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Teach Youth Players How to build play from the back

This is the first of The Youth Coaching Series E-Books designed for coaches operating at the youth level. This e-book provides coaches of U11and U12 a comprehensive plan in how progressively teach youth players how to build play from the back in the 9v9 game format.


GAME SITUATION Duration: 10 –15m Area Size 15x20 Players: 8-12 ORGINAZATION 5v3 Possession Set up a 20x15 grid . 5 players (6-11-9-8-4) try to keep possession against 3 players (9-8 -7) Every time the ball goes to the opposite end line(6 or 9) the team in possession scores a goal If the 3 defenders win the ball they can score a goal by dribbling ….. Coaching Points Quality of passes Receiving with the body open towards the target Supporting angles, and movements Communication/ Space Awareness Creating passing lanes GAME SITUATION Duration: 15 m Area Size 40x30 Players: 12 ORGINAZATION 4v3+1on a wide goal Set up a 40x30 field with 2 parallel wide goals. Teams take turns in attacking and defending. The team in possession (4 players) plays against 3 players Play starts with a central player( Cb-or 6) and the team in possession will try to score a goal on the opposite goal When a team looses possession or finishes with a shot on goal, play will restart with the other team attacking.(4v3) Coaching Points Safe possession is priority Supporting angles and creation of space Look to advance the ball in safe areas Back player to provide rear support FINAL GAME Duration: 25 m Area Size 3/4 Field Players: 15 ORGINAZATION 8v7 with a retreat line One team of 8 (Blue): 3 defenders, 2 wide players and 2 central midfielders plus a goalie play against a team of 7 (Red): 1 goalie, a central defender, 2 central midfielders, 2 wide players and a central striker. A retreat line is set up with cones around the attacking 3rd mark. Play starts with the goalkeeper in blue. Players in red must be behind the retreat line. Team in blue will try to score a goal by building play from the back. If red win the ball they can attack the goal to score. Add Condition For a goal to be valid all blue players must be on the other side of the retreat line Coaching Points Moving the ball forward safely Provide supporting options to the ball carrier Quality passes is key Receiving the ball facing the direction of the opposition goal Create a diamond shape around the ball 38

AGE GROUP 11-12 BUILDING PLAY FROM THE BACK SESSION 4 TECHNICAL TACTICAL PHYSICAL PHYSCOLOGICAL Passing to keep possession Building play from the back Motor Skills Pace on the ball First touch Open body Keeping a triangle shape. Safe control of the ball Learn when to advance the ball or Space awareness Running coordination Checking shoulder Awareness Cooperation Warm up 10 Technical 20 Game Situation 30 Final Game 25 WARM UP Duration: 15m Area Size 20x20 Players: 12 ORGINAZATION Set up 2 mirror stations as per graphic Player A passes the ball to B and goes through the C obstacle course B receives the ball, passes it back to A and goes through D. The FIFA 11 warm up protocol is also recommended as an alternative. Coaching Points TECHNICAL TRAINING Duration: 10 m Area Size 30x1 Players: 12 ORGINAZATION Three players passing to advance the ball Set up as per graphic, players in two groups A and B Play starts with 3 passing the ball to 2. 2 receives the ball and makes a pass forward to the next grid to 9 9 from a central position checks diagonally towards the ball, receives, and after controlling it, will pass it to the upcoming Player (3) on the opposite side. 3 after receiving the ball, passes it to 5 which will repeat sequence going to the opposite side Coaching Points Quality pass from 3. 9 to check diagonally to receive and shield the ball Time of the run from 3 to receive the pass from 9 Quality of the pass from 9 to 3 which will receive with the opposite foot TECHNICAL TRAINING Duration: 10 m Area Size 20x30 Players: 8-12 ORGINAZATION 3v1 on two goals Set up as per graphic Players in 4 groups (A-B-C Attackers) and D defenders Play starts with the central player Attackers can score in any of the two goals only after each of them have touched the ball at least once Rotate players and roles.( A to D, D to C-C to B, B to A) Coaching Points Players to receive the ball with open body facing the direction of play Pace on the ball Players to keep triangle shape 39