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Selwyn Times: October 17, 2017

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44 Tuesday October 17 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES October gardening guide October is a fantastic time of year for gardening! The days are starting to warm up, the daylight hours are slowly becoming longer, and we are definitely feeling the urge to get out in the fresh air after being cooped up inside through winter. Here are the top tasks to tackle through October Sow Seeds & Plant Seedlings Sowing seeds is pretty easy, all the instructions are on the packet! Make sure you follow these, and choose seeds that are going to grow at this time of the year. If you sow winter-loving crops now, they aren’t going to grow! Here are some seeds you can sow now; Carrot, lettuce, beetroot, peas, coriander, silverbeet, radishes, capsicum and courgette. For more options, head to your local garden centre and grab some seed packs, or seedlings if you are ready for them now! There will be a wide range of seedlings available for you to get started with planting now. Get rid of the weeds Weeds will be popping up more frequently now, so make sure that you remove them as soon as you can. Weeds compete with your plants for space, water and nutrients, therefore your plants won’t do as well if they have weeds all around them. Spend some time removing all the weeds, then add some Organic Compost in to the soil. This will help to provide some much needed organic matter, as well as aid in water retention and weed suppression. Apply the mulch! Applying bark to your garden not only makes the area look great, but it has a lot of benefits as well. It will help to protect your plant’s roots from weather extremes, it will help retain moisture in the soil – giving your plants a better supply to draw from during the summer, and will help to reduce weeds popping up. Intelligro have a great range of barks and mulches, come down and have a look at what we have! Lawn Care Now is the perfect time to give your lawns some TLC. For existing lawns you will need to add some much needed fertiliser – especially if you haven’t done it for a while. It is also a great time to sow new lawns. Check out our guide for more information. LET’S GET GardEninG N If you are accessing Intelligro from Main South Road heading north, turn left at Weedons Ross Road and Manion Road is on your right-hand side just before the railway Weedons Ross Road Main South Road (SH1) 261 Alston Road Proposed Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 2 (CSM2) alignment New local road Manion Road Berketts Road Jones Road Larcombs Road Justine Drive Curraghs Road Mound up potatoes If you have planted potatoes, this month you will need to mound them up. Mounding potatoes is an important part of the whole growing process. It helps to cover and protect the tubers from damage, and from insects. If they turn green they become inedible and go to waste, and you don’t want the insects to get to them before you do! Use this guide to help you if this is your first time growing potatoes. Robinsons Road Dawsons Road If you are travelling from Christchurch, the best way to Intelligro is to turn right from Main South Road onto Curraghs Road, then left onto Manion Road just before the railway DON’T FORGET OUR ENTRANCE HAS CHANGED: 261 Manion Rd, Weedons Access to Intelligro from Manion Road is now available from both the Weedons Ross Road end, and Curraghs Road entrances. Manion Road is the new road built between Weedons Ross Road & Jones Rd Safety in the Garden There are a number of articles out at the moment that are highlighting Legionnaires. Whilst the chances of you contracting the disease are rare, it is always important to practice safe gardening and to know the facts. Here is what you need to know. • Wear gloves when gardening • Always wash your hands when you are finished. • If you are opening bags, make sure you open them in a well-ventilated area and open it away from your face • Avoid inhaling dust or droplets from potting mix and compost If you develop any flu-like symptoms 2-7 days after working with potting mix or compost, head to the Dr to get checked out. Make sure you tell them you have been gardening, so they can test for Legionellosis. Symptoms include: - fever - chills - muscle aches and pains - shortness of breath - coughing. LABOUR WEEKEND HOURS Saturday 21st Oct: 8am – 5pm Sunday 22nd Oct: 9am – 4pm Monday 23rd Oct: 9am – 4pm For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: For more information | Phone 03 347 9415

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday October 17 2017 45 Gardening Coreopsis are easy-care colour • By Henri Ham COREOPSIS ARE a fantastic plant to grow at this time of year. Planted now, they will thrive in the summer sun – which, fingers crossed, should arrive at some point. Their love of the sun makes them super easy-care. Once planted, unless there’s a drought, they don’t need much watering at all. Three varieties which produce, bright, yellow, sunny flowers are early sunrise, rising sun and sunburst. Early sunrise has green leaves with golden-yellow, semidouble flowers. Rising sun produces double golden-yellow flowers with red eyes. Sunburst also produces golden-yellow, semi-double and double flowers. All three make great borders and lovely cut flowers. Once you’ve got your plants, be sure to grow them in the sunniest spot in your garden around 40-50cm apart. Give them a light watering and then let them do their thing. When they start flowering BRIGHT: Early sunrise has golden-yellow, semi-double flowers. be sure to deadhead (remove the dead flower heads) to encourage them to keep producing flowers. And in late summer you can either leave them to do their thing or cut them back by one-third to get them flowering again. Not all varieties of coreopsis are perennials, but many are, so every two to three years in early spring you can dig up the plants, divide them and expand your garden. MAINSCAPE Garden Supplies Making your great outdoors greater SPRING SPECIAL Mushroom Compost $18 scoop Come and see our range of garden supplies FREE loan trailers available. OPEN 6 DAYS Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm, Sat 8am - 3pm 1543 Springs Rd Phone 021 241 7908 EFTPOS Available Mainscape Garden Supplies The magazine for gardeners who like To geT Their hands dirTy 100% ANNUAL PLANT SALE Save up to 60% on thousands of selected plants! Visit for details Begins Labour Weekend - Sat 21 to Sun 29 October Includes Natives, Hedging, Grasses, Specimen Trees, Perennials, Forestry & Fruit Open every day from 9am to 5pm, with plenty of helpful staff. Deals instore only. STARTS 9AM SATURDAY 21 Corner SH1 & Robinsons Road - Between Templeton & Rolleston Phone 0800 800 352