strategic outcomes. Since then we have appointed councillors to particular projects to champion project development and delivery and to provide governance input to the process. Each of the councillors is doing a marvellous job at connecting community expectation with council delivery and while every project can’t be delivered concurrently we are all walking towards that delivery. Councillors work long hours while also juggling many responsibilities at home and in other jobs. So this is a shout out to you councillors, thank you for all you do for Selwyn. Spring Fair Sunday Labour Weekend October 22nd 10am - 4pm Food, coffee, wine, beer, arts & crafts, clothing, jewellery, plants, rhododendron walks, old machinery demonstrations, bouncy castle and much more! Live music all day ATM on site EFTpos on gate. Adults $10, Children FREE. Friends of the Park - FREE (with card) Free Buses meeting Diamond Harbour Ferry. Cancellation notice on our website & facebook. No dogs please Sponsored by A PERFECT FIT! A purpose-designed plan to suit your lifestyle - for LESS than a standard plan! The Owners and team of Onyx Homes are quite simply some of the best and most experienced people in the industry. It’s through this experience that Onyx Homes bring to their customers a better standard of home that is less than the standard plan built homes of their competitors. Onyx Homes believes everyone is unique, so why settle for a standard plan when you can have a purposed designed plan to suit your exact lifestyle and for less than a standard plan? A PERFECT FIT! You only deal with the owners so NO sales fees, royalty fees or top heavy overheads added to your costfile Onyx Homes is the ONLY Company in the market that fully disclose their cost file to prove and ensure best price and quality. | Phone 03 928 1505 Find us on Facebook