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Selwyn Times: November 28, 2017

12 Wednesday

12 Wednesday November 29 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Springfield Walkway a community effort Springfield Township Committee secretary Sean Ellis writes about how the community banded together to improve pedestrian safety by constructing a new walkway THE SPRINGFIELD Walkway all started in 2015 after a fatality and several near misses on the road from the Springfield township to the Kowai Pass Domain camping ground. Murray and Lesley Faulkner came up with the idea of gifting a strip of their land that runs along the road to the district council so a walking path could be built to remove the danger of walking along the highway. They then approached the township committee which took on the challenge. The township committee did have money to use on a development-type project and decided this ticked all the boxes. So now we had the land and a budget to start work. We had to finalise the position of the track – sounds easy, but this started TEAM WORK: Springfield residents and contractors working to complete the Springfield Walkway. several robust discussions. Two routes were on the table – a track running along the side of the road, and the second starting at Rewi Alley Memorial then running along an embankment through an avenue of trees and dropping down onto the roadside and then following the road to the domain. In July 2016, the committee moved to build the track along the embankment. At this point, the domain committee decided that because the track was running to the domain, it would help, making it a community project. This was great news, and it was agreed the township committee would build along the embankment and the domain committee would build from the end of the embankment to Domain Rd. So it was all systems go, but stop we have no funds. A change in how development fund money could be spent by the Government had to be set into law so we had to wait and wait. At last, the money was made available to the township and work started on the track in March this year. The embankment track crossed a small stream and it was decided to cross the stream using a large culvert. The district council was approached to see what paperwork/permits were required to put the culvert in place. Because the stream was running, we would require a building permit. The months rolled by with the township committee chairman writing continually to the district council about the delay. Five months later, the district council got back to the township committee, saying it needed more information. At this point, the district council had confirmed the culvert and paid for it and confirmed the contractor who was revving his engines ready to go. In September, the township committee was told the resource consent would take 28 days. At last we were told we would have resource consent on October 13, hurray! We finally got the consent on November 3 – near enough. Then, after all that waiting, it rained for a week, but work finally started on November 13. The top soil was removed by Curle Contracting Ltd and traded in with farmer Graeme Dawson for core fill. The huge culvert was lifted into place. The retaining wall post was put in by boring holes first with a bore donated by 73 Hire Ltd. With the retaining wall in and a lot more earthwork by the Curle gang, we had a crossing. All the other jobs were done at the same time, including the tree trimming, the fences, which were re-aligned by myself, and the gates, which were put in place by Mike Warwick Contracting. After five days of hard work backed up Jan Curle and Sian Ellis supplying morning tea, we had a track running from Rewi Alley Memorial to the start of the domain track. Well done to everyone involved – a real township effort with all the contractors’ involved living in Springfield. And a really big thank you to Lesley and Murray Faulkner who came up with the idea. PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS AND SUBDIVISIONS CONTACT: ROLLESTON LAW Richard Gray - Anita Molloy-Roberts - Kate Warren - A: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston T: (03) 374 2547 W: We have a huge variety of Adults and Children’s costumes and accessories catering for all sizes making it easy to find a costume to suit your Fancy dress or Themed party. Shop Hours: Mon 1pm - 6pm Thurs 11am - 7pm Fri 11am - 5pm Sat 10am - 2pm 689 EAST MADDISONS RD, ROLLESTON ph. 347 4595 or 0274 843 040 email. Like us on facebook Thank you... to all of you who made it to the Canterbury A & P Show and whose children tried out our fabulous playground set The Pukeko. The Pukeko is now residing at our new Show room at 1027C Colombo Street, Edgeware. We will have new models on display there in the coming weeks if you would like to come and visit. Plus all our accessories. Order on line or from our Show Room. Be in quick for orders before Xmas. Stocks are selling out fast! | 0800 549 475 Summer Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-1pm

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday November 29 2017 13 Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk We said: The naming of a new road in the Twyns Visions Ltd subdivision, Rolleston, has caused friction among district councillors You said: Trevor van Herpt – Give some thought to the person who has to give their street name over the phone. I’ve driven past some names that must cause a nightmare to the residents of that street trying to explain to someone how it’s spelt. Twyn? Give me a break. Call it how it is – Twin. Robin Masters – What about calling it “that street”, then when someone asks, you can say “I’m going to that street”. Marie Swift – Streety Mc- Streetface? We said: The district council is working to tighten up its processes to stop unauthorised companies stealing water You said: Robyn Terras – What happens to the economy if you stop watering your garden v what happens if farmers, and I mean in general, stop watering? Hamish Middleton – If every Selwyn person stopped watering their lawn and gardens then one irrigator probably could run for an extra hour. Brendon Morphus – Yet the new Chinese bottled water factory in Belfast takes as much as they want. Jenny Jarvis – How can someone steal something that is not owned by anyone beyond me? Kyle Falcon – But National said no one owns water so how can it be stolen? WATCHING: The district council is encouraging residents to email photos of companies taking water from fire hydrants Jamie Rapsey – Hope this includes the farmers pumping from the rivers? Sylvia Oliver – Why did the National Government give it away to overseas companies? Brian Tones – Hit them with a massive fine each time. Gavin Slaughter – And yet I have to fight nail and teeth to try and get a permit to take water. The district council is happy to stop it. But make it near impossible to work with them to do it properly. Christchurch City Council were easy as. Jocelyn Bryant – Another reason for our non-existent water supply grrr. A reader responds to an article about the closure of water races in Springfield and Sheffield Eric Kars – I strongly oppose the closure of water races in Malvern as a result of the Central Plains Water scheme. As a farmer in this area for 43 years farming sheep and cropping we rely on our water race system for stock water as I am a dry land farmer. Also, this network provides water very necessary for firefighting and provides access to water for numerous types of wildlife and fish. The system provides our stock with water 24/7 and we pay for this service gratefully. As far as CPW, it has no hydrants on its scheme and has said it is for irrigation purposes only. I have contacted the district council in the past about issues arising from some CPW shareholders wanting to get rid of water races and said no way will my stock water be stopped unless replaced by a better one (not at my expense). A part from the fact it is essential for dry land farming, it provides drainage in times of flooding. If these races did not exist in times of storms in our area where flooding occurs we would be in trouble without the water race system. I am a dry land farmer and I need the water race system to farm my property and I will not be able to farm successfully without it. Stock must have water. Fri Dec 1st 9.30pm till late Playing Live Acoustic Solutions Live Music every Sun 3-5 • Roast every lunch/ sun night $22 • Sun/Mon/Tue desserts $10 • Mon/Tue Woodfired pizzas $20 • Tue Quiz night - free entry & Prizes • Thurs/Fri Curry special • Function Room - no hire charge • $7 beers/wine 4-6pm every day • TAKEAWAYS AVAILABLE • Open 7 days Coffee/Lunch/Dinner Open 11.30am Mon-Sat | Ph 03 421 6481 Sunday Breakfast from 9am West Melton Village, Weedons Ross Road Courtesy Van available