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Teach Youth Players How to build play from the back

This is the first of The Youth Coaching Series E-Books designed for coaches operating at the youth level. This e-book provides coaches of U11and U12 a comprehensive plan in how progressively teach youth players how to build play from the back in the 9v9 game format.


OBSERVATION CARD STRIKER (9) BUILDING PLAY FROM THE BACK Technical and Cognitive Behaviors Developing Competent Proficient

BUILDING FROM THE BACK Sessions Summary and Objectives 77 Technical Tactical Physical Phycological Session 1 The objective of this first session is to brush up on the basic principles and concepts of phase 1 for U9-10. We start the session with a technical warm up activity which will progress into a full analytical exercise to address some technical elements of building play from the back. We continue with some game situations by adding opponents, and will finish with a small sided game. This session is delivered progressively, but a coach can also use the “gag methodology” if desired. Final Game Game Situations Technique Training Warm Up Session Structure 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Session 2 We start this session with a 10 minute FIFA 11 warm up. The technical training for this session will be introduced in the second part of the warm up, and continued thereafter. Players on both sides of the field will take turns executing a simple two player passing and receiving exercise, advancing the ball to a third player. This exercise will be progressed to 3v1 and 3v2 game situations, and finally to a 4v3 small sided game. During these exercises the coach will pay attention to the technical elements of the passing and receiving, and on maintaining a triangular formation in order to maintain possession. We conclude the session with 9v6 games within zones, allowing for conditions designed to build play from the back while keeping possession. Final Game Game Situations Technique Training Warm Up Session Structure 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 31