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Selwyn Times: November 14, 2017

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38 Latest Christchurch news at 2 [Edition Wednesday datE] November 15 2017 SELWYN TIMES Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections in the Selwyn District Demand high for quality affordable housing in Rolleston A new concept in housing for Rolleston has been Devon Green where uptake has been high for the boutique affordable housing built there. Already a sense of community has formed in the innovative Devon Green, the initiative of Generation Homes who have just released the last two of eight stages. The success of Devon Green has led to the company deciding to become involved in further developments of this kind in Rolleston. “We’re building on Devon Green’s success where people can have an affordable home that is attractive and part of a solid community,” says Evan Beker who with his wife Nadja, own and operate Generation Homes Christchurch South. In creating Devon Green, Generation Homes worked through a robust urban design process and they will be observing a similar approach with their sister developments in two new developments in Branthwaite and East Maddisons Estate. At Devon Green, the ‘lucky last 11’ as Evan describes this final phase, supplement the previous 31 house and land packages. These premium sections immediately border or overlook the planned Devon Green park area on Haymakers Crescent. Five of the sections are in the north release with the other six are part of the south release, ranging in size from 260- 380sqm. The houses will be between 126sqm and 150sqm, making them ideal for families as well as people who live alone. Ranging in price from $449,000 to $475,000, these homes are an extremely attractive option for first home buyers, single people, young families and those downsizing, not to mention military personnel who want a base in Rolleston. “The homes at Devon Green have been designed to provide a real sense of spaciousness with efficient use of space and appointment of features,” says Evan. All the houses will be single level, open plan living with two bathrooms (one an ensuite) and three bedrooms. Most will have a walk-in robe in the master bedroom. There will also be a mix of garaging from single to double garaging, as well as single garage with carport. Each home will have good outdoor living with sliders from the living area accessing a patio and fully landscaped garden. Seven of the homes will be standalone and there will be two duplexes. All have been architecturally designed and will be built to Generation Homes’ high standard, reflecting Devon Green to date. Their features include up-graded bricks, long-run roofing and full landscaping. With everything complete, down to the fencing, clothesline and letterbox, the hassle of having to purchase and install these items on moving in is removed. To visualise the size and features of Generation Homes’ Devon Green development visit their show home in Strauss Drive, which is open 7 days a week from 12noon-4pm. The south release will comprise 6 sections. A sense of community has formed at Devon Green. Devon Green has been popular with first home buyers. DEVON GREEN SHOW HOME 74 Strauss Drive, Rolleston Open Thursday to Monday 2-4pm Phone: 021 840 088 Become part of t he amazing Devon Green community.

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday November 15 2017 39 Gardening Consider growing cucumbers • By Henri Ham I OFTEN hear gardeners say nothing beats eating home-grown fruit and vegetables. In fact, I say the same thing myself. And if I had to pick one plant that this really rings true for – I would pick cucumber. The cucumbers we have grown in the last few seasons have been crisp, juicy, cool, delicious and would, no question, beat store-bought cucumber by miles any time. So, if you only plant one vegetable this season, though technically a fruit, I strongly recommend you consider cucumber. And don’t stop with just telegraph cucumber (the long, skinny one most commonly found in the supermarket), try growing a selection of cucumbers. Lebanese has tender, edible skin with sweet, mild-tasting flesh. Short-green is great for growing in smaller gardens as it produces a lot of fruit but only requires one third of the space of other cucumbers. And apple looks much like an apple (opposed to the long look of a telegraph cucumber) and it grows really nicely along the ground. Once you’ve got your plants, it’s time to find a place to plant them. They like a warm, dry and sunny spot to grow in. And most varieties will need a bit of space. Telegraph and short green cucumbers will need to either be staked