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Selwyn Times: October 17, 2017

36 Tuesday

36 Tuesday October 17 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Buy Honda from Honda 1 FINANCE 1 .7% % ON NEW JAZZ | CIVIC | HR-V Subject to lending criteria and approval. Offer excludes Civic Type R MODEL JAZZ FROM 31LATE $17,950 82ND GENERATION JAZZ FROM $9,950 MODEL CR-V FROM 29LATE $24,950 5LATE MODEL EURO CIVIC FROM $16,950 MODEL HR-V FROM 26LATE $27,950 sample only photo sample only photo sample only photo sample only photo Car of The Week $22,950 2013 CRV 2WD, Auto, White Orchid, Bluetooth Handsfree, Audio Streaming, Airbags, VSA, Magic Seats, Reversing Camera, Cruise Accord 09 Accord Euro L, Obsidian Black, Sunroof, Heated Front Seats, Cruise Control, 6 Airbags, VSA, Alloy Wheels $16,950 09 Accord V6 SL, Atomic Gold, Auto, Leather Upholstery, 6 Airbags, VSA, Cruise, Alloys, AUX/CD-Player $17,950 14 Accord V6 NT Sport, Black, Auto, Navigation, Reversing Camera, 6 Airbags, VSA, Alloys, Bluetooth Audio $37,950 15 Accord V6L NT, Auto, Silver, Sunroof, Heated Seats, LaneWatch, Reversing Camera, Nav’, Parking Assist $46,950 Civic 16 Civic Turbo, Cosmic Blue, Apple CarPlay, LaneWatch, Airbags, VSA, Cruise, Alloys, Bluetooth Handsfree $33,950 16 Civic RS, Lunar Silver, Auto, Apple CarPlay, Parking Sensors, Cruise, LaneWatch, Reversing Camera $37,950 16 Civic RS Turbo, Sporty Blue, Leather, Heated Seats, Sunroof, Apple CarPlay, LaneWatch, Alloys, Spoiler $37,950 CR-V 07 CR-V Sport, Titan Gold, Auto, Heated Front Seats, Cruise Control, VSA, 6 Airbags, Sunroof, Alloy Wheels $16,950 12 CR-V Sport, Alabaster Silver, Auto, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio, Cruise, VSA, Airbags, Sunroof, Alloys $26,950 13 CR-V S, Auto, White, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio Streaming, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels, 6 Airbags, VSA $22,950 13 CR-V S, Auto, Twilight Blue, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio, Cruise, Alloys, 6 Airbags, VSA $27,950 13 CR-V Sport, Titanium, Auto, Sunroof, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth Audio, Airbags, VSA, Alloys, Cruise $29,950 14 CR-V SN, Silver, Navigation, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio, Cruise, Alloys, 6 Airbags, VSA $29,950 14 CR-V Sport, White Orchid, Auto, Sunroof, Heated Seat, Navigation, Reversing Camera, VSA, Airbags $33,950 15 CR-V 2.0 Sport, Sporty Blue, Nav’, Sunroof, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth, Airbags, VSA, Alloys, Cruise $36,950 15 CRV Sport, Carnelian Red, Auto, Sunroof, Nav’, Heated Seats, Rev’ Camera, Airbags, VSA, Parking Assist $38,950 15 CR-V Sport, Silver, Auto, Nav’, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Rev’ Camera, Bluetooth, Airbags, VSA, Alloys, Cruise $42,950 16 CR-V Sport, White Orchid, Auto, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Parking Assist $39,950 HR-V 15 HRV S, Alabaster Silver, Auto, Cruise, 6 Airbags, 3-Angle view rev camera, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio $27,950 15 HR-V Sport, White Orchid Pearl, Reversing Camera, VSA, 6 Airbags, Magic Seats, Cruise, Heated Seats $36,950 16 HRV S, Crystal Black, Auto, Cruise, 6 Airbags,, 3-Angle view rev camera, Bluetooth Hand-free/Audio $26,950 16 HR-V L, Crystal Black, Auto, Cruise, LaneWatch, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth, Magic Seats, VSA, Airbags $33,950 16 HR-V L, Carnelian Red, Auto, Heated Seats, LaneWatch Reversing Cam, Bluetooth, Magic Seats, VSA, Airbags $33,950 16 HR-V Sport, Lunar Silver, Auto, Cruise, Alloys, Bluetooth Handsfree Audio Streaming, Reversing Camera $34,950 16 HR-V Sport, Ruse Black, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Parking Sensors, Cruise, Airbags, VSA $35,950 16 HR-V Sport, Silver, Leather, Heated Seats, Roof Rails, LaneWatch, City Brake Assist, Parking Sensors $36,950 16 HR-V Sport, Carnelian Red, LaneWatch, City Brake Assist, Parking Sensors, Panoramic Sky Roof $37,950 17 HR-V Sport X, Modern Steel, Auto, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Side Step Running boards, Parking Sensors $39,950 Jazz 07 Jazz Sport, Satin Silver, CVT Auto, Magic Seats, Alloy Wheels, 4 Airbags, AUX/CD-Player $8,500 09 Jazz Sport, Horizon Blue, Auto, 6 Airbags, Cruise Control, Magic Seats, Alloys, AUX/USB/CD-player $12,950 12 Jazz 1.5 S, Lime Green, Auto, Magic Seats, 6 Airbags, VSA, Cruise, AUX/USB/CD-Player, Alloys $16,950 13 Jazz 1.5S, Fresh Lime Green, Auto, 6 Airbags, Cruise, Magic Seats, Alloy Wheels, AUX/USB/CD-player $14,950 13 Jazz 1.5 S, Polished Metal, Auto, Parking Sensors, Magic Seats, Airbags, VSA, Cruise, AUX/USB/CD, Alloys $15,950 13 Jazz Sport, Milano Red, Auto, VSA, 6 Airbags, Cruise, Magic Seats, Alloy Wheels, AUX/USB/CD-player $16,950 15 Jazz RS Auto, White, Magic Seats, Airbags, VSA, Alloys, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth Handsfree $21,950 15 Jazz RS, Crystal Black, Auto, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Airbags, VSA, Bluetooth Handsfree, Cruise $21,950 15 Jazz RS, Yellow, Auto, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth, Cruise, VSA, Airbags, Alloys, Magic Seats $22,950 15 Jazz RS, Milano Red, Cruise Control, Alloys, Fog Lights, Satellite Navigation $24,950 16 Jazz RS, Yellow, Auto, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Magic Seats, Bluetooth Handsfree Audio, Airbags, VSA $24,950 16 Jazz RS, Vivid Sky Blue, Auto, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Magic Seats, Bluetooth Handsfree, Airbags, VSA $24,950 16 Jazz RS, Alabaster Silver, Auto, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio, Magic Seats, Alloys, Airbags, VSA, Cruise $24,950 16 Jazz RS, White Orchid, Auto, Nav’, Reversing Camera, Airbags, VSA, Alloys, Bluetooth Handsfree/Audio $24,950 16 Jazz RS, Milano Red, Navigation, Reversing Camera, Magic Seats, VSA, 6 Airbags, Alloy Wheels $25,950 WE HAVE POSITIONS AVAILABLE IN OUR FRIENDLY TEAM AT HONDA CHRISTCHURCH; 2 x New Vehicle Sales Consultants, 1 x Used Vehicle Sales Consultant, 2 x Sales Trainees (New & Used), 1 x Qualified Technician Please contact Maria Albert for further details on 021 931164 or email your CV with a cover letter to sample only photo sample only photo APROPOS 33314 NEW ZEALAND’S LARGEST HONDA DEALERSHIP SELLING ONLY NZ NEW VEHICLES Honda Cars Christchurch 03 940 3000 Corner Montreal and St Asaph Street Christchurch Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 5:30pm Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm *Subject to Honda Finance Direct lending criteria and approval

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October 17 2017 37 Driven Turbocharged engine for Honda CRV • By Ross Kiddie I’VE BEEN in an out of the Honda dealer’s showroom frequently in the past few weeks, picking up and dropping off evaluation cars. There’s a certain feeling you get when a business is busy, it feels vibrant and, for lack of better words, somewhat exciting. It doesn’t surprise me that Honda are drawing in the public at the moment, several new models have launched close to each other and that generally lures in new buyers, and also those who are just curious. Importantly for Honda, a new CRV has just landed and the popular sport utility vehicle arrives hard on the heels of the new Civic hatchback and Civic Type R, the latter an eagerly-awaited hot-hatch. The reason why I mention Civic in this evaluation of the CRV sport utility vehicle, is because some Civic models share the same engine; yes, the