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Selwyn Times: November 14, 2017

20 Wednesday

20 Wednesday November 15 2017 Latest Christchurch news at News Envirotown chair sought SELWYN-WIDE organisation Lincoln Envirotown Trust is on the hunt for a new trustee and chair for its organisation. It comes after its current chairwoman Sam Rowland decided to resign. The trust aims to promote sustainability and carries out projects, initiatives and events with sustainability themes throughout the district. Ms Rowland has been involved with the trust since it first started in 2005 Lincoln Envirotown trustee Dr Sue Jarvis said Ms Rowland has done an amazing job as chair, especially leading the second BioBlitz. The organisation is made up of a team of trustees, committee members and paid employees. Some of the trust’s activities includes Responsible Business Awards, Lincoln Community Gardens, Selwyn Timebank, battery recycling, native planting and education. It partners with businesses and organisations in the district to deliver these initiatives. •If you are interested in becoming a committee member, trustee, chair or to find out more information email lincolnenvirotowntrust@ or phone 03 423 SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT: Lincoln Envirotown Trust chairwoman Sam Rowland planting natives at Liffey Domain in Lincoln. PHOTO: SUE JARVIS ​ 0456. Further information and newsletters are available from www. and the Lincoln Envirotown Facebook page. WEST MELTON year 7 and 8 pupils visited Wellington last week for school camp. Visiting Parliament, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Space Place at Carter Observatory were some of the fun activities the pupils took part in. Promotions and marketing officer Rita Spadoni said visiting the city gave the pupils a wider outlook of the country. They also cycled the 20km Rimutaka Rail Trail before having a swim in the Hutt River. The pupils have spent the last two years fundraising to travel. Meanwhile, the school has taken the opportunity to congratulate its top achievers in the skills-based assessment Local News Now SELWYN TIMES Fire rages, homes at risk EDUCATIONAL: West Melton pupils in front of the Beehive. School camp in Wellington for West Melton pupils CLEVER: West Melton pupils Joshua, Amira and Brin were recognised for achieving high distinction in their selected ICAS exams. ​ programme ICAS. Three pupils Joshua, Amira and Brin was congratulated on high distinction in their selected exams. Joshua was awarded for mathematics, Amira for writing and Brin for spelling and writing. Book identifies Polynesian origins A topic at Pan Pacific conferences has been where Polynesian people originated and a number of scientists have explored this question. By 1961, solid evidence backed Polynesians as the first people to live in the Pacific. Part of the Austronesian family, Polynesians have been linked indigenously and genetically to the people of Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Madagascar. Recent research carried out, including that by local Historian Cedric Livingstone, points to a strong connection between the Polynesian people and South Africa, Egypt and Madagascar. As a child, Cedric lived on the other side of the fence from the Porangahau Pa and became inextricably linked to its people through a Tapu placed over him that protected him and his family, and bestowed the role of keeper of the secrets and Māori history. Māori elders later requested him to find their homeland. In researching where New Zealand Polynesians originated, Cedric believes the journey began on the veldt of South Africa. Indications of this are: the Poi food paste eaten there, which is a traditional dish of Polynesians; language similarities; Lapita pottery; canoe design; and similarity between Māori Tukutuku panels and clothing of the time. In his research, Cedric has found many similar representations which are recorded in his book ‘The Origin of the Polynesians’. The book explores the discovery of the Polynesians’ homeland and the route the pre-Polynesians/ Austronesian Māoris used to get to the Pacific some 3,300 years ago. Starting with the realisation that a Māori woman in New Zealand was called Titihuia, named after a little insect eating bird only found on the veldt of South Africa – the Titihuia, Cedric believes a catastrophic event on the veldt caused various tribes to flee to the island of Madagascar where they developed a common language. He suggests there was further migration north to Egypt where words of that language correspond with Māori, for example Ra meaning sun or the term for great prestige, ah-mana (shortened to mana). One of these refugees was a woman called Kea, who when the tribes left Madagascar to travel north along the East Coast of Africa, married the Egyptian Pharaoh of the day. Kea’s remains are the only known remains of an Austronesian – the ancestors of the Polynesians. Her 3,300 year old mummified body is in the cave of Cairo Museum, which undertook the DNA testing. ‘The Origin of the Polynesians’ presents many interesting arguments to support the scenario that Polynesian roots go back to the veldt of South Africa. Cedric Livingstone’s book ‘The Origin of the Polynesians’ makes interesting reading. It can be purchased at The Little Book Company Bookshop in Rangiora, which you contact via Facebook. “The Origin of the Polynesians” The two outside idols are Egyptian, the centre one is Polynesian. The Egyptian idol Bes is the God for the protection of women and infants during childbirth. A 100% match for the Maori Tiki, “The traditional meaning of the Tiki being the God of protection of women and infants during childbirth - a meaning too complicated be a coincidence”. This is the PROOF that the Egyptians came to New Zealand . The Origin of the Polynesians is available at the Little Book Company bookshop in Rangiora. – C Livingstone Tapu, Keeper of the secrets ADVERTORIAL

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