or grown next to something they can grow up – like a trellis. Plant these varieties around 1m apart so each plant has its own trellis/area to spread over. • By Henri Ham THERE ARE a couple of plants where growers regularly report that they find a little tricky to grow. Coriander is one. Watermelon is another. And the one that always surprises me is basil. Basil is such a great plant to have on hand. And there are so many different varieites available to try, I thought this month I’d share my advice on how to get the best out of your basil and move it off that ‘tricky to grow’ list. Basil loves the heat. So my first piece of advice, is look for the sunniest spot in your garden and that’s where you should put your basil. If the sunniest spot at your place is in your home (for example by a kitchen window), then try growing your basil there. Basil grows really well in pots and can easily be kept inside. SUCCULENT: Apple cucumbers will grow along the ground and are a good companion plant. Telegraph cucumbers (right) will need to be staked. Apple cucumbers will happily grow along the ground and are a good companion plant for zucchini as they like the same conditions. For a regular-sized bundle with three seedlings you’ll need an area around 2m x 2m and each seedling should be planted about 1m apart. I like to imagine I’m planting them in the shape of a triangle and each seedling goes on one of the points of the triangle, this way the plants are grouped together but have enough room to spread out. Dig in some compost or leftover potting mix into the soil to ensure its friable (breaks up) before you plant. To encourage fruiting it’s a good idea to plant your cucumbers (and zucchini) near some bee-attracting plants like lavender or borage. Doing this will help ensure the bees pollinate your plants and as a consequence the fruit develop. If the plants aren’t pollinated properly the flowers will fall off and no fruit will develop. If you’d like to be really sure HEAT: Basil grows well in sunny conditions. For a different taste try a cinnamon variety (right). When you’ve found the right does, just pick off any developing flower heads to encourage it spot to grow it just dig a little hole and plant. If you’re growing it in a pot I recommend us- Next, basil needs water but to stick to leaf growing. ing a good, general potting mix. its very important you don’t My second tip for successful basil is, pick it regularly. If you plant it and then water it over-water it. Water it when you don’t pick it quick enough regularly to encourage lots of it might start to go to seed. If it leaf growth. But, and here’s the they’re pollinated, try touching the pollen on each plant with a paintbrush – this will spread the pollen from one flower to the next. I was once told by someone that you could do the same with an electric toothbrush, minus the toothbrush head. I’m yet to try this approach but would love to hear from anyone who has. In around 10 to 12 weeks you should be able to enjoy the cool and juicy taste of home-grown cucumbers. Many different varieties of basil important advice, let it dry out between waterings – don’t let it stay wet. And my last piece of advice is, don’t just stick to sweet basil – try growing cinnamon, Thai, lemon, or one of the other varieties. A good way of sampling the other varieties is by getting a mixed basil bundle which will include a selection of some of the different basil varieties. If you do all of the above, basil will quickly move to your list of favourite, low-maintenance, easy-care plants. Show home Guide Homes by Parklane “Standout Homes for an Outstanding Price” Flemington, Lincoln 6 Craig Thompson Drive Wed to Sun 12pm - 4pm Wigram 2 Harvard Avenue Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm Master Builders House of the Year 2017 Gold Reserve Award Winning Showhome (03) 341 3000 or 029 201 2453 Strategic Homes Halswell 6 Derek Anderson Drive Longhurst Estate Wed to Sun 12pm - 4pm Ph (03) 963 8841 or 0274 359 333 David Reid Homes Casebrook 231 Highstead Road Fri, Sat, Sun 12pm - 4pm Prebbleton 80 Farthing Drive Fri, Sat, Sun 12pm - 4pm Ph Jason 021 514 424 or Lynda 021 335 707 Versatile Homes and Buildings Flemington, Lincoln 8 Craig Thompson Drive Open Thursday to Sunday, 12.00pm to 4.00pm or by appointment Hornby 3 Springs Road Open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm or by appointment 0800 VERSATILE Peter Ray Homes Prestons 28 & 30 TeRito Street 12pm to 4pm Tues to Sun Wigram Skies, Wigram 32 & 34 The Runway, 12pm to 4pm Mon to Sun (7 days) Faringdon, Rolleston OPEn SHOw wEEkEnD 572 & 574 East Madisons Road 12pm to 4pm daily To advertise in The Showhome Guide Contact Elaine: (03) 364 7436