fourcylinder, 1.5-litre turbocharged unit which powers Civic RS and RS Sport is the same mechanical element that powers the CRV, albeit the latter gets a crank up in power, it is rated with 141kW and 240Nm against the Civic’s 127kW and 220Nm. Before there’s any thought that HONDA CRV: Two and four-wheel-drive options. • Price – Honda CRV Sport, $47,900 • Dimensions – Length, 4596mm; width, 1855mm; height, 1689mm • Configuration – Fourcylinder, four-wheel-drive, 1498cc, 141kW, 240Nm, continuously variable automatic • Performance – 0-100km/h, 8.5sec • Fuel usage – 7.4l/100km a 1498cc engine in an SUV just doesn’t cut it, think again, recent generation CRVs have always had an engine with power outputs of around 148kW, the new unit is far from distant. It also uses a lot less fuel than ever before. Honda rates it with a 7.4-litre per 100km (38mpg) combined cycle average, which is a lot better than the previous generation model at 8.7l/100km (32mpg). During my testing time the new CRV was constantly providing an 8.8l/100km display along with a 6l/100km (47mpg) instantaneous figure at 100km/h on the highway, the new engine just loping over at 2000rpm. Therein lies another secret, the turbocharged unit provides maximum torque all of the way from 2000rpm to 5000rpm, that’s a broad spread and allows for solid response to throttle request no matter the speed. If you also add into the equation the seamless supply of gearing you get from a continuously variable automatic transmission, you have a driveline that is remarkably responsive and cohesive. There are four new CRV variants, they start at $32,900 for an entry-level two-wheel-drive model, topping out at $47,900 for the four-wheel-drive Sport Sensing, the car this evaluation focuses on. As its name suggests, Sensing incorporates a raft of safety systems which use crash avoidance sensors and features to remind the driver of traffic or objects which surround the vehicle. While the CRV is generally known as a capable four-wheeldrive vehicle in loose surface environments, it must be remembered it can’t conquer everything. The test car was showing just 300km on the odometer when I picked it up, for fear of getting it dirty I didn’t put it to the test away from the seal. However, on the media launch for the model I was set loose on roads south of Auckland, and together with a large section of rutted roadworks and getting lost on some shingle back roads, I can report the CRV has suspension which absorbs well hits from uneven surfaces, and the driveline is engineered so that the tyres maintain their tenure on the road surface. The spring and damper settings are also structured for comfort and that is a compromise not all car engineers get right, especially in an SUV. However, the CRV cocoons all occupants, and having grown into an SUV that is definitely medium-size there is a wealth of onboard space which adds to that feel. In terms of on-road handling, the big Michelin tyres (235/60 x 18in) have a wide contact with the road surface and provide purposeful information back to the driver. The CRV’s handling manners are exquisite for an SUV. Honda has a special way in which it does its interiors. The CRV is plush with leather trim and there is a cockpit layout that is complex yet intuitive. Even at almost $48k the new CRV can be described as a value purchase, it gets a high level of kit, and as I’ve eluded to many times in the past, the way Honda’s designers can squeeze space out of its interiors is just amazing, the CRV has cargo carrying capacity to burn, along with a practical, functional occupant area. The new CRV builds on success and epitomises Honda’s focus on family-friendly vehicles. Nothing has been left to chance. 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