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TMACOG 50th Anniversary Annual Report

Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments 50th Anniversary Annual Report

Our Vision:

Our Vision: TMACOG will be the governmental partner of choice to coordinate regional assets, opportunities, and challenges.

FROM THE PRESIDENT At TMACOG, we take the long view. Because we are patient and persistent, things that were dreams when TMACOG was formed in 1968 are now, 50 years later, a part of our landscape. We enjoy more efficient, safer highways, more parks, enhanced bicycle infrastructure, and greater levels of regional cooperation and collaboration. We are witnessing a burgeoning renaissance in downtown Toledo impacting the region. Toledo business space is in demand and filling up fast, and residential apartments and condominiums are at 100% occupancy, many with waiting lists. The waterfront is being transformed with parks and mixed development. In the greater northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan region, the Fort to Port project is complete making highway driving safer and more freight- and commuter-friendly. The I-75 widening from Findlay to Perrysburg has greatly enhanced our connection from Columbus to Detroit – further complementing our Turnpike and I-75 connection as the center of America’s roadways. In our everyday planning, TMACOG and local governments are ensuring that water treatment plants work well, and we are providing annual training for plant operators to keep local water supplies safe. Our transportation planners are making sure every dollar in the Transportation Improvement Program is put to effective use. Our region will see an additional $750 million spent on area road improvements over the next four years. In 2018, TMACOG will begin the update to the long-range transportation plan, going out 25 years. A vibrant urban core and easily reached suburban communities with good roads is one where the private sector will take chances, providing opportunities for working people. The long view pays off. It took years to get the improvements to our infrastructure that we are seeing today. Projects that are underway now will have similar payoffs in health and convenience. TMACOG’s study on the possibilities of regional water have led area leaders to the table to give thorough evaluation to the creation of a regional water authority. Researchers working on the health of Lake Erie are looking out decades. We’ve helped Lake Erie through environmental challenges in the past and we will do so again. Our members are steadfastly working on and will complete the first Agenda for Lake Erie, a document that will concentrate on ensuring Lake Erie’s return to health. Our focus on the future and the long view is working. TMACOG is bringing our region’s leaders together to address today’s challenges and ensure a brighter tomorrow. That is what people expect governments to do: keep things safe, make improvements when we can, manage our work carefully and transparently, and make a difference! At TMACOG our members are demonstrating how elected officials and regional partners can work together. Congratulations to all who have made TMACOG’s first 50 years a tremendous success. I’m optimistic about many more years of steady regional progress. Tim W. Brown President, TMACOG #1 1.