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Selwyn Times: January 24, 2018

Selwyn Times: January 24,

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2018 Locally Owned 20K EITHER WAY SCHOOL Council’s milk bill Since June 2016 the district council has spent $17k on milk Tough round in cricket Selwyn teams miss out in semi-finals Page 5 Page 14 The best read books in our libraries From thrillers to dystopian science fiction – the district council has revealed its most popular books issued in the past year. District council libraries manager Vicki Carlyon holds some of the best-read books. •Turn to page 5 to find out more about Selwyn’s red-hot books for the past year PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Council cracks down on graveside ornaments • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding FAMILIES ARE being asked to clean up the ornaments at the district’s burial sites – or the memorabilia will be removed. “The district council is in the process of contacting extended family to inform them the adornments do not comply with the cemetery bylaw. People need to rearrange the adornments or the items will be removed,” a district council spokesman said. Under the cemetery bylaw, ornaments may only be placed on the grave beams either surrounding the burial plots or on the beams where the headstone sits. A district council spokesman said in some cases people have put objects on the lawn beside the graves. “This creates a hazard for other cemetery users who could trip on objects and also makes maintaining the cemetery very difficult,” he said. For older burial plots the ornaments may sit on the large grave beams surrounding the burial plot. But for new areas of the cemetery, ornaments may only be placed on the beam next to the headstone – not on the grass in front of the headstone. •Turn to page 4 OVER School’s back in Selwyn 9,500Selwyn children are travelling to school each week Let’s make sure our children arrive safe! Proudly brought to you by the Road Safety Team