Bid Book - Women's EHF Euro 2022



It represents a global message for enhancing the brand and the image of the women’s handball, improving the products

of the women’s handball and shortening the gap of the women’s handball with the men’s handball by making

the Euro campaign a multiple-year series of events that concludes with the final Tournament in 2022. These events

are to cover all the different spectators’ motivation types while taking care of the women’s handball perception and

dedication at the same time.

Several of the events are mentioned further, as there is a great base of opportunity for a bigger variety of messages,

depending on the momentary promotion and marketing situation. All of the events are not limited to one edition, but

are to be organized several times in all regions of the host bidding countries. We also encourage with the support of

the EHF and the EHF Women’s Handball Board, these events to be organized in the other countries that will participate

at the Euro. EHF and the EHF Women’s Handball Board message is to be widely presented as an integral part

of the whole movement.



“… For a sports event to truly flourish, people must be enticed to consistently watch games that do not feature

their favorite team. Knowing how motives for watching one’s favorite team differ from the motives for watching

other teams is the key head start for creating an unforgettable experience for everyone…”

Janet S. Fink & Heidi M. Parker

“Spectators motives: Why do we watch when our favorite team is not playing?”

Depending on the sport, the region and especially the culture, the reasons for the spectators’ interest in a

sports event differ. While internationally the most common reasons are related to: 1) sport result of the favorite

team; and 2) quality time spent with family and friends, it comes to a logical conclusion that several

different approaches are needed in order to provide the desired result for everyone.

The Balkans are throughout the history generally famous for the big fan base at the sports events, but then

again, the message that we present and the way of presenting it, will be the message they will follow and

identify with. And the message that we want to present for the Women’s EHF Euro 2022 is:


Events that focus schools, universities and other educational

institutions. Through handball, we promote the importance

of the inclusion of sports in young people’s everyday

lives, while including and encouraging women coaches from

the local educational system.


A Global community outreach initiative that addresses important

social issues such as education, family development,

health and wellness, supporting a range of programs

and partners that strive to positively impact children and

families worldwide. Small gifts, autographs, photos etc, are

to ensure the time well spent, while motivating them to join

the safe and positive atmosphere at the games.

38 Women’s EHF Euro 2022 Bid Brochure

Women’s EHF Euro 2022 Bid Brochure


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